How to Make a Custom ECOMMERCE Website With WordPress – BEGINNERS


In this step-by-step tutorial, I walk you through how to set up an online store with WordPress. I am using a great theme called Mio from The theme itself resembles the look of Apple’s website but you can customize the background/font/text color/etc…The Mio theme is also designed specifically for the eCommerce plugin we will be using called WooCommerce from Both the theme and the plugin are absolutely free.

Things covered in this video include:

-Setting up a domain and hosting account with
-Getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
-Installing WordPress
-Downloading and installing a free, professional, and responsive WordPress theme
-Installing the free WooCommerce plugin for advanced eCommerce functionality
-Setting up custom navigation menus
-Creating your own professional looking logo even if you don’t have an artistic eye
-Changing your background color or using free textured backgrounds to make your site look more professional
-Creating pages and adding images to your pages using the visual editor
-Adding new products and product categories to your store
-Setting up and integrating a PayPal account for quick and easy payment processing
-Setting up advanced tax and shipping options
-Using up-selling and cross-selling to maximize your profit
-Adding a blog to your website
-Adding widgets to your sidebars for enhanced user interaction
-Basic WordPress settings and more

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44 responses to “How to Make a Custom ECOMMERCE Website With WordPress – BEGINNERS”

  1. BOB SNNIDER Avatar

    I am about to upgrade my host gator plan  how web can I doing through your web site  thanks

  2. Amit Ghosh Avatar

    Great Tutorial! Can you please make a tutorial on custom eCommerce without using any themes. I mean by using any ecommerce html template that gets customised into wordpress

  3. Charles Taylor Avatar

    Thank You for this tutorial . Here I would like to share you a perfect theme generating software #templatetoaster . This #software is very helpful for those who want to create Custom #ECOMMERCE #Website With #WordPress
    . This tool has all the latest features like #Drag #Drop and other inbuilt features like #bootstrap function

  4. Azad hussain Avatar

    Shop page is missing Bro… How to create it?

  5. Jesus trejo Avatar

    i like your teaching very much but the Mio theme is not available anymore.

  6. RapeWhistle Avatar


  7. Monica Castro Avatar

    Great Video. Do you know the best way to access an external database to use the data in WordPress? I have an existing website with a large database. I want to start using wordpress for a detailed search and shopping cart however I do not want to use a new or duplicate database. I see a lot of plugins that allow you to connect to an affiliate database but not a custom personal database. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

  8. SongsOfMike Avatar

    needt a ecommerce website, AutomatedSetup,com has the lowest rates among cart companies out there.

  9. Srinivasan Nadar Avatar

    hey man.. thanks for removing few… MIO theme is showing unavailable…please advise how to proceed

  10. Supriya Sonawane Avatar

    mio theme unavailable

  11. Julius Mayfield Avatar

    Great Tutorial! Just wondered if you have vid or can you show me how to move the cart and login buttons in to the menu bar or just make it appear in the sidebar. thx in advance 🙂

  12. Nathan Kane Avatar

    Hi there, I have just started watching your vid and I'm wondering if your step by step process would be supported by the parabola wordpress theme I decided on using? I'm new to building websites, but I thought of something that I would really like to do and it involves having an ecommerce website.

  13. Sam Ibraheem Avatar

    OMG this is the coolest vedio ever you're the bees knees!! I wish I could a vedio of you about ecommerce but for downloadable stuff you know music and e-books or so
    Also, I wish I could support you with this whole coupon thing but am from Syria and we're not allowed to do any ecommerce due to the US sanction and boycott policies…
    best wishes

  14. samdeshp Avatar

    Thanks for this beautiful lesson Josh. I am struggling with one issue though. I remember changing some setting to allow WooCommerce Product page to use entire page. Now all others pages look fine, but Product page is jumbled up and I am unable to find the setting that I had changed initially. Appreciate help in locating that setting. Thanks much.

  15. The_Red_Queen Avatar

    Hi, I was just wondering if you ever made an updated version of this with the themes all being available?  It's just that, that text is very distracting.  Thanks in advance. 

  16. M Bardaa Avatar

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO'S SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Amirul Kamil Avatar

    anyone have an idea how to get mio since it's already made unavailable in smashingpixels?

  18. naim shoib Avatar

    Very comprehensive step by step, without skiping any stage, tutorial I have ever appreciated. May I know  learn how to make a magazine or newspaper website icluding Archive. Thank you

  19. malcolm j Avatar

    really good vid mate, i learn alot… I noticed when you got your free theme you picked a free ecommerce theme and then put a woocommerce plugin in it. Can you turn any wordpress theme into an ecommerce site by installing that plugin or does it have to be an ecommerce theme to begin with??

