How To Create Custom Type Designs in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a custom typography design. Usually text styles like this would be lettered by hand, but in this tutorial I’ll share some secrets on how you can still create cool looking typography by customising ready-made fonts with clever OpenType features. The tutorial will then continue with some customisation of the type to add shadows, offset accents and highlights to create a bright and colourful text effect.

Bonbon Script Font:

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23 responses to “How To Create Custom Type Designs in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Marianne Cothern Avatar

    Looks great! Just what I needed. Thank you!

  2. Raphael Marques Cecel Avatar

    Do jeito que tem gente abestada hoje em dia, e bem capaz de dar a doida e a pessoa pular de um prédio… rsrsrs

  3. Dark Studio Avatar

    can you please make a simple text logo for me???pls

  4. Young Nino Avatar

    if only illustrator actually did all these things the way you showed them. Anytime I use the blend>make i get shades of gray introduced instead of the black and white I want.

  5. Caine Green Avatar

    Straight to the point the entire video I don't know if I've ever come across that in a tutorial

  6. RayTheRanger Avatar

    Where can I find more fonts with ligatures like this

  7. Loucheian Avatar

    cant get my eclipse highlight to look good

  8. Jack Johnson Avatar

    what a fuck font for 99$ fuck this video

  9. Kelvin Ramirez Avatar

    After I offset path then ungroup, my outline disappears and it looks just the same as when I started, very frustrating! What am I doing wrong?

  10. william vasquez Avatar

    Nice vid. What program is it . And can you help me out to creat a nice design letter . Please let me know .inbox.

  11. ILLvsio Beatz Avatar

    ms paint brought me here

  12. vegar dyrnes Avatar

    Thank you. I pick up a lot here and it is a great source of inspiration.

  13. Mohd Faaiz Avatar

    Thank you very much for this tutorial 🙂


    Brasil – Nice work !

  15. im probably going to jail Avatar

    how do you do these typographic effects in photoshop? im not good at text editing XD

  16. gayle albertini Avatar

    You go way too fast. slow down. good info but hard to follow.

  17. Johneh Sankar Avatar

    When I ungroup the offset path disappears. What is the problem?

  18. Shaheer Ahmed Avatar

    nice working would u like to teach me illustrator full online.

  19. Tim Souza Avatar

    dude slow the fuck down. why you going so fast? cant follow a damn thing. cant get the black outline to appear around the text and its driving me nuts because youre going so damn fast

  20. Amaze Master Avatar

    Just use dafont. It's free and has several thousand fonts.

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