How to Make a Coming Soon Page in WordPress

Learn how to create a coming soon page in WordPress. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to quickly setup the Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode plugin from SpeedProd. This is a simple plugin you can use to hide your WordPress website from the public while you develop it. When you are ready to officially launch your site to the masses, you simply disable the plugin setting and you’re site will be live!






10 responses to “How to Make a Coming Soon Page in WordPress”

  1. kanithor Avatar

    Spot on actionable content! Thank you.

  2. Ravi Menon Avatar

    Thanks for the intro to a wonderful "Coming Soon" page PLUGIN. Again, a well articulated effort that's very useful to anyone whilst developing their site. Echoing Chris Califano's remark awhile back, I would be very interested to have your input on recommended "plugins" to develop a custom OPTIN email database. As per my previous comment on one of your other videos, you have a "nack" to impart knowledge to viewers. My humble gratitude. Cheers. Ravi Menon

  3. calonstanni Avatar

    thank you. Very easy to follow!

  4. Chris Califano Avatar

    Which plugin do you recommend if you want to allow visitors to the coming soon page to leave their email?

  5. canada immigrants Avatar

    Hi Josh,

    Just a quick question…. is there a plugin to insert flash and/or gif content into a WP sidebar widget?
    Thank you.

  6. carolyn connor Avatar

    Thank you Josh, your video is very helpful I always wonder how people made that coming soon page.

  7. Sandro Walter Avatar

    you have a real good timing 🙂 I need exactly this video at the moment. thank you

  8. BlackDeath12345 Avatar

    haven't seen a video from u in a while. can u make a tutorial about a taxi/ timeshare website. I have a client who wants something like uber but on a website not app.

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