  20. alfred parker Avatar

    Great videos have watched 5-6 very NEW at web building.  have a question will you be doing  any  classified themes videos ?  or  is it poss  to have a  front page  of  custom design  and add a wp premium press classified theme as a drop in 3 types ie cars/bikes/houses with different layouts , and be able to go back to  front page in one step? 

  21. luckygirl1119 Avatar

    Hi Josh…thanks for the awesome video. I managed to setup my own website based on your video! Can I create a log-in page before anyone can access to the website? Is it possible? Can u help?

  22. isis veiled Avatar

    Great tutorial! I managed to get a copy of Mio but when I publish a new product I get a broken link img instead of the original view. Any fix for this? 

  23. Patrick B Avatar

    Thanks for running through this stuff. I pick up quite a few helpful tips, it was really useful in broadening my understanding of certain features. I wish I had found this video a year ago! 

  24. ORIGNALatomicpunk Avatar

    Great video. Awesome instructor. When I saw the video was almost 2.5 hours, I almost didn't watch it but the time flew.  Super easy to follow the step by step instruction. Done in  a logical order from start to finish. Thank you.

  25. dThor Riven Avatar

    thats totally awesome! i really like it:-)

  26. Karan Vashishat Avatar

    Hello wpSculptor, Awesome tutorial!! was a GREAT HELP!!
    Luckily I had the theme you used, so was easier for me to go through your video and understand each point.

    Just 2 points:
    1. I have a blog on blogger that I want to integrate on my site, is there an option for that?
    2. ".footer_blog {display: none;}" is not working, I wish to remove that bar saying "Latest Blog Post: First Blog Post"!! please help!!


    P.S.: Best tutorial for making E-commerce site. I have gone through atleast 10 others

  27. jonathan buddle Avatar

    can you do this threw wordpress aswell

  28. jonathan buddle Avatar

    hey mate how can you make your website so other users can sell items aswell

  29. Justin Voda Avatar

    Mio is not available at this time according to Splashing Pixels. 

  30. 张伟 Avatar

    Josn, I followed your steps to use the Mio theme, but it seems that mio theme doesn't work any more. My website is almost done. How can I change my theme to a new one which don't affect my site? Thank you

  31. Majid khan Avatar

    Hi, from where we can download the mio updated version because the old version
    is not working and after activating we can't access the sites and account

  32. Brent Mayfield Avatar

    Josh – Man you nailed it! Thanks soooo much for this video. I am a stiffler for detail, and you were spot on with the STEP-BY-STEP process for setting up my new website. I cannot say thank you enough.

  33. Pascale Saliba Avatar

    Josh I have literally been sitting here for hours watching your work one by one. I cannot thank you enough, you've answered all the questions I ever had. Keep up the good work you are an asset to everyone. Thank you I cannot wait to start building.

  34. scentopink Avatar

    Thank you for your advice. What if I would like to choose another fonds that is not in ipoccy or in google fonds: do you hsve an alternative?

  35. Roger Minhas Avatar

    Josh Jackson is the GURU of the GURU's. This detailed tutorial is awesome!. and has no match on the youtube so far. Keep up the good work Josh. Thank you so much.

  36. Mike Diri Avatar

    Hello Josh,
    Thank you for taking the time to making these videos and informing "noobs" like me on how to build a website.  I would like to get a Jewelry eCommerce site set up but I am having trouble finding a good template that would allow for a more luxurious looking website.  The current website which costed a few hundred dollars doesn't do the nature of the business justice.  If you could help in directing me in the right direction on getting this project going it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  37. Patty Johnson Avatar

    Hi Josh,
    First of all, thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials! As I've read from many other folks, I too have looked high and low for good WordPress E-Commerce instruction, but was almost to the point of giving up. But then I found this tutorial. I was SO excited and then found MIO was unavailable. I know that you are right that the same principals would apply to other themes, but for newbies like myself, having you to hold our hands step-by-step with the same theme was going to be comforting.
    No pressure, but do you have any idea when you will have another video using a template that we can also get? I just love the way you explain things and think I may be better off waiting to try this. Just wondering… Thanks so much again!

  38. Alton Patrick Avatar

    Can you suggest another free site the Mio site is unavailable.

  39. Sly Fox Avatar

    I want to set up and Ecommerce site very similar to the one you've done here.  However when I called Hostgator to ask them what would be the best option for this they told me I had to go with the highest priced package because I need the dedicated IP address.  But you chose the middle package… why?

  40. Cynill Aizza Belgira Avatar

    MIO unavailable,. what to do next? please help

  41. shadak10 Avatar

    Thank you for this video! It has been very helpful and encouraging as I start using WordPress for the first time. 

  42. Sean Davis Avatar

    Hey Josh, alternative location to download the MIO theme? Their website says they are no longer allowing theme download?

  43. Jacques RAYMOND Avatar

    Thanks a million times for your Great Video.
    You saved me quite a few headaches.

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