How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress for Beginners 2017!

Learn how to make an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress for Beginners 2017! Demo:
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In this online store tutorial, I’ll walk you through step by step on how to create an eCommerce Website (using WooCommerce) so you can sell stuff online!


Introduction 0:00
Overview 5:17

Domain & Hosting 9:37
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Install WordPress & Configure Settings 16:54
Install Theme 21:40
Install & Configure Plugins 25:14

Add Pages, Menu & Static Homepage 29:17
Configure Theme Settings 35:15
Add Social Links 39:38

Setup SSL Icon for Website 42:52
Important Web Design Tips 44:32
Building Homepage 54:25

Image Size Settings 1:11:51
Add Simple Products 1:14:38
Add Variable Products 1:20:15
Add Downloadable & Virtual Products 1:26:02

Add Featured Products to Home 1:28:15
Configure Shop Page & Product Filter 1:34:16

Setup Tax Settings 1:40:15
Setup Shipping Zones & Classes 1:52:30
Setup Payment Options 2:02:43
Add Coupons 2:05:45

Add Logo & Favicon 2:07:37
Create Colour Palette and Apply to Website 2:11:00
Overview on Responsive Styling Options 2:29:12
Final Words 2:31:24

More videos coming within next week! Will post link here 🙂

Website Design Resources:

Hope you guys enjoyed this online store tutorial, really appreciate everyones kind words! Thank you! 🙂

Hogan Chua






21 responses to “How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress for Beginners 2017!”

  1. Brian Rasmussen Avatar

    Awesome tutorial Hogan! Super helpful. There are a couple of seemingly simple things that I'm struggling with:
    1) I'd like to remove the variable price range from both the shop page and single product page.
    2) I'd like to change the price (above the "add to cart" button) to white.
    3) Actually, I can't seem to change the title font on the single product page either?

    Any guidance would be great!

  2. riku höynälä Avatar

    Hey Hogan, how can I change the colour of the cart icon and search bar in the top navigation to white?

  3. Sing Meng Ipoh Avatar

    Hi, Hogan. I tried to use your themify shoppee zip and installed but my WP give me error like the zip is missing style.css ..theme failed..any idea? tq

  4. Shubham  Durral Rawat Avatar

    nic to see you back bro ..thank you for the tutorial..

  5. Pine Decors Avatar

    Hey Hogan ,
    thanks for your videos , I have mailed you few queries to your mail. Check them out.

  6. Tremulum Divinorum Avatar

    you ve been so helpfull dude, thanks.

  7. andy hung Avatar

    Hi, the photo that i uploaded looks quite blur on the product page, but it is clear when i zoom in. Why is that so?

  8. Augustas Mačijauskas Avatar

    Hey, great video!

    I have a question though: is the login system already working or do I need to take any additional moves to make it work? And also, is the e-mail notofication feature working, or do I need to do something too? (At the beginning of the video you mentioned that customers will be able to login, fill up their shipping addresses, that they will get e-mails after ordering etc., but you didn't say a thing about it later in the video, so these questions came up to my mind). Waiting for your answer!

  9. mathikshara Avatar

    Hey buddy, can you please write blogs or make a video on how I can use database tables in my site to store login details and other data that come from forms … Also thanks a lot for contribution till date !!!


    Hey Hogan, Thanks a lot for creating such an awesome video and always to be on point.
    I have learned a lot about themify builder.
    Hey, can you make a video about Creating membership website or How to make a Membership based product?
    If u need I can give woo-commerce Membership Plugin and Subscription Plugin.
    Thanks again for the good work.

  11. Sandeep Kumar Avatar

    i had few problems, i have send u the email. Please look into the problem . waiting for your reply.

  12. oguzhan ozturk Avatar

    Hi Hogan,
    How can I reduce the password requirements on My Account tab? At the moment it requires upper/lower case letters, a symbol and numbers, total 12 digits. Which is not easy for users to register. Thanks for your help in advance.

  13. Tomáš Jančařík Avatar

    Is it possible to disable sorting please?

  14. Jenny Gruetzmacher Avatar

    You ´re the best teacher here Hogan. I really like the way you ´re doing here. I ´ll give you 7 stars.. Send hugs from berlin germany too.

  15. Sara Ray Avatar

    when I'm in the shopping cart it won't let me add a country? can you help?

  16. TheNickCartman Avatar

    What a coincidence. I'm currently working on a fresh food delivery site lol Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. tran tuan Avatar

    Hi Hogan,
    I just want to say thank you for posting these tutorial videos, i'm new to building a website, your videos help me a lots.
    Keep up with your great work!
    Thank you!

  18. Namastea Yoga Fitness Nutrition Avatar

    Hi Hogan,
    I have another question for you, hope you can tackle it :), I am using the slider module to display videos reviews. Nothing to complex here, except when I'd like to display those video slider as circles instead of rectangles. Have you ever come across that question? Would you know how to modify the shape of the slider content?
    Thanks a mil for your help 🙂

  19. The Magic of J.Sanchez Avatar

    Thanks I have learned so much from your tutorials ,

  20. Sara Ray Avatar

    Does anyone know why there is a # added to my url?

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