How To Make A Dice Roll iPhone App – Ep2 – Creating Views and Adding UIElements


This series builds off of skills learned in the BASICS series:

My goal is to teach a beginner how to make an iPhone app from scratch. It’s not as hard as you may think!

All you need are some basics under your belt and then from there on out, it’s all practice. In fact, I failed on my first try to learn iOS programming:

My approach to teaching you how to make an iphone app is going to be very practical and I HIGHLY recommend that you follow along on your own computer with XCode. Treat this like taking a real course and I’ll help you along the way by answering any questions.

After learning and practicing the basics of iOS programming and getting the hang of using XCode, we’ll progress to build more and more complex applications!


My channel, CodeWIthChris, is about all the aspects of building iOS apps. I’ll post video tutorials on Objective C, XCode, how to submit apps to the Apple App Store, and tutorials on building various types of apps or integrating things like analytics, advertisements etc. You might even find the odd app review here or there!

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16 responses to “How To Make A Dice Roll iPhone App – Ep2 – Creating Views and Adding UIElements”

  1. Arcuri Sano Avatar

    Great to see that… I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks 🙂

  2. Albert Bloom Avatar

    no objective c class to choose in x code 6


    "Specify some Die-mensions" …… 2:21

  4. Kim Merino Avatar

    Is there any reason why my Roll Button is not visible even after I added it to the Storyboard?

  5. SolidSnake013Duds Avatar

    I keep getting the error messages from xcode after I imported "dieview" I did the following for that line( #import "DieView.h" ) and for the rest of the code where we dragged the first and second die its expecting a ";" within that line….. Do you know how I can fix this? 


  6. Raúl Sánchez Avatar

    You are a great teacher.

  7. Adam Yorke Avatar

    Thank you very much Chris! I am just beginning to learn to code and you have helped me a great deal. I do really enjoy the shorter episodes, it makes everything seem easier and more manageable. Keep it up!

  8. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Hello Sai, have you added the images to your Xcode project already??

  9. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks for watching, MrMonatHD!

  10. Sai Karnati Avatar

    Hey Chris when I make a background image it comes as a question mark why is that

  11. Sai Karnati Avatar

    Thank You Chris If I could I would make a donation 🙂

  12. andreas16700 Avatar

    🙂 Your videos help me a lot!

  13. MrMonatHD Avatar

    nice tutorial & easy to understand (even for German people). Waiting for the next episode…

  14. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Thanks for watching Andreas 🙂

  15. CodeWithChris Avatar

    Second video in the series! This time we create the views we need and add UI Elements to them.

  16. andreas16700 Avatar

    Thanks man, you rock!

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