How to Make a FREE WordPress Website 2017 😍 EASY!

Learn how to create a website with WordPress step by step from scratch! You’re going to love this as I show you step by step how to start creating your own wordpress website for free by doing it yourself and using a free wordpress theme!

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This is the best tutorial I have ever done and I will guide you through everything in under 2 hours!

Click the Time Stamps below to jump to different parts of the video:

00:00:00 – A Quick Look at The Stunning Website We Will Build
00:02:19 – The Only 2 things you need to build your own website
00:02:39 – Grabbing Your Hosting and Domain at a Huge Discount
00:10:22 – Hostgator Welcome Email
00:10:51 – Installing Our Website in a Few Clicks
00:15:00 – Logging Into Our Site
00:15:22 – Removing The Sample Content so we can start out Fresh
00:16:58 – WordPress Dashboard Overview
00:18:38 – Setting SEO Friendly URLs
00:20:50 – Installing the Quest theme
00:21:11 – Installing the Meta Slider plugin
00:22:53 – Creating our Website pages
00:25:15 – Building a Website Menu
00:27:06 – Setting the Front page
00:27:33 – Adding our site Title and Icon
00:30:51 – Adding our website Logo
00:32:27 – Removing the Site title
00:32:51 – Adding Social Links
00:34:28 – Removing the header callout
00:35:55 – Adding Social Links in the Footer
00:36:20 – How to remove the sidebar
00:36:50 – Customizing the Font Family
00:37:24 – Adding content to our Homepage
01:24:13 – Customizing the website Footer
01:37:29 – Customizing the website Colors
01:39:11 – Adding content to our About Us page
01:44:53 – Adding content to our Contact Us page
01:54:30 – How to create Blog posts
01:59:46 – Removing the comment box from Blog posts
02:00:45 – Customizing the Sidebar
02:04:47 – Displaying posts in a grid layout

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30% OFF: EasyPeasy

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# Download the website assets I used in the video:

Friendly note: Some of the companies I mention credit me for recommending them, but I only recommend products/services I trust and have used myself.

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I hope you enjoyed this video on how to make a wordpress website, this is one of the best videos I have done so far so please Like the video and Share it with anyone else that may find it helpful.






8 responses to “How to Make a FREE WordPress Website 2017 😍 EASY!”

  1. The Posse Avatar

    Chet its Roger I been emailing you for over a week don't know why you not getting my emails please check and get back to me please.

  2. Dara Lynne Lenehan Avatar

    Hi Chet, If I make a this site, will I be able to change the theme at a later date and all info will move/transfer over OK?
    Thanks for the v easy to follow tutorial btw.

  3. asif ali Avatar

    kindly teacher real customization and make own template and intergarate in wordpress

  4. Blue Calm Productions Avatar

    At 37:51 you talk about a 'Page Builder' section in the 'Templates' tab, but I only get a 'Left Sidebar' or 'No Sidebar' option. I'm using a different theme, mind, so maybe that's the reason???

  5. Blue Calm Productions Avatar

    Decided i'm going to follow this video as it's more up-to-date than the other one

  6. Vo Hien Duong Avatar

    Hi Website wizard
    how can I fix the home page picture ,my picture become tile instead of one is eight of them ?

  7. Vo Hien Duong Avatar

    Hi there i really like this website ,how can I change my website,how can I keep my website while building this new website and make sure is work and change it over ,

  8. RE Hillebrandt Avatar

    Even i understand it (dummy web builder) , great tutorial.
    Want to know more about forms, this is what i mean, let users fill in a form, then display that on a page, almost the same as a crowd funding project. can you point me in the right direction?

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