How to Make a CUSTOM Website and Blog with WordPress – BEGINNER Tutorial


In this step-by-step video tutorial, I walk you through how to make a custom website with WordPress using the free Virtue theme from Kadence Themes. This tutorial is designed for absolute beginners to be able to easily follow along. I hope you enjoy it!

Things Covered in the Video:
0:00:00 Welcome Message
0:00:36 Bullet list of video contents
0:02:36 Complete walkthrough of what you’ll be creating
0:06:27 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with (Use wpsculptor1cent for 1 cent for your first month or use wpsculptor30 for 30% off your hosting order, Thank you for your support!)
0:12:13 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
0:14:54 Logging into the backend of your WordPress site and taking care of some basic settings
0:19:18 Downloading and installing the free mobile friendly Virtue theme from Kadence Themes
0:21:31 Shout out to the optional Virtue Premium theme upgrade
0:22:09 Creating pages
0:24:36 Creating navigation menus with drop down functionality
0:28:02 Adding icons to your navigation menus
0:38:12 Specifying which page is your home page and which page is your optional blog page
0:39:40 Adding text and image content to your pages using the visual editor
0:43:51 Finding free high quality stock photos to use on your website
0:48:10 Creating a contact page that includes a contact form
0:48:18 Downloading and installing WordPress plugins
0:53:00 Adding a YouTube video to your pages
0:54:40 Creating an image gallery with a “lightbox” effect
0:58:46 Coming up with your own color scheme and using free online resources to come up with color scheme ideas
1:03:16 Creating a custom logo
1:11:30 Customizing the background colors on your site
1:14:25 Using repeatable textures for your site background
1:16:54 Using hi-resolution photographs for your site background
1:20:37 General Virtue theme settings including custom fonts and additional color customizations
1:27:25 Setting up a home page
1:29:59 Adding an icon menu to the home page
1:34:02 Adding an optional slideshow and cropping images to fit perfectly on your slide show
1:41:21 Adding text over your slides and making your slides clickable links to other pages
1:45:02 Setting up an optional portfolio carousel on your home page
1:54:53 Setting up an optional blog and going over blog categories
2:01:07 Configuring blog comment settings
2:06:13 Discussing widgets and widget areas and adding several widgets to enhance the functionality of your site
2:19:45 Closing message and ways to say thanks 🙂

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44 responses to “How to Make a CUSTOM Website and Blog with WordPress – BEGINNER Tutorial”

  1. Barbara Soesbe Avatar

    Hello, Josh….I am a real newbie to setting up a website/blog. I found your video, and the Virtue theme is what I was looking for. Your tutorial has made it fun and easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My question….Is there a way to make Virtue a Blog site with a static Home page and then the Categories of the Blog set in the second navigation spot so that posts can drop down yet still have a comment section available?

  2. Shanjo13 Avatar

    You are the man!!! I really needed this, I was struggling with WP, your video put me back on track and taught me all I needed to know. Also, I often get hypnotized and loose concentration on tutorial videos but your voice and presentation was superb!!! I never lost focus, I am subscribing to your videos. The best I've seen so far!

  3. Alan Kawahara Avatar

    I've learned so much from your video… Thank you so much… I do have some questions:
    1) I want to change my Logo but the Virtue Theme gives me a generic error message saying that there was a problem with my action.
    2) I get the same error message when I try to change or delete the Home Image Slider.
    Any thoughts, guidance or ideas?

  4. Daulton Tansil Avatar

    In creating my contact page, the map is not showing correctly. I get a message that says, "Oops, something went wrong"

  5. thomas Ose Avatar

    Your video was really helpful… I need your help. I want pages to appear on the home page instead of the blog page

  6. Internet Marketing / Entrepreneurship Avatar

    Greetings Josh, Is there a way to enlarge the font under the Secondary Menu Font?

  7. Fabotist Avatar

    you are the best in building a website " professional website" thank you very much I have learned a lot by your videos

  8. GreatPerformers1 Avatar

    Does this theme have any Adsense usage or display ad space?

