How To Install The WordPress Salutation Theme


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How to install the wordpress salutation theme.






18 responses to “How To Install The WordPress Salutation Theme”

  1. RocketPipeTV Avatar

    Do you know if woocommerce can be used with a wordpress theme that is not from woothemese?

  2. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Maybe try resizing your images or installing a super cache plugin

  3. brownbrothaM Avatar

    Is it just me or is this theme Very Sloooooooow. How can I make it faster?

  4. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Yes you can. You just have to check out via paypal. No problem if the language is french or german.

  5. Monique Vee Avatar

    Hello Conutant, Can you use hostgator from other countries as well, if it is not the US, and is it a problem if the language is french or german?
    Thank you

  6. Tyler Moore Avatar

    they give free support at the support form. thanks, tyler

  7. 1tss Avatar

    I'm using this theme – do you know how I can remove the header from all my pages so that I can have my site start right from the top of the browser window, instead of leaving some space on the top for the header? What changes do I have to make in order to completely remove header from my pages?

  8. Joseph Bradford Avatar

    for some reason, my layout isn't looking like it should. i imported the file as instructed here, but it still is not laid out properly. Is there another step i'm missing?

  9. Tyler Moore Avatar

    yes you need to import the demo xml file. =)

  10. Tyler Moore Avatar

    @SarahLproduction I really like hostgator!

  11. Sarah L'Italien Avatar

    @Conutant No I wasn't using dreamhost, I was directly on wordpress site but I gonna try Dreamhost.

  12. Tyler Moore Avatar

    @SarahLproduction No what I mean is what hosting are you using?

  13. Sarah L'Italien Avatar

    @Conutant I think I gonna try on dreamhost.

  14. Tyler Moore Avatar

    @SarahLproduction Are you on dreamhost?

  15. Sarah L'Italien Avatar

    Why I don't have the Install themes option??

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