How To Create Surreal Collage Style Artwork in Adobe Photoshop

Today we’re going to have loads of fun creating an abstract—and quite surreal—collage style piece of artwork in Adobe Photoshop. This kind of art style has been popular for years, although originally it would have been made using traditional photomontage techniques with photographs, magazine images and newspaper clippings, all cut apart and reassembled using scissors, glue and photocopiers. These days we can use digital techniques to make things without even getting our hands dirty! Plus there’s a wealth of source material readily available in the form of stock imagery that we can pick and choose from. If you browse Google or Pinterest for some examples of surreal collages, you’ll see there’s literally no limits to what you can produce. I personally love the ones with comical outcomes that are made with completely random combinations. For this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll use a selection of free stock images along with basic Photoshop compositing techniques to create a fun abstract piece of artwork. Traditional artists sometimes used paint or pastels to add colour to their work, so we’ll do the same with pixels. Then to mimic the analogue reproduction methods originally used, we’ll distress the result with some effects that mimic bad photocopy prints with high noise and harsh contrast.

Stock photos used:

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33 responses to “How To Create Surreal Collage Style Artwork in Adobe Photoshop”

  1. Jonathan Cerveaux Avatar

    Images aren't available anymore :/

  2. Anees Khan Avatar

    superb tutorial bro. please keep it up.

  3. dextrin69 Avatar

    Excellent tutorial as always. Here is what you've inspired in me:

  4. Amos Voltz Avatar

    I've seen you around South Yorkshire

  5. Joshua McAllister Avatar

    Great video. Thank you!

  6. TheMrkeineahnung Avatar

    Amazing tutorial good sir!

  7. Elliot Gillerstedt Avatar

    Great video as always Spoon, I just uploaded my first SpeedArt. Please check it out if you want to, i would appreciate feedback a lot! Keep it up 🙂

  8. Aleesha Stormer Avatar

    You always upload things that I have been dying to do! Every single time I think of something you upload a tutorial!! Your tutorials are always fantastic!! Thank you!

  9. Leandro Toledo Avatar

    You always have the best tutorials!
    Great job!

  10. Hell Viana Avatar

    Hello friend, i have one problema that can be easy for you. i have one logo from one comunity but i dont no how to change to de colour that are original from 1848 , 168 years. can you help me to change.

  11. Kathy Roberts Avatar

    OMG, that was quick! When I try and work it out in slow time, I hope I can do it justice, thanks for sharing. I love your accent.

  12. Space Avatar

    That last part of the tutorial is the closest I'll ever get to a cartoon effect

  13. Rrregie Avatar

    thanks as always !

  14. theDoodleGuy Avatar

    this looks so much fun

  15. D4sxysrb Avatar

    I really like this tutorial as you can show different styles of Photoshop techniques, can you please do more of these 😀

  16. Antoni Karbowiak Avatar

    Your tutorials are insanely helpful. I only started to design this summer, and you helped me to progress a lot!

  17. YannisW Avatar

    Looks amazing, awesome video ^^

  18. eenbarkiehier Avatar

    Man, great video! Helped me al lot with my own surreal collage. Turned out really nice because of you. 🙂

  19. Sabir Ali Avatar

    You are amazing Chris very useful tutorial learn many new Technic go head and keep posting .

  20. LiveBig7 Avatar

    great tutorial, nicely done, thank you.

  21. Rakesh Lokegaonkar Avatar

    dude your visiting card is amazing. tutorial please?

  22. Nate Gaming Avatar

    waiting on the logo video with Adobe illustrator

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