How To Make A Logo For Free!

Learn how to create a logo for free with this fun little video!
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10 responses to “How To Make A Logo For Free!”

  1. Soccer Shutdown Avatar

    it would be better if you speak fast

  2. ramon jaxon Avatar

    is the background transparent

  3. Jenny Gohl Avatar

    Thanks James, I love your work. No fluff and get on with the job

  4. Kapil Sharma Avatar

    hello sir
    i have a new e-commerce website. but i don't know how to mange this with good interface and seo as well. help me how i can manage my website and make seo friendly.

  5. eslinc Avatar

    A GREAT video! Many thanks!

  6. Celebrate Who You Are Today! Avatar

    Thanks so much! This was great!

  7. bhavesh chudasama Avatar

    Its truly easy and useful, thanks.

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