How To Grow An Instagram Following | Q&A 📸

I get a lot of questions on a day to day basis. Normally these questions are about graphic and logo design or YouTube. So in this video I’m answering some for the questions you guys have to be on Instagram.

I’m streaming live tonight!

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24 responses to “How To Grow An Instagram Following | Q&A 📸”

  1. Benneth John Avatar

    1k likes guys!! Lez do diz!

  2. Britton Shrum Avatar

    Thank you for all of the fantastic quality content and answers!

  3. LZEGION Avatar

    I'd really like to see some more tutorials on geometry and layout design!!

  4. Darka Avatar

    What camera you use? please i need to know ahahah

  5. TUTL Designs Avatar

    Dev Mountain = $10k for UX design … HAHAHAHA!!! NOPE

  6. José Germosén Avatar

    You're an inspiration for sure! I just need you to answer one question: how do you find clients through your portfolio website?

  7. yuval flayshman Avatar

    you said 1k likes and i was like "I'm sure this guy has like 10k likes what is he talking about?!"
    looked down and I was so surprised this is such a good channel and well done videos! good job and just keep going! i've leaned a lot from your videos so thank :3

  8. Paradise997 Avatar

    Amazing video as always Will ⚡

  9. Elusive Designs Avatar

    I'd love to see a video about pricing your designs and how not to get ripped off because alot of designers i know have had problems with clients ripping them off

  10. Travis Cracka Avatar

    Awesome stuff you are so amazing

  11. Edgar Ortiz Avatar

    Awesome thanks for this

  12. Maike Watson Avatar

    i liked this video because I want to see that logo XD

  13. kennytieshisshoes Avatar

    Dude Being As An Ocean! This video is great!

  14. Kay Dee Avatar

    Do you make fonts as well? If so, which software would you recommend? Thank you 🙂

  15. Donovan Kitchen Avatar

    For 2017 to continue streams and love watching the process/tutorial videos

  16. Sjavikingen Avatar

    You answered some questions I didn't knew I had, thank you! 🙂
    Next year I would like to see you critique other peoples work (like Karen Kavett do in her Critique o'clock series)! I think that too few youtubers do that, and I think it would be really helpfull to hear your opinions on logo designs and handlettering!

  17. Kaleigh Hvizdos Avatar

    Hey Will! I really enjoyed this video format, thanks for sharing! I'm a graphic designer for a vehicle wraps shop that specializes in developing new brands for small businesses. I would love to hear more about how to conduct design consultations and setting client expectations. I really struggle with design by dictation clients. Thanks!

  18. Dancer Amelia Avatar

    hi will ur amazing ik u from elevate

  19. Robin Schütgens Avatar

    First of all thank you so much for your inspiration and helping me to go on. I challenged myself to do a 365 challenge 222 days ago and I'm trying to find my own style throughout the process. But sometimes it is really hard to find something that I want to create within the small amount of time I'm given everyday while satisfying my own standards. So a) how do I find my own style if I'm not satisfied with what I do while I can't spend more time getting better? and b) how should I satisfy a client if I'm not satisfied myself? And in case anyone wants to check out my work and tell me what you think: or

  20. Raden Yunos Avatar

    I KNEW YOU GOT INSPIRED BY SIMON CADE!!! Haha your lighting setup is so similar to his style. He's amazing, considering his age, now that's real talent. Thanks for answering my question on instagram too, cheers Will.

  21. Dewi Puspitasari Avatar

    126th likes from me! This one, I've been looking for this tips. Thank you!

  22. Eduardo Justino Avatar

    Hi Will,

    Congrats on your work 😉 You are an inspiration.
    What do you think about buying a wacom for handlettering on ps or ai? Since the iPad Pro and Pencil are so expensive.

    Hope you can help me.
    Thanks a lot

  23. Tony / LopezArts Avatar

    Awesome content man. Basically for me, I struggle between paper and going straight to illustrator. At times I'm inspired to just go straight to digital with the thought in my head and sketch it using my Wacom tablet. Works the same way lol but other times, I sketch it out and go from there.

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