How to Creative Logo in Photoshop CS6 | Logo Design Text

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial | Logo Design Text. Create Logo in Photoshop CS6
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33 responses to “How to Creative Logo in Photoshop CS6 | Logo Design Text”

  1. N8tive Skillz Avatar

    I need help man wasted $1 I don't know how to edit it

  2. T.K. Avatar

    I don't find this helpful :-/


    sar plz create oc in photoshop…this is my channel name

  4. Mike Delgado Avatar

    Nice video.  Nice design.  Nice use of circle elections in red.   Great for beginners to create their first logo.   Makes it easy for my students to learn

  5. Ding Baj Avatar

    where did you found the batman…. front ??

  6. ROROtheGoatBoat Avatar

    okay, now i see why you don't speak, no offense. cool video though

  7. MechanicalEnt78 Avatar

    Can you edit one for me i already tried watch all your Photoshop editor but its not work please help me
    And the picture i use is not good for me

  8. Music Every Week Avatar

    I have learned so many things.. Thanks for uploading such a video. Appreciated for your time.

  9. sundus salman Avatar

    plz show tutorial how to make paint cans labels

  10. White Owl Avatar

    ʆίƘε. tհίς ςσ ί ϖίʆʆ ςհσϖ ψσմ հσϖ tσ δσ tհίς ίt'ς Թɾεttψ ςίʍԹʆε ησt յσƘίηɡ

  11. SnooBie Avatar

    How you Add that Reverse Image ? please Reply Fast

  12. Pro Ryan Avatar

    please make on with the letters pr

  13. Rudr Pandey Avatar

    can u plz edit HE text ??

  14. CuriousHD Avatar


  15. nsr studios Avatar

    can I do this in Photoshop 7.0

  16. Conner Forsyth Avatar

    can u just make it easier to use for people who has never used it before!

  17. Ethio- አራዳ Avatar

    can u show me how u crate u enter video ples

  18. Untamed Hunterz Avatar

    This guy is a rip off, I paid for the lighting photos and ended with a picture of a piggy bank.

  19. Phenomenal AZ Avatar

    what is the title of background song? i like that also the finish product of edited logo…thanks

  20. Cameron Glenwright Avatar

    just wondering what screen capture software do you use

  21. Aniq Tariq Avatar

    please tell me the songs name or link

  22. Matheo Benamou Avatar

    what is a name song at 2:35 pls answer me ^^ and i love you job ^^

  23. joshan devera Avatar

    awesome logo. you have my sub

  24. Nielsen Avatar

    why does the font cost money?

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