How to Create an ECOMMERCE Website with WordPress – Online Store!


In this step-by-step video tutorial, I walk you through how to create a professional and customizable eCommerce website with WordPress so you can start your own online store using the free Mystile theme and the free WooCommerce plugin. This tutorial is comprehensive so that nothing is left out and everyone can easily follow along!

Things covered in this video include:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:30 Bullet list of what you’ll be creating
0:02:10 A look at the exact website you will learn to create
0:16:02 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with a company called HostGator and getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
0:22:32 Installing WordPress on your hosting account
0:25:38 Configuring basic WordPress settings
0:29:44 Download the free Mystile theme
0:31:52 Installing and activating the Mystile theme
0:34:36 Downloading and installing the free eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce
0:35:40 Setting up basic WooCommerce Settings
0:38:31 Setting up thumbnail image sizes so your product photos aren’t blurry!
0:42:07 Basic Mystile theme settings
0:43:25 Creating pages
0:45:12 Using free high quality stock photos
0:47:21 Using the visual editor to add images, text, and bullet lists
0:56:10 Embedding YouTube videos
0:58:25 Creating the “Contact” form page
1:00:54 Creating Products
1:14:25 Creating variable products
1:22:05 Setting up navigation menus
1:30:42 Using WooCommerce shortcodes – creating a product categories page
1:36:27 Setting up the “Home” page
1:42:46 Setting up featured products
1:45:44 Coming up with a professional color scheme
1:51:43 Creating a professional logo
2:05:18 Setting up PayPal payment processing
2:11:40 Setting up tax options
2:16:04 Setting up shipping options
2:20:16 Adding shipping classes for advanced shipping options
2:24:18 Setting up coupons
2:28:39 Adding up-selling and cross-selling functionality
2:32:27 Setting up widgets and widget areas
2:38:06 Adding an optional blog
2:43:36 Where to set up a Gravatar
2:44:02 Configuring comment settings

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20 responses to “How to Create an ECOMMERCE Website with WordPress – Online Store!”

  1. Clifford Gordon Avatar

    This theme is no longer available to get.

  2. TheRealBusyB Avatar

    Hi Josh. WooCommerce has now retired mystile. Do you recommend any other theme to use that is similar to mystile? I used this video to create my first two websites with mystile and i love the face that you can customize very freely with it. Please help 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  3. Elaheh Madjedi Avatar

    thank you very much for such awesome tutorial . i only have one problem i can not find theme option anywhere please help

  4. Elaheh Madjedi Avatar

    i like you video very much but i can not find theme options for contact form what should i do

  5. Diane G Rosolen Avatar

    how do you set up a drop down menu on the menu?

  6. Robbie Commerce Avatar

    I saw this video twice and you did not mention how you changed the homepage button to the top right "Mystile" to "The Farmer's Market"

  7. brad d Avatar

    Hi. i watch your video 'how create an ecommerce site in WordPress, i know it old but looking at it it would be good. i down the themes and install to discover it missing a Installing Theme from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

  8. Factory 7 Store Avatar

    You are a very polish and pleasant speaker, very articulate. Should be on media tv. I must agree with many others, Best You tube Tutorial. Very few people speak and teach as well as you do! Thanks for video!

  9. Ron M Avatar

    Yo, i have two homepage buttons on my site. How do i remove one.

  10. Ron M Avatar

    What is really unbelievable to me is that there is no clear guide on how to start within wp. Its disgusting.Good there are people like u. Without a fn soulless tutorial.

  11. Collin Bowman Avatar

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I am currently trying to create two different checkout options. One checkout option needs to allow users within a 20-30 mile radius(can use zipcode I guess to do this) to order via delivery method or shipping method. The next checkout option needs to automatically push users who are not within the delivery radius to a shipping only method.

    I noticed that you had different checkout options but if I give someone the option to chose "free delivery" or in my case "local delivery for $5" when they live in California and I live in Louisiana I will not be able to afford to send it to them because the shipping cost are more expensive.

  12. Shahzad Haider Avatar

    Great. A lot of appreciations. Good job.

  13. jeff plantz Avatar

    I love you…….

  14. Angela Arden Avatar

    thank you! Great video!

  15. Billy John Avatar

    Looks pretty interesting and detailed Good job!
    What is the best way to find best plugin? Looks like there is no sorting by unstall option there?

  16. sam nichani Avatar

    good job on videos keep it up

  17. malar m Avatar

    I am doing a website in Ecomerce (in WordPress) I would like to have more options just like the example links . How can make options like – Color, size etc? If some one wants to short out and have a look at ONLY the black color shirt , HE OR SHE should have options to choose the color black. If some one wants to look size 45 of the shirt , HE OR SHE should be able to select size 45. How can make these options in wordpress ecommerce ?
    Example link:;Red
    Please help me at your earliest convenience .

  18. Charles Trobia Avatar

    Hello , i have created my e-commerce website 7 months ago following your video, since i didn't connected myself to the admin part. But now i want to start really my business and i'm not able to get connection to the "Dashboard" even thought I enter the right username and password. Please can you help me !!!!!!!!!

  19. chuongdang141 Avatar

    can you change the font of the theme? if so how?

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