How To Further Your Career As A Designer – Chris Do

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20 responses to “How To Further Your Career As A Designer – Chris Do”

  1. Maz Aft Avatar

    Greatest crossover event in history.

  2. Josh B Avatar

    Will, your facial expressions are absolutely intriguing lmao

  3. Tina Yurick Avatar

    You did a great job! I would have been star struck talking to the design guru himself. And keep listening to your wife, she had an awesome question. 😀 Keep them coming. Love seeing you collaborating with Chris and the Blind crew! 😀

  4. Priskasanna Avatar

    I’m so proud of you Patrick… ! I really admire you. I really wish someday I can become half as extroverted as you

  5. iStulover Avatar

    OMG! My favourites !!!

  6. AuraDZN Avatar

    The way Chris talks and how well he explains things is amazing. I find myself trying to explain things to clients the way he does so that the client can understand the process better etc. he does such a great job

  7. cLash // convinzDesign Avatar

    dat key in the door behind is scary, will!

  8. Doctor Who Avatar

    which idiot pressed the "dislike" button?

  9. AuraDZN Avatar

    No wayyyy I love the futur

  10. David Pruitt Avatar

    Great content, bro!

  11. PepperMoon Avatar

    Most ambitious crossover in design history

  12. Samuel Oluwakayode Avatar

    I learned 3 things today.. Great video

  13. Monkey See Monkey Do Avatar

    i clicked so fast! wow i always loved this collaborations! greetings from the philippines!

  14. YewTewbe Avatar

    THANK YOU for shouting less with that "HeyguyswhatsgoingonitsmeWillPatterson" bit you say at 300km/h. I really appreciate it.

  15. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy!!!!

  16. Sergio Ponce Avatar

    you guys are beast

  17. Pim Bijlsma Avatar

    short but strong with a quality blooper. job well done Will!

  18. Mitesh Trivedi Avatar

    Most anticipated team up since the Avengers!

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