  9. renazansman Avatar

    Thank you so very much, tho I have been on the net since the 90's I am a total newb when it comes to creating a website, I used this vid to create a music blog, don't think I could have done it without ya

  10. vh91 Avatar

    Hi +wpSculptor, thanks for the amazing video. I'm very gratefull, that I now know the basics of WP.
    I just have one question I like to ask:

    At 2:10:02 you use a Virtue:Image widget for your Primary Sidebar and then add a link to your About Us page. This link is a absolute URL in the sense that it really uses your top domain level as its description.
    I am experimenting with it in xampp (with localhost) which gives me other URL then when I upload my WP website to my host. Is there a possibility to use relative URL's (like with ../ in HTML) to specify links, so I won't have to change all the URLs when I upload my website to my host?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  11. biocoalman Avatar

    This is absolutely amazing !! I was able to create fantastic website by following his directions and even made a few simple modifications. Josh was complete and thoroughl in each step. Thanks for a great tutorial – it was fun and a great learning experience.Looking forward other vids you do. 🙂 P.S. I even learned how to make a child theme before starting this so as to not lose all the hard work. Again, thanks so very much!!

  12. saugat thapa Avatar

    man i dont why my appearance doesnt have theme options on it. by the way i coulddnt download free virtue theme

  13. Khurram Iqbal Avatar

    +wpSculptor Hello Josh how can I add parallax effect to this free virtue theme.

  14. Jonas Liefke Avatar

    Great stuff. Thank you for the tutorial!

  15. Total Form Avatar

    Hi I am trying to create a website and I followed the steps in your video which was very helpful! However I am a little confused about if I want my home page to have a video on it which theme should I use? Ive looked and I cant find a theme yet. Let me know asap thank you!

  16. Dr. James Brooks Avatar

    Thank you Josh! I have followed your instructions to the letter to build my website and it looks incredible. I sincerely appreciate the time you put into these instructions to help beginners like myself. My finished product looks like a Pro did it. Many blessings my friend.

  17. MissKatieMakeup Avatar

    Hi Josh, I am trying to set up my website using this video, and everything has been working up until the Blog section. I have created my post and set my featured image, as you said to do. However, when I go into my setting to be able to see my posts on the home page as well as the blog page, as you did in the video, my settings for this are in a slightly different spot as yours. I have to go into "Posts/page settings to access the setting you were talking about, where you went into Misc setting, section. It is the same thing on my side, but for some reason it is not showing up on my home page as yours did, or have the featured image become fuller on the screen, as well as on top of the post instead if beside. I hope you can help me! I've re watched your instructions 2-3 times now, and have done everything you said, so not sure if it's because my settings are slightly different in this one spot or if I am just doing something wrong. Look forward to hearing from you, Katie.

  18. Theresa Shelton Avatar

    Josh, Great video! Thanks for such an easy to follow, thorough lesson on Virtue Theme. You explained everything in understandable language. I have one small problem i can not figure out, I'm hoping you can help. when clicking on an item in the home page portfolio carousel, it takes me to the individual portfolio item perfectly. Once on that page i push the little button to take me to the main portfolio page, but it takes me to the wrong page, one I have set up as a gallery for my paintings. Can't find where to change it.

  19. Alan Kawahara Avatar

    Best video on this topic that I have ever seen!!! Great job!!! I created my own problem on the BLOG page of the Virtue theme. Intially, I didn't think I would have a BLOG, so I deleted the BLOG page from the theme. I changed my mind so I recovered the BLOG page from "trash" by restoring it. Somehow, it lost the side bar info.. ( Recent Posts, Recent Comment Archives, and Blog Categories).. I don't know how to recover this info… Any thoughts?

  20. Ted Friethoff Avatar

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial from which I learned a lot. I do have aproblem however. I have two domains both with the Virtue theme both have the same specs and in bith I use the Kadence icons in the primary menu. In one of them it works fine, but in the other they won't show up. I compared the settings of both and they are the same. Any ideas would be very welcome. Thanks in advance. Best regards. Ted

  21. Fernando Prieto Avatar

    Would you please help me decide what theme is the best suited for the project I’m starting? I need help to get a desired effect and navigation which are very simple, but still slightly different from every theme I have looked into. I'm sure I can use a standard theme and tweak it a little by writing some code, which I could learn since I already use ActionScript. Will you help me if I send you a description of what I want? I already subscribed.

  22. David Madison The Guardian Avatar

    Problem: I was following along, where I downloaded the virtual theme; and then uploaded the zipped file; but when I clicked on the button, 'Install Now'…I got this error message…

    The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

    What should I do?

