How To Get a Free Domain and Hosting With (FREE Website Domain)

Hi Guys! Welcome to my new site where you can get your own domain and hosting for cheap! Enter FREEDOM at checkout for your FREE domain! You can build your wordpress website and get unlimited support for your website as well! We will help you step by step with your wordpress needs and continue to offer amazing wordpress hosting and free domains! We are also giving away 50 free websites! feel free to browse and check our forums for our amazing wordpress support!

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6 responses to “How To Get a Free Domain and Hosting With (FREE Website Domain)”

  1. Daulton Tansil Avatar

    Do you support the specific themes in wordpress? Example: If i have a problem with a plugin on a certain theme, could I get support to resolve the problem?

  2. Usman Khan Avatar

    Darrel record a tutorial how to setup own hosting business

  3. Tony Tamburriello Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I paid for hosting on hostgator can I cancel with them and host with you?

  4. Teresa Talks Avatar

    Darrel in your support for WordPress…how extensive is it?

  5. IgnisKipa Avatar

    Darrel if i can offer advice when you creating your own hosting business be sure to provide SSD like many leading hosting such as siteground and in motion. People love fast wordpress also check out what siteground and inmotion provide and make sure to implement it on yours. I love the feature of live support on IM each time you having a problem with hosting or slow website you can talk to them 24/7 via skype or their live messaging system. so you might want to replicate what they have Darrel.

  6. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thankss for watching guys! Use Code FREEDOM for a free domain on us!

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