How to Easily Replicate Popular Websites and Their Layouts w. Themify!

In this video, I want to show you how you can easily copy an layout of a website you like, export it, share it or import it to another website.

You can also export it as an layout, and then load the layout on another page on your current site, saving you a ton of time.

If you have any questions, drop them down below! Enjoy 🙂


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On this channel, my mission is not just to teach you how to make a website/blog but to really inspire you to chase your dreams. A lot of the times, we let the fear of the unknown hold us back from starting anything. My job is to show you that it is possible and hopefully be a piece of a bigger puzzle that helps you achieve your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself and never, ever give up!

Hogan Chua 🙂






27 responses to “How to Easily Replicate Popular Websites and Their Layouts w. Themify!”

  1. Kevin Montes Avatar

    Dude !!! You are an Inspiration. Thanks for all your Vids, great Tutorials.seeing as you're from Aussie , rugby fan ? Cricket ?
    Thanks again

  2. sophia elias Avatar

    Hi Hogan! Great tutorial! How do I get rid of the white spacing between my rows? I can't figure it out….

  3. Shubham  Durral Rawat Avatar

    hey can we create ecommerce site with the help of themify theme.????

  4. Techie Design Avatar

    Hogan. Are you aware of this blog post from I am planning on entering.

    I am planning on submitting. I am trying to start out a web design channel myself. I work exclusively with Themify these days, but my channel is a bit more general. If you would ever like to collaborate, I would be ecstatic.

  5. Gunsport Avatar

    Good afternoon, I love your videos, congratulations for your work, but I really need your help, I want you, if you can, help me by replicating this website Just a home, since already very warm and I'm sorry I'm hiring a translator because I'm from Brazil.

  6. I'm just here for the lolz Avatar

    Thank you so much. I subbed 🙂

  7. Nadrah Youssef Avatar

    That is the drag and drop ultra Themify Premium Themes/

  8. Nadrah Youssef Avatar

    I've brought the theme now could someone show me the steps to import it on to my site step by step. Thank you.

  9. Digital Gestalt Avatar

    This is great, Thanks! however I didn't understand what happened with the black to white text in the button in 16:20, could you pls explain?

  10. Beni Kim Avatar

    How do you get the site layouts/wireframe. How would I replicate any other website I like

  11. Macaroon Avatar

    Hi Hogan, THANK GOD for your videos. Seriously..
    Quick question, can i have a video background (not a youtube embed), as my landing page, using the free themify ultra? Or would i have to upgrade or purchase another theme?

  12. Sofi Beetz Avatar

    Hogan good work bro… what do you think about x theme vs ultra? im pretty confused

  13. Janelle Marpa Avatar

    can you do a Tutorial with Themify FLOW? please!

  14. Oswaldo A Marcano R Avatar

    Hi Hogan thanks for all your help. I got some problems with the space at the bottom of each module. Its too big! How can you control that? Thanks!

  15. Omprakash Jha Avatar

    Hi Hogan, Can you help out in making a homepage in WordPress like this


  16. Tommy McCoy Avatar

    Hey Hogan, thanks for all your help

    I have a question, ever since I updated themify I will create my edits and save them. However when I go to my site in incognito the site appears without the current edits and very distorted. I'm not sure whats going on. Thanks

  17. thedudeandstuff Avatar

    Love your themify tutorials!! well done. Looking forward to more

  18. Joseph Almoete Avatar

    hey hogan how do you make your site laod faster

  19. Jeffer Tan Avatar

    my theme doesnt have auto full width

  20. J KT Avatar

    Hi Hogan, I am trying to build my website with themify and i am not doing so well! I enjoyed your videos as you are very good at explaining how to do some of the themes. Is there an easier way to get a hold of you? I have a few questions I honestly think it will be easier getting help from you than the themify support team. Hope to hear from you,

    Thanks for all your help!

  21. Sujoy Pal Avatar

    Hi Hogan! Your tutorials are really good.
    Can you please make a themify submission add-on tutorial. Thanks

  22. Starz Of America Avatar

    As always, great job! Thanks! I'm going to use this on my next build. I'm having some simply issues on another site that I'm currently building using your videos. (
    1.) How do I get my post titles to display on my home page blog
    module…and the blog page? 2.) How do I get the site to show properly
    on mobile devices. I followed the step on your blog for adjusting the mobile layout. However, there is a still space on the right side of the
    display? Lastly, is there anyway to not display the "Home" page title in the Website Tag/Title at the top of the screen? Thanks again for great videos.

  23. Hogan Chua Avatar

    If anyone has any questions, drop them down below 🙂
    Check out my most recent post: (I think you'll love it!)

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