How to Create an Online Store with WordPress – eCommerce!


In this step-by-step video tutorial, I show you how to make a professional, full functioning online store with WordPress. We’ll be using a free theme called Storefront and a free eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce. The Storefront theme is easy to setup and I think it is a classy choice to go with. Enjoy creating an awesome online store with Storefront!

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*****Note: the CSS code needed to fix the border outline discussed in the video at 1 Hour 52 Minutes 58 Seconds is the following:

a:focus {outline: none !important;}

Things covered in this video include:

0:00:00 A detailed look at the exact eCommerce website I’ll show you how to create
0:13:04 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with a company called HostGator and getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
0:18:50 Installing WordPress on your hosting account
0:22:24 Logging in to the backend of your WordPress website
0:23:04 Configuring basic WordPress settings
0:26:26 Download the free Storefront theme from WooThemes
0:28:15 Installing and activating the Storefront theme
0:29:16 Downloading and installing the free eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce
0:30:24 Setting up basic WooCommerce settings
0:34:22 Creating the first page (that will eventually become the homepage)/Overview of the visual and text editor
0:38:18 Adding images to your pages
0:44:56 Specifying which page you want to be your home page
0:46:39 Creating the Contact page using a contact form plugin
0:49:24 Creating navigation menus
0:56:25 Creating simple products
1:08:41 Pointing out the colored outline that will be fixed later in the video
1:09:25 Creating variable products
1:17:11 Creating a Product Categories page using a WooCommerce shortcode
1:20:54 Adding Product Categories to the navigation menu
1:23:20 Going over product image size settings – Use the “regenerate thumbnails” plugin to fix blurry thumbnail images!
1:27:54 Disucssing the product image gallery lightbox effect
1:28:33 Finishing setting up the home page with the “Homepage Control” plugin – displaying products on your home page
1:34:47 Coming up with a professional color scheme
1:42:02 Creating a custom logo
1:52:58 Fixing the border outline that displays when images are clicked
1:56:26 Setting up payment processing with PayPal
2:00:29 Configuring tax settings
2:05:48 Setting up flat rate shipping options
2:07:09 Setting up an optional free shipping option
2:12:41 Setting up advanced shipping options for products that require additional shipment costs
2:16:54 Utilizing cross selling to increase complimentary product exposure and maximize your revenue
2:18:42 Discussing widgets and widget areas (adding shopping cart and other widgets to your footer and sidebar)
2:23:38 How to look at your customer’s orders
2:24:57 Final words and ways to say thanks 😉

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33 responses to “How to Create an Online Store with WordPress – eCommerce!”

  1. Nabeel Samuel Avatar

    In my county people use the service cash on delivery so plz tell me how to set up this on my store

  2. Nabeel Samuel Avatar


  3. Nabeel Samuel Avatar


  4. Danielg Benyamin Avatar

    Mystile is no longer available would you know what other plugin can be used ?

  5. Razertailvideos Avatar

    can stripe be used instead of paypal?

  6. Geno Gates Avatar

    Josh, why are you putting the long descriptions in twice on each page?

  7. Eva Radnay Rajczyk Avatar

    Hi, Josh!

    We have an extensive nonprofit Website that I created using the DIVI Theme. Eventually, we plan to add e-commerce to it and I have already installed WooCommerce on our WordPress site. I have not yet activated it since we are not yet ready to sell any goods.

    1. Can you create a video to show us how we can add WooCommerce seamlessly to an already-existing DIVI Website?
    2. According to WooCommerce's literature, we can actually collect donations besides selling products. What is the process for enabling this?

    Many thanks,

  8. Tisha Jones Avatar

    if i do this will the website show up on Google?

  9. Valentech company ltd. Avatar

    Please i want to develop an online flights booking website. do you have any tutorial about this? i will really appreciate your help. this video is great!

  10. thumbless66 Avatar

    Any chance of you updating this video, I know it's over a year old and my pages are not looking the same.

  11. GL Rai-Zimmdar Avatar

    Hi Josh, Please do me this favor; I am wondering if you have a tutorial running exclusively for selling ebooks.

  12. M M Avatar

    I am building a health food site and they sell seasonings. When you by
    more than one seasoning the price drops. Is there a where of putting a
    drop down section with the different prices with woo commerce? Lets
    say 1 jar is $15.00 2 jar is $27 3 jars is $40.00 can we do that?

  13. Seth Leaf Pruzansky Avatar

    Hey Josh, can I set up different shipping rates for the same product based on the UPS zone that the customer would be ordering from?

  14. Bledi Kycyku Avatar

    Hi Josh,
    Actually I'm dealing with the shipping method in my storefront e-commerce web cite. I want to sell my products in all Italy . The best choice so far was using the woocommerce table rate plugin, because I can combine different Italy zones with different product weight. Though I need some more professional help. Can you include in one of your videos how to better use this plugin Thanks very much for your splendid work.

  15. Conner Delahanty Avatar

    Thank you very much for this video! It was very well explained and comprehensive!

