How to Create an eCommerce Website | 2017 – 2018

In this video, we’ll show you how to create an eCommerce website for 2017 & 2018. In fact, in this WordPress WooCommerce tutorial for beginners, we’ll show you how to customize your online store to suit your business or brand.

You can view the live demo of the site we’ll create at:

Follow along with the post at:

Discount hosting:
WP Engine (recommended for eCommerce):
Bluehost (shared hosting – incl free domain):

Article – How to Change Nameservers:

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WordPress tutorial for beginners (Divi):
Best eCommerce WordPress theme:
Best WordPress themes for business:

What we cover in this video tutorial:
0:00 | Introduction
6:11 | Preparation
10:40 | Register domain, setup hosting, & install WordPress
12:27 | – Bluehost shared hosting option
16:53 | – WP Engine managed hosting option
19:53 | Explore demo + eCommerce fundamentals
29:04 | WordPress overview for beginners
35:00 | – How to update your global WordPress settings
40:46 | – Managing users on your WordPress website
44:35 | – How to create and manage posts in WordPress
54:03 | – How to create and manage pages in WordPress
55:05 | – How to add media (images, pdfs, etc) in WordPress
56:00 | – Introduction to menus in WordPress (detailed overview later)
56:26 | – Introduction to widgets in WordPress (detailed overview later)
57:28 | Choosing and uploading your WordPress theme
1:03:50 | Install the required plugins tutorial (getting started with WooCommerc)
1:11:43 | WooCommerce tutorial (seeWooCommerce links below for additional videos / documentation)
1:41:10 | Customizing your eCommerce website
1:41:17 | – Uploading the theme demo content
1:44:45 | – Setting your homepage layout + exploring Elementor Page Builder (see Elementor links below for additional videos / documentation)
1:49:00 | – Creating and managing menus for your eCommerce website
1:52:30 | – Editing the Theme customization settings for your online store
1:59:35 | — Updating the widgets for your website
2:04:35 | – Creating and managing the image/video slider for your website
2:06:40 | – Updating the newsletter signup / integrating MailChimp into your website / sidebar (find the required CSS code on the Lurn Digital posts – link below)
2:10:08 | – Editing / updating WooCommerce shortcodes (see WooCommerce links below for more videos / documentation)
2:13:41 | – Creating and managing contact forms on your website

Follow along with step by step instructions here:

WooCommerce – useful links:
WooCommerce guided tour videos:
WooCommerce shortcodes documentation:
WooCommerce widgets documentation:
WooCommerce payment gateway options:

Elementor Page Builder – Useful links
Elementor Page Builder (free version):
Pro Version (w/ additional layouts + features):
Quick tour:
Recent update:
Maintenance mode:

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  1. Shay Spence Avatar

    This is great! Thanks for putting this together. Following this video wIll allow me to build and launch my new site…finally! Yewww

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