How to Make a Portfolio Website For 2019 | WordPress Portfolio Tutorial

Learn How to Make a Portfolio Website for 2019 with WordPress. Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial for Beginners. Free Domain + Discount Hosting.

In this step by step WordPress portfolio tutorial, we’ll show you how to register your domain, set up hosting, and customise your portfolio website to suit you.


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Photography theme:

Want to know how to make an online portfolio?
In this WordPress portfolio tutorial for beginners, we show you how to create an agency level portfolio website that would typically $2,000+.

The great news – you’ll be able to do it with a budget of less than $150.

This WordPress portfolio website tutorial is designed to help photographers, freelancers, creatives, or anyone else for that matter to create a portfolio to showcase their work and/or skills.

00:00 Introduction
02:41 Step 1 – Preparation
10:45 Step 2 – Register domain, set up hosting & install WordPress
18:25 Step 3 – WordPress fundamentals
23:07 Step 4 – Upload & install WordPress theme
34:00 Step 5 – Customize your website

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