How To Create a Vintage Logo in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial we’re going to play around with Illustrator’s type effects to build a vintage style logo design. Modern logo designs tend to be quite minimalist with a single icon graphic or wordmark, but this classic style is still popular when used for t-shirt designs or certain hipster brands.

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23 responses to “How To Create a Vintage Logo in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. GodsOfGold x Avatar

    Thanks for another great upload, quick question though; why does snipping the hexagon fix the spacing of the stars? And why does it have to be the top anchor?

  2. fabrício Barony Avatar

    Sensacional, parabéns!

  3. Bach Dao Trong Avatar

    How do you mask the white pixels of the smart object so that it can be printed on the shirt?

  4. WoDy Design Avatar

    Nice video, hey guys I also have a tutorial channel, it would be great if you sub. I'll sub too 😉

  5. Gavrila Avatar

    Great vids man, keep up!!!! Make a video like this!!!!!

  6. Luciano Moreira Avatar

    Cara você é bom, mais um grande tutorial. Obrigado.

  7. Rendan Avatar

    Hey Guys! I found this awesome guy on fiverr, hes making Beautiful Logos and designs for only 5 Bucks!
    Check him out!

  8. Mo Images Avatar

    Hi illustration friends,I hope you visit my illustration design channel tutorial,I'm sure there is something to learn and like .

  9. Kaushal Mehta Avatar

    Thanks for this video!
    Can you please make a video explaining golden ratio and how to use it in logo design?

  10. Rezza Syahfrian Avatar

    cant wait to the next video ..

  11. Hafiz Ibrahim Avatar

    Great work. #spoon graphics but the think is when made a logo in illustrator you can use RGB mode. it's okay but when it put in a t-shirt design you don't change the color mode in CMYK.

  12. I Tetsuya Avatar

    give me this ai file . i need to practice it. or i wanna buy!

  13. John Lane Avatar

    Great Vid,thanks

  14. Moxie Maine Coon Cat Avatar

    great video, huge help!

  15. GumEater Avatar

    as always perfect work, thank you

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