    I have one quick question. My domain has finished propagating, but whenever I go to the there is a very slight flicker then a blank screen. Would you happen to know how I can fix that to get to the back-end login? This is my first time accessing the screen (have never logged in there before). Thank you very much for your time!

  16. Ron Hicks Avatar

    One question Josh…..Which is the most elegant and professional looking as well as responsive free theme and do you have a tutorial for that theme?

  17. Ron Hicks Avatar

    Hi Josh, I just wanted to say thank you for making these in-depth tutorials. I am sad to say that I have to change themes for one of my websites today, however I am certain that (from recent past experience with your tuts) it should be easier than the first time I tried. Again, thank you so much!

  18. Mathurin jean moliere Avatar

    You just save my life big bro! Thank you! Thank you and Thank you for this awesome tutorial

  19. Emran MsD Avatar

    Hi there i have question if we build a WCommerce site and in product section im tried to put feature image which is visible complete picture of the product but when im trying to visit site for shop it shows picture is from the middle not the full image of product and my image is about 800/500 px do u have any suggestion ? and another question i had wp wcommerece site for some reason theme corrupt and i am trying to go admin page but i received error and user admin page is not showing on screen any suggestion how to enter a admin panel

  20. Fitz. Avatar

    Hi Josh,
    I'm off the subject a little bit.
    I thought, I would share an idea that would please and supersize many of us newbies that follow your tutorial faithfully , that have created their website with you and maybe they would like to share what they have created.
    I'm sure many of us would like to see their site and this would encourage other's like myself to build on their future also want to share experience with your audience.
    This is just an idea that I thought would be interesting .I don't see this anywhere. Where other's offers their videos on how to create a website. I believe you would be the first to introduce this idea. Remember this is just an idea. Thanks Josh, Happy Easter.

  21. Bledi Kycyku Avatar

    Very resourceful tutorial. I've already publish some websites using your tutorials, and they came out very nice. Now I'm trying to build up an e-commerce website but I can't upload the storefront theme. I get an upload error saying the file can not be uploaded…Do you have any suggestion? Thank you

  22. Fitz. Avatar

    Hi Josh, I'm work on a new website now for my sister in-law .Thank you for another great video very much appreciate it . You make it very easy for us beginners to start a website that can change and possibly help us meet our financials goals. Again Thank you. Gerry Fitz.

  23. Judith St. Claire Avatar

    Question: I have my domain set up with Hostgator. I have the Congrats memo from WP (dated 03/08/2016), but when I try to access it on Google, I get an error message. (The sad face with "this web page is not available" Can you advise what to try?

  24. Almas Elahi Avatar

    i have win10 how i download as default ? please help me out

  25. devnand Avatar

    You have extremely good tutorials.. Surprising that it hasn't got many many views. What my sincere suggestion is this. Many people are turned off by the length of the videos. Also some ppl with less bandwidth will want to watch bite sized videos.
    The content is great , what you can do is each video break it into parts of 15-20 minutes each and see how many views you'l get! I am sure you'll be flooded with comments in each of the videos

  26. ChellCandie Avatar

    this video looks nothing like hostgator now

  27. Arun Sharma Avatar

    how to sent a message on their mobile devices when someone buys the product

  28. lbaker862 Avatar

    I am trying to find a way to set up our High School Mum Shoppe for sales during approximately 3 months of the year. Everything I look at costs a lot of money and we are a non-profit organization. I don't need anything fancy, just to be able to create a login for each user and then for them to pick everything they want for the mum and add it to a cart and then check out. Any suggestions???

  29. Kathleen Murphy Avatar

    I am an older woman, not tech savvy but am using this video tutorial to create my eCommerce website…it has been so helpful but I am stuck at the variable products section. I cannot see the link you refer to, multiple tries and hours of scouring the net for advice to no avail….what am I doing wrong? using woocommerce 2.4.13, they are suggesting I download update 2.5.1, but I fear losing all I have done so far.

  30. vivek gupta Avatar

    Hello dear mr. jackson !
    First of all i would like to thank you for your valuable video.
    I want to add filters to web pages for the product filtering, when someone browse a product.
    For Example: Bags

    school bag
    luggage bag


    above 2000

    hip strip
    laptop case

    for example please visit :

    under bag category

    therefore i request you please let me know how to do this

  31. Sweetgazagyal Avatar


    Can you use different themes for different parts of your website?

    E.g I would like to use the store front theme for the store aspect of my website but not for the whole website such as home page, about pages as I want a different look.

  32. Sexual Vivation Avatar

    Hi Josh, Thank you for always addressing my questions. I am not sure why I am unable to attache the links for the requested shipping rate tutorials; therefore I will provide the tutorial title and author. I am following Simon Edwards belwow tutorial today for the Mystile theme; however I will see if it address the shipping issue.

    Woocommerce Table Rate Shipping Free Plugin by Simon Edwards
    WooCommerce Flat Rate Shipping Basics TLDR; I Chykalophia by Peter Krzyzek
    WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin Setup Guide – WordPress by Surbhi Rostsogi

    Thank you

  33. Linda Smedley Avatar

    Hi Josh…if a site is already up and running, you just change a theme if you want? If yes, do you have to redo everything?

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