How to Get Featured by Apple Without Any Connections –

Steve Young from is a guru when it comes to App Store marketing and optimization.

Not only does he help his clients get featured on the App Store and get a ton of downloads, Steve has also interviewed over 350 top guests in the mobile app space.

Today, Steve is a special guest and he’s created this exclusive video for you guys to reveal how he helped his client get featured on the App Store homepage!

Watch the video find out the 5 step process he uses to get his apps featured on the App Store!

To read the article version of this video go here:

To learn more from Steve about all things ASO and app marketing, visit him at:


Here’s the interview I did with Steve:






7 responses to “How to Get Featured by Apple Without Any Connections –”

  1. Adrian Harris Avatar

    Thanks Steve, very helpful video which I shall put into practice shortly with my app. Would you have any thoughts on the maximum size of video in mb which would be considered ok to include in the email? Many thanks

  2. Star Shooter Avatar

    Check out the app I was able to make with help from Code With Chris. Test it out and give me a review to let me know what you think of it


    Best Steve, thank you for this awesome video 🙂

  4. Yash Bharti Avatar

    Thanks for the tips

  5. Adam Sioud Avatar

    Is there mangares from each country, so I can conntact the one in my country and also because I makung a quiz app which only suts this country.???

  6. SSMWeightlifting Avatar

    Always knew something fishy about app store , As some of these apps get feature over and over again literally every month hence they must have good inside connection in apple .

    Interest take on the features approach on the apple app store .Cheers

  7. CodeWithChris Avatar

    We've got a special guest today!

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