How To Get Good At Graphic Design

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23 responses to “How To Get Good At Graphic Design”

  1. Sancie Lee Avatar

    Awsome video Will. You are very personable! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Dakota Gilleland Avatar

    Ur such a nice person……its a rarity nowadays

  3. Rahul Mir Avatar

    why so much of green frames?

  4. Fantastic_Timez Avatar

    But I'm really terrified of feedback, which is a problem because without feedback one cannot improve :(.

  5. Brain game Avatar

    I understand your emotion of eyes… You said practice buy do I need to master some theory of drawing?

  6. Dressed In Beans Avatar

    There is an episode of Top Gear where James meets the designer of road signs. Its good.

  7. Arron W Avatar

    Transport is a sans serif typeface first designed for road signs in the United Kingdom. It was created between 1957 and 1963 by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert

  8. Arron W Avatar

    ROAD SIGNS. Im studyin Graphic Design or as they say in Bristol…..Graphek D'zoyn. Handed in my typography module last week. One of our tasks was to research 2 typefaces. One was Garamond and t'other was Transport. It was then when i discovered i would find myself passing on the information of Transport typoeface to thee' lad 😉 The worboys comitte in the 60's i think or 70's was formed to reinvent the bristish road signage and all that caper. We had to create two postcard designs based on the typeface research. I loved mine. If you want to see them, let me know. Taaaaaaaaqaaa

  9. BallisticPlayz Avatar

    Thanks for this really well made video it helped me out alot

  10. Optimustep Avatar

    i LOVE this VIDEO :O <3

  11. BitBomber Avatar

    "ooh, that voice", "great video will", "you're such an inspiration","I'm only X years old how do I design" etc. That's well and all but who the hell designed road signs…

  12. Randy British Avatar

    you are an inspiration to me

  13. Jorge Izaguirre Avatar

    What did you do before GD? I'm having some issues with my current career choice and I've been doing a lot of design lately which I'm really liking.

  14. Sharper Avatar

    Omg that dialog with yourself. lol I almost fell off the chair

  15. Caelan Henry Avatar

    Love your videos man!! Really inspiring!!

  16. FVG Enterprises Avatar

    I love will Patterson's videos! He's informative and inspirational. I hopen this will inspire others as much as it did myself.

  17. sNICKerG Avatar

    Hey man I'm going to school for graphic design, would be willing to give lessons or know where I could get separate "training" on adobe software's?

  18. Maria Hagsten Michelsen Avatar

    Hi, Will. Great inspirational video. Just what I needed. Thanks mate 🙂

  19. Your Pal Critt Avatar

    I believe it was Bauhaus that designed a lot of designs we see everyday. This may also include common road signs. Lets ask google! ……… I didn't find it.

  20. Samboy Murillo Avatar

    do you have any compilation of logos you made?

  21. Juax Avatar

    I am just getting into graphic designing. I make Minecraft graphics

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