How To Get Rich Black In Adobe Illustrator

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18 responses to “How To Get Rich Black In Adobe Illustrator”

  1. Yian Barrett Agüero Avatar

    Thank you very much. Had this issue for a very long time.

    Greetings from Panamá!

  2. Vivek Singh Avatar

    Great Video @WillPaterson. I had this problem for a very long time. One thing that I want to ask you is that I use The HSB Slider & I want to know how I can use that Color setting (HSB) to make a Rich black. Is there a way Sir ??

  3. Drunken Pirate Avatar

    if i save my file as an AI. and import it to premiere its gray as F even if i change it to 0-0-0 in RGB

  4. rhiannon watson Avatar

    Thank you!!! you saved my life. Great video!!!!

  5. Jafer Albahli Avatar

    Thanks Dear good job but i ask you
    when i can use Black and Rich black in my design in illustrator ?????

    Thanks for your time

  6. JAH90JAH Avatar

    Thanks, this was a big help.

  7. André Imbuzeiro Avatar

    No matter what I do, they look the same on screen. No change at all. Why?

  8. Nathan Garza Avatar

    Do I have to add a new swatch every time I do a project? I've tried adding a swatch for School Bus Yellow but when I open a new project it's missing. 

  9. Noxmoony Avatar

    Woah thank you so much for sharing this! Really helped a lot ^ ^

  10. Alex Serrano Avatar

    Beautiful,  Thanks a lot, really helped

  11. Jared Wilkerson Avatar

    I may have misunderstood, but towards the end I think you said if you're doing printwork, you DON'T want it to be in CMYK. But if you aren't working in CMYK, when  you go to print it, won't the blacks look duller than on the computer? Sorry if that was confusing.

  12. CyberColey Avatar

    Extremely helpful. Thank you!

  13. Will Paterson Avatar

    For most printing companies yes. because you don't want to go above 350 when doing rich black! 🙂 But it really all depends on what printing service you're using 🙂

  14. HappyFhantum Avatar

    Is 50,50,50,100 more common than 75,68,67,90? (which is what I've been using for rich black in print for a year or so now)

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