How To Embed a Google Calendar onto a WordPress Website

In this step-by-step tutorial video, I demonstrate how to set up a Google Calendar and then embed that Calendar onto a page on your WordPress site. This is great for people that have events that they would like to display with a calendar on their website.

I also show you how to use hyperlinks with your Google Calendar so that users can be directed to other webpages such as a ticket purchasing page or a PayPal page directly from the calendar that is embedded on the website.

I will also show you how to use the recurring events feature with Google Calendar so that you only have to input data one time for these types of events.

You will also learn how to re-size the Calendar and use the “No Sidebars” template so that the Calendar will display full width on your webpage.

If you are interested in building the custom website I used in this video, check out the step-by-step comprehensive tutorial at:






34 responses to “How To Embed a Google Calendar onto a WordPress Website”

  1. David Stephens Avatar

    If only you could use it for booking. I've got a rental company I'm working with using the Divi theme. customer could book dates and add it to a quote

  2. Whatsonnorthwales Whats on north Wales Avatar

    Hey buddy, thank you so much for the video- really helped me a lot!!! keep up the great work!

  3. Tanya White Avatar

    are you able to put in a Google calendar that auto updates to your site? I am using squarespace and am a makeup artist. So I would like my clients to be able to see my availability when they are booking/pay deposits. Do you have a tutorial on this? Or mind lending me a hand

  4. DMD Avatar

    How did you get the event to show the description and website information? When I click on my event in the month view, I can only see the name and location of the event.

  5. Ann Louise Ramsey Avatar

    Thank you again for a great tutorial.

  6. Stratos Painting Company Avatar

    Great job !! with this tutorial. We're using it on our website and love it !

  7. Ziaur Rahman Avatar

    if i make change or create new calendar event is it possible to update calendar on my webpage automatically ?

  8. Ibraheem Hamoodi Avatar

    Hi, Thank you for the great video. You showed us how to add a website into the event. How do you add an email into the event that you can just click ?

  9. Lilianna Palmer Avatar

    great video tutorial! everything that was explained I could do on my website/blog without any complications

  10. Peru Public Library Avatar

    For some reason, the video was very blurry. When I went to setting, embedding wasn't there. Do I use export?

  11. Charles Williams Avatar

    Thank you so much!! Very informative and you made it easy without a lot of un-necessary talking. In other words you made it easy and not boring

  12. Joe Bezotte Avatar

    Great step by step guide!! Now is there an easy way to link those events on my calendar to a "registration" area to sign up for classes and pay with paypal?

    Thanks again for a great video!

  13. Hemant Saraf Avatar

    Hi There… thanks for this vid… its a great vid…  two questions, one, does the calendar month remains current on the WP page as the time passes or does it need to be updated every month; two, are you also able to show how to enable registration for these events on WP ? Thanks much !!!

  14. Richard Quinn Avatar

    Excellent! you made it so simple to understand 🙂
    Thank you!

  15. Vivian Fleitstra Avatar

    Great step-by-step video.  Thanks so much! 

  16. Evelyn Sevilla Avatar

    Thank you!!!!! That was so quick and easy.  Liked, subscribed and will share!! 

  17. Maria Pickles Avatar

    Awesome thank you great information about setting up a calendar for a small business

  18. Kylene Taylor Avatar

    Hello, Thank you for sharing. I have one issue I can't seem to fix (and I've searched & searched for answers). I've followed your video steps however the content of my google calendar won't display on my wordpress site. I've set calendar to public. I searched the web & found a few folks talk about changing a google app setting (however I don't have a google app account). Any advice?

  19. Ted Johnston Avatar

    Great video, Thanks very much and I did Subsribe

  20. Tera Brockway Avatar

    Thank you!  I could not figure out why my calendar would not show up and it was the simple mistake of being in visual instead of text.  No one else said anything about that.

  21. Terry Marcum Avatar

    Great!  Thanks a bunch!  Very informative and easy to use!  Love it! 

  22. Neil Mackey Avatar

    EXCELLENT job, Josh! I'm a newbie who has essentially used your tutorials to create and maintain a website for a fraternal organization. Books are helpful…your step-by-step tutorials and "non-jargon" language have made that possible…nice work and thanks for the insight and knowledge…

  23. yellowcat2000 Avatar

    Your videos are awesome.  I have never built a website but after watching your videos, I have to wonderful sites.

  24. Dj Slugo Avatar

    Thanks this was a great help

  25. Gary Crawshaw Avatar

    Thanks, Josh. Very helpful. Only had an issue with doing it from a Google Calendar within our Google Apps domain. The calendar would only show "busy", with no event details. So, just used my personal gmail account to embed on our site. Are there any other ways to embed a Google Apps public calender?

  26. gsee Avatar

    Yea, was clear and helpful. I like this as there is no timewasting he just gets on with it. Well done.

  27. Scott Bierko Avatar

    This was a very clear and helpful video. You anticipated all of my questions. Thank you!

  28. monkeybusiness73 Avatar

    I'm looking for a calendar system that works with WordPress for my web page. So clients to book through it and the booking is emailed directly to myself. Is there such a calendar?

  29. Shade O. Avatar

    Thanks for this! Very useful to have a visually appealing calender! Thanks for this tutorial!

  30. wpSculptor Avatar

    Thanks Ricardas! I'll do my best! Thanks for being the first to comment!

  31. Ricardas Iluvataru Avatar

    Thank you Josh really helpful. keep doing good job. Ricardas.

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