How To Make a Geometric Collage using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

In today’s video tutorial we’re going to combine the powers of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to produce a trendy geometric photo collage. This style of artwork has a somewhat retro vibe and it’s the kind of art you would see on album covers or as a series of abstract poster prints. We’ll be using Illustrator for its powerful shape building tools to construct a geometric vector pattern, then we’ll transfer the artwork over to Photoshop to use the image editing tools to digitally cut and paste snippings of a photograph into a cool looking collage.

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45 responses to “How To Make a Geometric Collage using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop”

  1. anshika kikku Avatar

    how to copy n paste the whole thing ???? m getting only the outlines? help me out…….

  2. Mohamed Shafyq Avatar

    Hey , im having a problem

  3. cowsrock1q Avatar

    uhhh this isn't working for me..

  4. Tamás Kovács-Ajtai Avatar

    It could be easyer if you user smart objects.

  5. Benjamin Gibson Avatar

    is there a magic wand tool equivalent in photoshop cs6?

  6. Laurence Talbot Avatar

    This is amazing ! Love it

  7. John Doe Avatar

    Dude, you sound so much like Cristopher Walken… (@ 4:10 – the way you emphasize those N's, unbelievable ^_^ )

    Great tutorial,
    learned some new techniques!

    Also subscribed to your blog

  8. Juan M. Lucero Avatar

    These are awesome tutorials and very well explained, thanks !

  9. Cringey Name Avatar

    Hi around 2:12 won't it be easier to use Rotate 90 degrees CW or CCW in the Transform?
    and thanks for the tutorial ^^

  10. Olga Lavrentyeva Avatar

    Great tito, Thank you !

  11. Chand Alam Avatar

    This video really helpful for me thankyou sir.

  12. nanaandbump Avatar

    Thanks for being so quick and professional! Very well done tutorial!

  13. Rafael Renz Dayao Avatar

    In Filipino we call this MALUPET (Amazingly-amazing)

  14. Kuroi Kun Avatar

    nice tutorial! it look great! btw i like your accent XD

  15. Lucie Schulz Avatar

    Great tutorial, great to follow and it just looks amazing!

  16. Muhamad Thoriq Al'Fatir Avatar

    your tutorial is very helpful for me thanks chris !

  17. Bébé van der Vlis Avatar

    that's just awesome. you're the best, thank you.

  18. Camilla Agerbak Avatar

    Loved your video!!

    – In the end of your video you are talking very fast, perhaps a bit slower in the future 😉

  19. Andrew Hammer Avatar

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing

  20. darkjulu Avatar

    I really want to say you are so awesome :)!!

  21. Jesh s2 Avatar

    amazing tutorial!!

  22. Cincy yeya Avatar

    how to copied from illustratoooooooooooor 🙁

  23. Rosana Estigarribia Avatar

    Awesome tutorial 🙂 Thank you!!.

  24. Devilboy Avatar

    hi man , can you put a download link for the vector lines? i can`t make them like yours


    Really cool stuff, Thank you!

  26. DonkeyOnAUnicycle Avatar

    Some of the best photoshop tutorials out there. Keep up the good work 🙂

  27. d4v1d Avatar

    Love it! Smart and well made. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  28. David Oana Avatar

    Very nice tutorial! I used this to make a similar image 🙂 Thanks!

  29. Andrzej C Avatar

    excellent, thank you!!

  30. Emanuel Băran Avatar

    Really awesome tutorial!
    You might want to add the usage the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + J (copy selection to new layer) instead of Ctrl+C , Ctrl+V

  31. Connie Campbell Avatar

    Great tutorial, thanks!

  32. Ismael Miró Avatar

    Amazing, thanks!!!!

  33. Anjali Gupta Avatar

    Thank you
    lovely tutorial

  34. Newecreator Avatar

    My favorite part is when you did the curves.

  35. Jake Lamont Avatar

    Keep up the excellent tutorials, love the style of your finished pieces

  36. Pak Flicks Avatar

    Awesome tutorial, Thank you.

  37. Poisoned Hands Avatar

    wow 😀 I love your videos.. can you have a look at my channel?

  38. RJS™ Graphic Designer Avatar

    Amazing tutorial! very glad i came across this, very nice technique and creative! thank you!

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