How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop

Clipping a subject from its background in Photoshop has to be the most common task a designer will encounter in their every day working life. The pen tool is the go-to tool for cutting most things out, but there’s some cool techniques you can use for hair, fur and other specialty subjects. So let’s crack on and look at the tools we have available to us in Photoshop.

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47 responses to “How To Cut Anything Out in Photoshop”

  1. RobX Avatar

    Ive copy and pasted my image but it wont let me make it bigger or smaller

  2. Nuzulul リズーキ Avatar

    Jeez this is the ULTIMATE PHOTOSHOP TIPS !!! , subbed , thanks bruh

  3. Richie See Avatar

    Very good general guide for selection and cut-out options 😀 Thank you very much.

  4. Ricky Hurtado Avatar

    This was fantastic!

  5. Jorge Leonardo Sevillano Avatar

    Your video is great, but… You go stremely fast, so i could almost never see which tool you were using or catch your accent. 🙁

  6. FreedomRevolution16 Avatar

    Why would anyone thumbs down? The video was a great opened door to success.

  7. Adnan Ahmad Ali Avatar

    Well covered in 10 mins.

  8. Mitsubishi Starion Avatar

    For all you people complaining that he is going too fast…..Click on settings, speed, and adjust the speed to .50, or .75. You are welcome.

  9. NineTail Fennec Photography Avatar

    … I don't have a "refine edge" tool in my photoshop…

  10. mesillahills Avatar

    You guy ALL do the same damned thing. Pick a picture with a clear plain background for the more complex stuff. Everybody can already do that. None of you including Photoshop picks a complex background to extract from. Even PS is kidding themselves. Back to the good ol' pen tool. Even the NFL "defines colors" before the game in order to put in the 10 yard gain line in. Great bunch of Jr. software people they hire at Adobe.

  11. SuperMarioZack - SMZ Avatar

    And how do we put it onto another photoshop tab ?

  12. abdullah al mamun Avatar

    This is fucking ass hole, you do not complete any tool use,
    This is totaly waste of time, there is no benefit of beginner ,,,,,

  13. YESHUA'S CHOSEN EndTimesMinistry Avatar

    you move around way, way way way too fast. omg!!!!

  14. Abir Avatar

    nice tutorials.
    i like it.
    oh! i will provide any background remove professionally.please see.

  15. christopher barrow Avatar

    quality help thanx fella
    people who cant follow …. stop video after each instruction , if you still dont get it watch again . . . just a suggestion

  16. Rza Rectum Avatar

    Great video! You did a fine job sharing quickly what tool options are available to do ONE specific thing (cutting things out). Even after years of self teaching and countless hours of practice, I still learned a lot here. It's very easy to spend 90 minutes on videos on how to use one tool which is why I like this video as it brings awareness to other possible methods. I also like how you progressively moved up the sliding scale of tools in the order of which is probably most natural to learn them. Good job on this video!

  17. Ze S Avatar

    those of you complaining about the speed of this video should find something else to learn, maybe supermarket check-out is more your speed. I wish more tutorials where like this, I wouldnt spend countless hours watching videos which, in the end, don't even cover the things it claims in the title. I started learning photoshop 3 weeks ago and managed to follow just fine. Even laughed at the jokes related to eraser/magic wand tools. I can't image there being any more ways to crop things off backgrounds then whats mentioned in this clip. Thanks for the info @Spoon Graphics

  18. Murad Tube FacTorY Avatar

    oh, it was a very nicE cut and background change tutorial.. thank u.
    here is my photoshop gig if u like pls visit this

  19. Jessica Jirah Avatar

    Can someone pls send me a link where i can download adobe illustrator? 🙂 thanks

  20. Mackenzie M Avatar

    This video is a fine starting point for selecting the proper technique and can be a time saver. Thank you.

  21. Aditi's World Avatar

    remove a white background , it is amazing.
    I am a graphics designer.Background related gig is….

  22. R Smith Avatar

    Could you add a step by step written scenario for this? I know it's a pain but it would be so helpful. You're very good at what you do but you're fast!

  23. KhOrganization Avatar

    It seems like you're using the pen tool differently than I do. You do point and click style like the lasso tool but adjust the curves later. Everyone I know (including me) does click and drag, you can adjust the curve before letting go and it's easier to understand how the curves work.

  24. VisuaLust Avatar

    Moving so fast that I can't see what camands you're using

  25. Ika Broukman Avatar

    Way too fast… don't understand anything.

  26. S. L. BERRY, C.E.O Avatar

    i hate the eraser tool because my hands are shaky

  27. TechGoggles Avatar

    Wish there was something like this for video in AE

  28. Far Rookie Avatar

    Wow. Instead of just one, you just summarized possibly all methods we can use to do it. Thank you. You even mentioned like the "hair tool" and others, so I know what people usually using certain tool for only specific task. Thank you again..

  29. Amin NeyJ Avatar

    6:52 what font was he using???

  30. Kevin Kelly Avatar

    i like your video bro. no BUTS…

  31. Luffy D Avatar

    do it slow then i will subscribe fastass

  32. Arsène Lupin Avatar

    Came for the tips, stayed cause of the accent. ( cool tips tho! )

  33. Nick Culp Avatar

    this is not a tutorial, you are only showing us the options

  34. Peanutbutter Avatar

    So for the magic wand how did you delete the background?

  35. Freddie'sMyMoto Avatar

    I do this for detailed cleaning:
    1- Erase tool
    2- Background removal
    3- Right click to select brush size
    4- On top of window, beside the brushes menu, pick "Sampling Once", then Contiguous
    5- Define tolerance (let's say 20)
    6- Click and hold on the color you want to remove and drag it around

  36. iiUnique Avatar

    Faster than the speed of light

  37. MatchstalkMan Avatar

    This is great but we're stuck with CS, not CS2 and above, CS.

    The channel method sounds best for what we need.

  38. Adam Bshara Avatar

    we dont even know what ur doing

  39. quadrimaculata 1 Avatar

    haha, great, but too fast

  40. Haris Jones Avatar

    idiot fucking go slower

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