How to Create Realistic Cracked Skin using Photoshop

In today’s Photoshop episode, I will share some great techniques on how to create a cracked skin look. This video is suitable for beginning levels. We’ll be using free stock images so can you follow along. Hope you enjoy.

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13 responses to “How to Create Realistic Cracked Skin using Photoshop”

  1. safa smail Avatar

    awesoooooooome !!!!!

  2. Can we get 1000 subscribers without videos ? Avatar

    Lol, people use photoshop to hide cracked skin and you make a tutorial how to make cracked skin. xD

  3. Sarfaraz Ahmed Avatar

    Texture stock is not downloading plz send me original texture file.

  4. Rakesh Bikram Shahi Avatar

    How to get that cracked skin background?

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