How to Create Parallax Effect Wallpaper in iOS

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Have you ever thought about implementing a parallax effect for your app? That’s what we are going to do today in this episode.

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3 responses to “How to Create Parallax Effect Wallpaper in iOS”

  1. MAX NELSON Avatar

    solid tutorial thanks man!

  2. Keron Williams Avatar

    Duc your the man dude!

  3. Ankush Girotra Avatar

    Hey Duc! Thanks for the tutorial, it was amazing!
    I was wondering why we had to go about the project in such an unusual way, instead of just going about updating and animating the x and y vals of the imgView according to gyro measurements. Plus, I could think of many more ways to use gyro measurements as compared to UIMotionEffectGroup(). So I tried to do that instead. I found it rather tricky to get those measurements. Looking online, I found a function that lets you receive a x and y pair that tells you where the device detects gravity, (Ex: If you had the device flat on a table, it would read 0,0) Upon trying to implement the code myself, I faced many problems and just couldn't figure out how to make it work. So, I was wondering, if it wouldn't be too much to ask, could you maybe do another short tutorial on how to make a similar effect in iOS but with the gravity gyro way instead?

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