How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way with Adobe Illustrator

In today’s video tutorial I’ll show you how to create cool hand lettering style typography illustrations the easy way using the power of Adobe Illustrator. The design is a simple silhouette of the vehicle, with text that is distorted and disfigured to fit within the outline of the car body to create a cool composition.

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33 responses to “How To Create Typography Illustrations the Easy Way with Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Jaden Redhair Avatar

    Amazing tutorial. I have been practicing these tricks quiet often. For those saying it is too fast, there is a pause button you know… i thought it was a perfect tutorial that taught many of us for FREE. Thanks Spoon Graphics once again!

  2. The Logic Machines Avatar

    Great! Video! I was just finding this. Thanks Pal!

  3. Laiba Bukhari Avatar

    I dont have this font. How do I use it if I download this font

  4. Timothy Silva Avatar

    My offset path cover my car in black,windows and everything. I dont think i've missed a step though. What does offset path do?

  5. Angela Fox-Thompson Avatar

    Gone in 60 Seconds? Is that the movie?

  6. Rupmita Chowdhury Avatar

    so fast….I can't follow u

  7. dirk meister Avatar

    terrible tutorial. ever consider you're going to fast?

  8. Tri Wahyu Hutama Avatar


  9. onnjangnaball Avatar

    Very like this!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  10. Dingdung Avatar

    Couldn't find any of the tools on windows ps cc. could u do the same vid with PS CC windows.

  11. Arindam Raha Avatar

    i cannot change the color at the end can any 1 please help?

  12. MrCharle Avatar

    great video ! 🙂 what font did you use for the buffalo at the start of the video?

  13. Nick Hostetter Avatar

    With the pin tool, how to you get the edges so smooth and keep them perfectly with the edges of the car

  14. Victor Matheus V. Silva Avatar

    Good job! It helped me a lot!

  15. Ankita Sheth Avatar

    this is a brilliant tutorial! thanks for sharing!

  16. Mohamed Gedo Avatar

    Thank you for this tutorial, it really helped me 🙂

  17. Modded Visualz Avatar

    That quote is from Fast & Furious.

  18. Laurie Richards Avatar

    Fantastic video! cant thank you enough for sharing, I never would've figured this out, cant wait to learn more from your other ones.

  19. Sheikh MD Nazmul Huda Avatar

    How To I Create This Design With Motorbike

  20. Mihail Zador Avatar

    You are the best. No words more. It explain all. Thanks.

  21. Sadie Blue Avatar

    Dude. Thank you. you answered in less than 30 seconds what I had been trying to figure out for 30 minutes. Envelope mesh, not w top object! duh. Awesome

  22. Ali Abdulwahed Avatar

    learned. many thanks.

  23. Jeremy Scholing Avatar

    Love your tutorials, but one quick question. After making the compound path, It won't allow me to "minus front" i have the text and the shape selected but it says "please select 2 intersecting paths." What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

  24. sara wang Avatar

    I don't think it's too fast, It's better than being too slow. It's definitely not for new beginners tho. Great tutorial!

  25. Ben Naylor Avatar

    Great Tutorial Dude! love this effect.

  26. Zane Šūpulniece Avatar

    Thanks, great tutorial!

  27. Cryoutforwisdom Avatar

    Can't thank you enough for going to the trouble to help us learn the easy way, as I'm assuming you learned it the hard way.

    Btw, I dunno if anyone else struggled with this, but just in case…when you do the envelope distort, if it doesn't want to distort, try double-clicking. Ha, I know. It's the little things! God bless 🙂

  28. Heather Falcone Avatar

    I love this video. I liked that it was fast. I didn't have to skip thought to find out what I needed to know. I have been a graphic artist since 2005 so I am very used to working in with Illustrator, I just haven't ever had to use this technique. I love learning new stuff!!

    Thanks so much!!

  29. Paulo Cortez Avatar

    can you slow it down a little bit co'z it is to fast… and put some subtitles in your tutorials next time. but it's a great tutorial though. thanks!

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