How To Make A Paypal Donate Link or Button 2017 – PayPal Tutorial

Learn how to create a paypal donation button or paypan donation link for your wordpress website. Its a new free service paypal has introduced called

This way, visitors can click on your link and set an amount to donate. You can also adjust the amount to donate for your paypal account with a small change.

Here is an example of the donation botton :
(you dont have to donate i was joking)

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40 responses to “How To Make A Paypal Donate Link or Button 2017 – PayPal Tutorial”

  1. Fares Fathe2 Avatar

    guys please just give me 12 dollars please i need them so bad please 😀



    Can i get only $10 so i can buy something, thank you if you donated

  3. Laurenz Avatar

    Problem with this is, that there is no redirect you can use to tell the user "thank you" or something which leads them back to your website.

  4. rishab kumar Avatar

    if i ask for $25, user changes to $1 and proceeds to pay,what happens??

  5. V Gaming Avatar

    Here's my Link Thank You! If You Guys Helped Even Just A Little!

  6. CQBHoun Avatar

    Good video, I really didn't want to use one of those ugly old paypal buttons.

  7. Fidget Spinner Avatar

    Can you guys please donate some money to me so I can get a new phone. I would appreciate it and thanks.

  8. zinAXus Avatar

    Hey all, can someone please donate me only 0,5 euro cents? i really need it! Thanks, appreciate it!

  9. God Of Evil 213 Avatar

    how do I get my link on YouTube using my smart phone

  10. Mauro Avatar

    Thank you so much 😛 It realy helpt me out :3

  11. Sparkz n' more Avatar

    Hey guy can  help me out by donating to me man I rlly need some help even as low as a dollar will help a whole lot

  12. over smash Avatar

    thx bro i made my channel just a hour ago and u helped

  13. STRIXGAMING Avatar

    Thanks nice video!

  14. Dayne Williams Avatar

    Not available in New Zealand! What.The.Fuck

  15. NerdGamer _ Avatar

    But it's free? i can't pay?

  16. flstudiomaster Avatar

    They need a paypal account to donate with this

  17. Brock 8bp Avatar

    if ibhave the link butni dont have the buttion on my stream

  18. King Eccentric Avatar

    @darrel wilson: My paypal main menu looks nothing like yours. Do I need to use another paypal link to have the same options as you do?

  19. jessyka power Avatar

    If I create a donate link as you teach, will the people who pay see only the business name I chose for my account or will they see my emails and more of my private info?

  20. Alex Upps Avatar

    thats require its not free give money only if its your family and friends

  21. SpaceOrbison Avatar

    this sucks case it shows your address

  22. THAT A.B. Avatar

    mine never shows the tools option where could i find it???

  23. Frety Eco Avatar

    but how do you hide where you live when they click the link i dont want them knowing where i live

  24. Shivam Avatar

    Thanks for this wonderful tutorial

  25. Werejusdoinit Avatar

    I see these donations on youtube. Donate to so and so's birthday or buy us a beer etc… Do you link it up the same way for youtube?

  26. FutbolFriendly FC Avatar

    is there a plugin for that secondary menu you had up there? Been wanting to know how to do that. Thanks Darrel!

  27. Sean Stewart Avatar

    Thanks Darrel. Does this take you to a thank you page? What happens when someone makes a donation with Also, I am trying to set up a recurring donation for our ministry. Will I basically need to set up a subscription button for each amount people can donate monthly? Do you know if there is a way they can comment to designate where the money goes?

  28. Taftinator Avatar

    What if I don't have a tools button?

  29. Mukesh Rana Avatar

    Hey Darrel how you make the animation of front page of your website? Please make a tutorial on this.

  30. Mike S Avatar

    Is it possible to make it recurring? Thanks for the video.

  31. mySY Avatar

    hello, do you offer website building service? like wp blog?

  32. JON Gergeceff Avatar

    Great info ! Thx true of the old buttons looking like scammers .

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