How To Get Your FIRST Logo Design Client 2016

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39 responses to “How To Get Your FIRST Logo Design Client 2016”

  1. liizzset Avatar

    Suppose I cannot afford to use Behance. And I am terrible at promoting on Instagram. I am rather nervous to promote on Instagram. I just opened an account a few months. But have an Deviantart though. Yup that old school. Can I use the same pictures from the Deviantart onto the Instagram? Without sounding like a copyright? And yea, I designed them myself.

  2. Stanneman Avatar

    You can also buy and sell logo designs on this site:

  3. Alexander W O L F Avatar

    great channel, starting graphic design myself and having advice from a great designer like you is great. keep up the great work!

  4. Mr Lazy Sunday Avatar

    Great channel bub. Thanks much.

  5. Shaymaa AlHirbawi Avatar

    I used to beg actually ,, but after this awesome video I would never do that again am valuable and have got too many to show off for
    will paterson thank you thank you thank you

  6. NodoSan Graphic & type designer Avatar

    Right now i'm dealing with financials problems and i need to hear this kind of advices. Now i'm convenced that i need a fresh start and compromise more with my design skills and put more effort in my lettering projects.
    Thanks man
    I would love if you talk about making contracts, that's a part of the process i need to improve, here clients are a little bit of a nightmare, so please if you can make (or have made) a video about it, i will love to watch it.

    Greetings from Colombia.

    Here is my portfolio and Instagram if you or anyone else wants to give some feedback and follow:

  7. 陳亞立 Avatar

    Absolutely helpful video!! Thanks Will!!

  8. im probably going to jail Avatar

    Is selling template work bad? I've heard mixed things about using templates/tutorials and then selling to clients. My friend does this and says its OK but my other friend never does it and talks about it like it's Hitler. Is there a definitive answer?

  9. chillhomie7 Avatar

    i hated my life so i did something about it. I taught myself graphic design over the course of a year so I could be self employed. I dreamed of the day that i would finish my portfolio and website and be able to get clients. Now I'm at that point and I don't know how to get clients. There's marketing and theirs sales. I have my marketing plan but that could take a year to start being effective, I'm having trouble making sales (finding immediate clients).

  10. Charles Bernat Avatar

    Hey Will! I found you through Roberto. I have struggled so much with specifying what type of graphic design I want to sell. I love creating many things. Between your videos and Roberto's video, I have now decided and I am rebranding. This video opened my eyes to my next step. Thank you so much for what you do. I've been creating for many years, and I finally found the people I needed for my next successful step in my freelance career.

  11. Brian rodriguez Avatar

    for a long time I've been struggling to find a way to get my first clients and this video has given a starting point. Thank you very much I will put it to practice and al let you know how it goes for me

  12. Aditya Citratama Avatar

    Thank you so much for the tips!
    Active on social media really do the trick. I've started active on instagram a year ago posting my work,
    and thankfully I have receive a dozen of client. And also I only want them to promote me, because promotion is more important for me than money. When you have enough popularity and portofolio, you can start to put a price on your work.

  13. EdmunDsgn Avatar

    3:33 LOL I do that all the time 🙂 Not because of a lack of paid work, but because most jobs that I got from clients were butchered, or don't fit in my portfolio.

  14. Anas Ahmed Avatar

    Great advices and very thankful to you, I am new as freelancer so its very helpful and fruitful tips

  15. Morail Design Avatar

    Great advice, thank you so much!!

  16. Fr33dom3 Avatar

    you sound like edgar wright so much it's crazy.

  17. ROldfieldDesign Avatar

    hey, what advice would you give someone who's wanting to pursue graphic design as a career, I'm working part time and doing an fda in graphic design, I also do the odd bit of freelance but not enough for me to live off, so should i carry on as I'm doing or get my name out there more through business cards, social media etc and just do freelance and education? thanks

  18. Brenda Helen Avatar

    Thank you for your tips.
    hugs from brazil 🙂

  19. Jason Moore Avatar

    I just got my first job today designing a logo for a record label, eek wish me luck!

  20. Patrick McCormack Avatar

    awesome tips! Thanks, Will!

  21. Brandon Halliburton Avatar

    Great solid advice! A few months ago, I created a fake company and designed a flyer for them. A few weeks later, I got a call to do some work for a marketing agency in Arizona. They contacted me because they saw the flyer design online.

  22. Muhammad Faisal Ikhlaq Avatar

    Thank You for this video. Loved it. And I am going to start working on my "FAKE" portfolio 😉

    My experience with my first client was terrible because he never paid me and fired me after the work was don't 🙁 Now I don't start work on verbal contract.

  23. GabrielSportFilms Avatar

    Hi, do you have a video of turning your sketch in paper into illustrator? Do I need a tablet or can I scan it into computer? how do I make the background whiter aswell?

  24. Dzagh Avatar

    The one about living in a small town is very good. You can literally get recommendations from your neighbours 😛

  25. Hadeel Alharthi Avatar

    The video I've been waiting for… Thank you very much.

  26. traumtänzer Avatar

    Great video, will! 😀

  27. Ivonne A. Avatar

    Hi Will! thanks for this video! I've been considering using social media to share designs as you said, however I just don't feel confortable enough about it yet. I created my instagram account a few months ago, but I had to set it "private"… I sometimes feel scared of making my things public, and I know it is silly to think that way, but how can I prepare my mind or what can I do to to overcome this fear?

  28. Fancylooks Avatar

    Seanwess, Sean McCabe! Yes, he is soooooo good! Love to listen to him, will miss him for a while! You are very inspiring tooo!

  29. kaitlin Avatar

    Love your videos! I'm a UX student and i want to go into ux/web design but just really haven't gotten myself out there. I'll def heed your advice. My first client actually came from my old coworker from an internship I did. She and I made a wordpress site for the client together, me as the web dev, her as the designer. I built it decently but I wish I built it a lot more efficiently in hindsight.

  30. Christopher Stanley Designs Avatar

    my first client was a nasty one me and a friend of mine teamed up and was asked to brand their business….. every week they went in a new direction and every week the design style change with it -_-

  31. Renaldo Xhahu Avatar

    Great advice Will 🙂 If anyone wants a free logo/banner let me know …

  32. Vittou D Avatar

    Useful as always, thanks!

  33. Roberto Villegas Avatar

    I remember my first client, it was a new deli in my city. My agency boss was kind enough to put a good word with a freelancing marketing manager, we both worked together and the client was a beauty!

    Thanks for the video Will!

  34. mahdiyya khan Avatar

    Lol the eyes in the thumbnail.

  35. Vexx Avatar

    Thanks alot for this video 😉

  36. nathan Avatar

    very informative, thank you

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