  23. David Madison The Guardian Avatar

    Wow…so impressed with your thoroughness; but also SPEED with which you use to teach. I subscribed and will be viewing most of your videos. I was so frustrated, at first, with WordPress. It didn't seem to be very user-friendly – at first. Was confused about diff between posts and pages, themes, dashboard, and then the theme menus compared to the dashboard menus. So much to learn! But now that I've found dependable and engaging instructional videos…I'll be coming back for much more!

    Will be adding these video links to my Facebook page posts on quality videos, as well.

    Thanks so much for the quality of these videos. Keep em' coming !!!

  24. Ann Delaney Avatar

    Josh –  You are awesome!  Thank you so much for all your help!  I could not have done my site without your expertise.

  25. Cars View Live Avatar

    Hi Josh – thank you for the guidance.
    I'm building my 3rd Virtue site but this time all of the images I upload are at about a third of the screen size on any page I insert into. If I add more – they load horizontally. I've scoured the support topics but nothing about this. I've increases the size of the JPGfiles but it's the same when I insert it into a page – like a formatting restriction. I've loaded the image into other sites I've built and it goes full width screen. I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing.

  26. Stan Blundell Avatar

    I dont know if you have covered it elsewhere but I would like to incorporate a counter at he bottom right of my sites homepage, can it be done? if so how

  27. Stan Blundell Avatar

    When you have inserted a Youtube video, is there any way to stop the suggestions at the end of the Video

  28. Tami Walker Avatar

    Thank you for the video, I always learn something new.

  29. Vickie Kreider Avatar

    Thank you for making this an understandable process! You're very professional and easy to listen to and comprehend! I appreciate and have watched some of your other tutorials. After watching this I decided to use Virtue Theme and it's working well!

  30. Glory of the Snow Avatar

    Excellent tutorial, many thanks! I thought I was going to have to pay someone to set up a website for me but thanks to you I was able to do it all by myself 🙂

  31. suzi holland Avatar

    I want to download the Virtue Theme you are using, but on my admin page in the Themes area  it does not say "Add New" it only gives wordpress themes as options …is there a way around that?

  32. Xanthos Oikonomidis Avatar

    Hi there!
    Thank you for your helpful videos
    Tell me please,how can I change(if is possible )the text in the contact form(f.e instead of name to say something else,and instead of send something else,etc)?
    I want to replace the text into another language.
    Thanks in advance

  33. James Heath Avatar

    Great video. I can only say Wow!

  34. Darius D'Silva Avatar

    i like the feel your website gives.

  35. suzi holland Avatar

    Thank you for your guidance, I could never have been able to do this on my own.. You are an excellent tutor with the perfect tone of voice. I will be visiting often as am in middle of creating my wordpress site and blog. You are the best voice and trainer I have found on YouTube.

  36. Michael Neal Avatar

    Hey Josh, This was a really great video which I have followed carefully in trying to develop my website/blog. I have viewed this video over several weeks in rather short intervals so I could stop and put the procedures in actual practice then proceed to the next area of the video, however on the ninth attempt to view video I received a take down notice due to copyright infringement from you tube. Any ideal what I did wrong.

  37. Mel Pennington Avatar

    Best tutorial of all I have searched. Curious of your OS, Win 8 or 10?

  38. Maxxim Digital Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic WordPress tutorial. 10/10

  39. The Comic Source Avatar

    Josh I have been having a ton of trouble recently with my website, crawl errors, loading errors, as well as errors with verifying my podcast links when i am adding new posts. Are there known issues with the most recent virtue theme? Or is it an issue with my SEO? I am using latest version of Yoast.

  40. Gregory Tobias Avatar

    Hello Josh, I love All your Video's and how you teach, you do a a great Job. I just have One Question? Is there any way to Change the Color of the Action buttons, to catch the buyer's eye?

  41. swirlcrop Avatar

    Good video Josh.    🙂

  42. nick fonseca Avatar

    How would i add a colored stripe to the background? Is there a file I can modify or can I do this in the Admin controls?

  43. Sherry Ann Avatar

    Hi Josh great tutorial I have learnt a lot. Question, how do I change the color of the previous & next post buttons on hover. I've tried everything but the default blue remains. Thank you.

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