How To Learn New Skills

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19 responses to “How To Learn New Skills”

  1. Angel C Avatar

    Thanks for the video bro!

  2. Evangelia moraiti Avatar

    It's really good opportunity to expand your creativity and the amount of price is negligible. Thanks for the vid.

  3. Felix sherman Avatar

    Hi will
    I have an idea that you could possibly try:
    Every month put out a competition for the viewers of your channel to make a logo/design and you choose the best ones to put in a video.
    (Like to make him see)

  4. Josh McCarthy Avatar

    Hi wil messaged you on FB, could you reply please

  5. Gizmo Goose. Avatar

    WUT!!! If you think you can find a real 'education' on the internet, you've never been to a good University Library. What you find online is intellectual Dumpster Diving. And not very good Dumpster Diving at that…especially wikipedia…the revolving door brothel of knowledge.

    Wake up and die right!!!

  6. Scott Dwillis Avatar

    I agree with everything you said Will, just one question. Don't you think that going to a design school will give you way more chances to build relationships with those in your field of interest? I have been trying to decide whether to do online courses or actually go to an actual campus. I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty much going to be spending the same amount of money, so why not get the full experience?

  7. Wesam Al Avatar

    Are they worth it? To anyone who tried it, cause last month i spent about 50$ on some courses and literally learned nothing, so if i were to pay even the 0.99$ i just want to know if they are worth it or not ..

  8. Yannik Avatar

    That's the way everyone should do sponsoring, I really enjoyed watching the video. Skillshare is really great I think, the only problem is that they don't support paypal as a payment method which makes it kind of possible for me to use it haha 😀

  9. Liam Caffrey Avatar

    Can you do a room tour? It looks so interesting

  10. Craig Ostertag Avatar

    You know what, sense you are an amazing designer and YouTuber. Ill help you out by helping myself out. Ill sign up. Thank you for the great sponsored video and helping the design world progress. Hats off to you Will!

  11. Михаил Шишов Avatar

    Normally I would hit dislike button on a sponsored video, but this one was really helpful and most likely I will use Skillshare whenever I want to take up courses instead of some other place. Thank you!

  12. Lucky - Agario Avatar

    I subscribed. Very helpful videos. Thank You!!

  13. Guillem Colet Avatar

    You nailed it! Defenetly subscribing right now! And man, that cinematic b-roll.. Amazing.

  14. Jaxxbird Avatar

    Videosponsoring done right! 🙂

  15. Ahmed ElDesoky Avatar

    Thanks a lot
    You helped me with this one cuz i really wanted to see the course of Aaron Draplin 🙂

  16. Will Paterson Avatar

    Doing a video today all about the iPad Pro for design. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

  17. Cylnx Avatar

    Why is it hidden? 😀

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