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  1. Design With Muneeb Avatar

    So far, I have designed 2 logos for DIRT CHEAP! I really mean it! One logo for $15 and One for $20 including Banners for FB and Twitter. I'm doing this only because of reviews and to fill my portfolio.

  2. threedumb Avatar

    Thanks for the tips Will!

  3. Fran Gutierrez Avatar

    You are a full time designer rigth?

  4. A Nerd's World Avatar

    It took us 3 years to create a concrete contract.  Thank you for your words.

  5. brandon Stewart Avatar

    Hey Will I'm 16 years old and I'm gonna be graduating next year and since I'm getting close to that time I'm really trying to progress with my graphic skills but truth is I don't know where I'd start after high school do you have any advice or does anyone have any??

  6. Sunil Chauhan Avatar

    Good piece of advise Will … thanks you

  7. Photoshop & Digital Drawing Tutorials Avatar

    Well said man … i am always down to shoot and do work for people and have slacked on writing a contract and now i am going to start using them


  8. caíd davids Avatar

    hey I was just wondering how long on average should designing a brand identity take and after the logo is done what should be the next step???
    love your vids 🙂

  9. Maisie Kelly Avatar

    I'm 13 and I would really like to be a graphic designer. Your videos are extremely helpful to learn stuff about it and I don't think I would have given the job a second thought without seeing your stuff. So than you 🙂 I am also very into photography. Do you know of any way I can combine the two?

  10. Will Paterson Avatar

    If you're wondering about where I make my contracts – go to

    This website is where I make all contracts – super quick and easy.

    And no I wasn't paid to plug this – I think this website is a real life saver to any freelancer! <3

  11. Wayne Mayers Avatar

    I'm not sure where to start with the contract, any ideas?

  12. thepointlessvideo100 Avatar

    Could you show an example of the contract that you were talking about near the end of the video, so I can get an idea of what needs to be on it?

  13. Christopher Waldegar Avatar

    Thanks for the vid man as a designer about to graduate college and wanting to freelance this helped out a lot.

  14. Boksy Socks Avatar

    Can you explain the process of making a contract in a new video? And more importantly, can you provide details on how to bind an international client with a 'digital' contract?

  15. Youtube Acc Avatar

    Hey Will I'm an aspiring graphic designer, your videos have been helping and inspiring me for a long time and I'm very thankful for that! I'm currently studying a HND Art course and something that keeps popping up in my head is work experience. Did you ever get any work experience? Do you offer any work experience? Just looking for things that could perhaps help me become 'business ready' – any tips would be greatful 🙂

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