How to make a Free WordPress Website for Music or Fanpages – Beginners Tutorial 2016

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The tutorial is ideal for someone who is looking to make a free website for their music or band. This tutorial is also good for fan-pages such as a cook, entertainer, or DJ. The free WordPress website tutorial can help you establish your presence as a public figure.

Step 1. Learn how to register your domain and get hosting

Step 2. Learn how to install wordpress

Step 3. Learn how to create your website for free

Step 4. You just created your free website! Congrats!

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13 responses to “How to make a Free WordPress Website for Music or Fanpages – Beginners Tutorial 2016”

  1. Asmamaw Yismaw Avatar

    It's awesome Can you put the Exercise file like pictures and contents?

  2. Matthew Millstein Avatar

    Hey, wanted to say thank you very much! I am using this tutorial for my band! You went at a great pace and I never had to stop the video! Thanks again!

  3. Sahil Kamal Avatar

    "Ranked number on on the charts" – Nice spelling

  4. Tech By Prateek Avatar

    Sir Pleaseeee make a video on how to create a price comparison website with ReHub or Divi3.0…. Pleaseeee sir I need your help

  5. Esteban Leon Avatar

    How do I solve this…Jetpack Installation failed: Destination folder already exists.

  6. giannis iliopoulos Avatar

    hey man good work !! new sub here.
    i ve a question is this theme compatible with beaver builder ? or not?
    again keep it up congrats!!

  7. Internet Free Avatar

    Hi Bro… thanks for this incredible video 🙂 it helped me a lot.. i have a question…. what is the best mp3 player and how to add it in our website… and i just bought slider revolution,,,, do you know how to make mp3 player and playlist with that plugin?? thanks lot bro 🙂

  8. Ricardo Martins Avatar

    hi, my Jetpack isn't working it says "Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible
    Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [HTTP 404]. Ask your web host if they allow connections from If you need further assistance, contact Jetpack Support:" i dont know what to do to make it work

  9. roshan Shaw Avatar

    thanks for ur videos…I really learned from it..

  10. roshan Shaw Avatar

    its my dream to give a tough fight to amazon and flipkart..

  11. roshan Shaw Avatar

    yes sir,what is SEO

  12. roshan Shaw Avatar

    sir.can anyone in Google see my to make full website of music's like bolly,holly songs, music's etc

  13. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks For Watching! I am a new channel, feel free to comment like and subscribe

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