How to Install Unreal Engine 4.7.3+

Epic Games has recently allowed indie game developers to download and use the Unreal Engine for free. The biggest hurdle, is actually getting the engine installed. The Epic download client takes a bit of time to get figured out. In this video, I’ll walk you through that client so you can get started with Unreal Development right away!

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Difficulty Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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44 responses to “How to Install Unreal Engine 4.7.3+”

  1. Crimson Desert Avatar

    why, am getting errors I need visual studio when i make a project.

  2. Azain Khan Avatar

    What is the download size of unreal engine? I've a internet connection of 2 megabits/sec.

  3. SlapTheSam Avatar

    How can I get unreal engine 3 at this time? It shows up in "previous versions" with no download link. (I am trying to make maps.for rocket league)

  4. DCED Avatar

    I need an offline installer and no not the github bullshit a real OFFICIAL installer, the amount of work you have to do is ridiculous what is the purpose of all this extra bullshit?

    They tag your machine is what I am assuming when it is downloaded and installed with your information, that has got to be it to have this much of a hassle over an installer.

  5. Test Account Avatar

    do you need 7 zip or winRAR or a program like that

  6. Mr. V Avatar

    i finish downloading the engine but then an Installation error comes up, it keeps doing that and ANNOYS ME

  7. Madd Dogg Avatar

    i have a problem with unity but not unreal engine dude can u help me✌

  8. Blunco Aj Avatar

    Few I Was Getting Frightened Thinking It Whould Fine Me That Entire 3000 POUND!!! LUCKY ME IT NEVER! FEW!

  9. GAMING SPORT Avatar

    When I loaded the program from epic it gives me a complete solution on how to solve the problem

  10. Timothé Laperche Avatar

    super man you realy help me to install the unreal engine 4

  11. AhmEd WalEed Avatar

    ): i have this error

  12. Punam Nirjhar Avatar

    What is your net speed

  13. Tajveez Rehman Avatar

    Epic games launcher after installing stuck on download 🙁

  14. Berry Bert bee Berry benson Avatar

    Is this the same thing as cheat engine I'm very confused I just watched a video on whatever cheat engine was and it gave people a virus. Will this do the same? I don't want to cheat I just want to play the games and not get a virus?

  15. Praz Edits Avatar

    Hello I have a problem on unreal engine. When I edit my project suddenly everything becomes blurry and my character is covered with blackheads … when I click on uninstall the launcher there is the option to repair. I have 6 times that I click on it but it does not change anything. could you help me please ?

  16. sims williams Avatar


  17. THE"java©"EXPERT Avatar

    took me 10 mins to download…

  18. Golden  Fantasy Avatar

    it said it requires 64-bit ;-; pls help

  19. Leaf Avatar

    4:09 – It says "virgin" in the subtitles.

  20. DimondWolf Avatar

    thnks it works perfect.

  21. Vexinox Ethan Avatar

    i tried to install 4.14.1 v but everytime it finishes installing i get a message saying that the prerequisites can't be installed what can i do? please!

  22. No Creativity For Name Avatar

    you surely forgot to add the download on description

  23. toonz Avatar

    mine always says that it couldn't install prerequisites

  24. pikasfed323 Avatar

    When I get to install the actual engine there's no Install button where it's supposed to be, and I can't find it in the tabs

  25. DVGNX A Avatar

    I installed unreal engine on my computer(windows 7, 1gb ram, 64bit) and after the installation, after the login, it says please wait and keeps on loading. Is there a problem with the system requirements or is it something else?

  26. jackrexexe Avatar

    is it okay if you install the engine with a i5 possessor

  27. Artifice Prey Avatar

    Is this completely free or is there a monthly fee?

    I would want to use it for practice without having to pay for it.

  28. Artifha Farhani Avatar

    file size of unreal engine 4?

  29. AzDirtNaper Avatar

    When i install unreal at the end it says "The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer try reinstalling the program to fix this problem, then I reinstall in it, it says the same thing

  30. Cameron Jackson Avatar

    Dev factor make a unreal game like dragon ball unreal playable on android

  31. Peri[King] Avatar

    Prerequisites error E-1223

  32. NintendoOrinigalEntertainmentplayz Avatar

    How do you get the updated Version of the software

  33. Chancelor Guerra Avatar

    Whenever I try to start the launcher it says "Application wasn’t able to start correctly (0xc000007b), click ok to close the application" Please help!

  34. Francisco Olivo Avatar

    Hi , When i run the installer for the launcher it doesnt install and it says that it has an error

  35. akash kumar Avatar

    hello dev i hvng prblm aftr instllng epic game installer….. aftr tht i m nt able to complete my dowload….. it always gain process on downlaodng & again come back to its strtng point….. cn u hlp m to download ue4 succesfully…. or do u hve dirct link to download only ue4 ? plsss hlp m

  36. theugkchris Avatar

    Before I download, Is there an offline mode. In other words, can I work on a project without signing in?

  37. zohar dorigolan Avatar


  38. furea dogu27 Avatar

    how much mb does the engine take up not the launcher

  39. LightPrince34 Avatar

    I need some help opening the epic games launched. I'm pretty sure I have the specs and all but it won't open

  40. dalek988 gaming Avatar

    it wont let me it says i need windows 7 service pack1 please help

  41. Hence The Syndromes Avatar

    Ok. I did everything nicely but when I go and try to open EpicGamesLauncher it doesn't open. What do I do? T^T

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