How to Install WordPress

Let’s review the different ways to get started with WordPress. The lesson walks users through the process of installing WordPress locally on their own computer so they can follow along with future lessons. Check out my updated (2017) premium WordPress for Beginners course:

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22 responses to “How to Install WordPress”

  1. Mark Fitzpatrick Avatar

    If you are using WAMP and cannot get the wordpress project to open because you get "Server Not Found", then you can edit a line in the file "index.php" in c:wamp64www directory (assuming you are using wamp64 and www as your localhost directory…).
    There is a line that reads in php:
    $suppress_localhost = ($wampConf['urlAddLocalhost'] == 'off' ? true : false);
    Change this to:
    $suppress_localhost = false;
    You can change it with Note.exe or Notepad++ or whatever you like.

    Then Restart All Services in wamp and the project link for wordpress will work.
    Thanks for the super-useful video.

  2. LaTanya Green Avatar

    you should really go into more detail about what phpmyadmin is and what to do with it. I want to like what your offering us, but its incredibly hard right now. Its very frustrating.

  3. Amol Kulkarni Avatar

    THis helped me a lot! Thanks bro..

  4. Cush , Avatar

    Lol. So many problems encountered. I guess "one-click" option actually matters

  5. saharsyed79 Avatar

    Thankyou,it helped!

  6. Sneewitchen1 Avatar

    Hey guys, could you please help me with some issue- while installing WordPress/My SQL-I created a password despite request not to do so :/ and now I can't acces/ connect to localhost 🙁 Can't finish the instalation of WordPress. Could anybody tell me how can I fix this problem?…Many thnx in advance !

  7. Sifat Jahan Avatar

    hey,stuck in the localhost url part.using mamp and "localhost/" and "localhost:8888" doesn't work on my operator.can someone give me a solution to that problem?

  8. leemanu94 Avatar

    I have just started using wordpress. But for my own I want to follow step 3 (educational purposes). But I have one question, you said that later on you can transfer it to a webhost. Say I make my own website on my pc and I'm content. To transfer this to a webhost is this a costly affair or is it free (like wordpress)?

    Thx in advance

  9. Eman Abojaradeh Avatar

    I need to ask, are you going to show iu how to launch our website on a web host after we finish making it on word press?

  10. Czar Boyd Avatar

    Wow!. i am speechless. The greatest tutorial i have ever seen that i never wasted a single second and i could vouch my grandma could learn from it tutorial.

  11. David Castro Avatar

    hey! im about to start this. Do these tutorials hold up after 3 years or has word press changed?

  12. ellen navarro Avatar

    Unfortunately, laptop isn't compatible as per wamp installation. Great tutorial though.

  13. hiphopxthonios Avatar

    well done! you did a good job explaining every step of the way.

  14. The YawCris Avatar

    HELP im stuck at xampp username and password

  15. sum1sw Avatar

    I hope you are up for an update

  16. Roger Beck Avatar

    For a start page, all I get is one that says "MAMP" and it has three icons I can click on, two of which bring up lots of folders, none of which leads to a "phpMyAdmin" icon or folder. My OS is Mac OS X Sierra. The "preferences" icon goes to a page with tabs "start/stop," "ports," "PHP," "Web Server," and "MySQL." "PHP" just gives the version (7.1.1). What am I doing wrong to start this thing?

  17. Kaneh Merryman Avatar

    Thank you! Seemed confusing to me but your instructions got me there! Yay!

  18. 李玙 Avatar

    This video is not easy to follow every step…I give up. Go to looking for something else.

  19. Matthew Holder Avatar

    thankyou! helping me get through wth this job

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