How to Make a Portfolio Website in WordPress 2016

How to Make a Portfolio Website in WordPress 2016

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Do you want to learn how to make a portfolio website? In this tutorial I go through a step by step process of how to create one. Below I have a breakdown of the times for each section. I have taken out some of the basic sections that can be found in the udemy course such as the bonus and intro to save you some time as the viewer. Also before we start this portfolio website course I show you a preview of what the final website will look like.

I apologize I accidently mixed up the setting numbers, but you can easily locate them here:

0:51 Section 1 – Portfolio Website Preview
4:03 Section 2 – Registering our Domain Name and Signing up for Hosting
11:43 Section 3 – Installing WordPress
15:07 Section 4 – Logging into WordPress and Changing our Password
17:47 Section 5 – Installing our Free Theme and Deleting Some Content
24:06 Section 6 – Getting Familiar With the Dashboard
36:03 Section 7 – Adding and Organizing our Menu
40:48 Section 8 – Setting up Some of our Plugins
1:01:29 Section 9 – Customization Area Modifications
1:07:07 Section 10 – Creating a Free Logo
1:15:40 Section 11 – Creating a Free Favicon
1:21:08 Section 12 – Another Free Tool Called Canva
1:29:27 Section 13 – Get Free High Quality Images
1:35:05 Section 14 – Adding Images to our Home Page Gallery
1:46:57 Section 15 – Optional Plugins and Changing the Number of Displayed Posts
1:54:49 Section 16 – Adding our About Page
1:59:33 Section 17 – Optional Email Forwarding Section
2:15:22 Section 18 – Optional Sending Website Emails From Your Email
2:24:00 Section 19 – Thank you for Making This Portfolio Website With me

As you go through this WordPress portfolio course you may run into some issues. Don’t worry! I’m very responsive in the comments as well as via my website or udemy. I’ll do my best to get back to you quickly so feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions along the way.

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23 responses to “How to Make a Portfolio Website in WordPress 2016”

  1. WPWithTom Avatar

    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy the wordpress portfolio website course. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me here in the comments section! 🙂

  2. Edward Gil Avatar

    and also I subscribed

  3. Edward Gil Avatar

    I just started watching this tutorial the 3 minutes seems to be good now this a responsive website? Regards. Edward

  4. Robert Avatar

    Toms the best from Robert London UK, thanks Tom.

  5. matrvus m4trvu5 Avatar

    You need 'business plan' to install plugins. 🙁

  6. Andy Cam Avatar

    Hi Tom! You helped me so much with this tutorial!! Thank you so much. Greetings from The Netherlands

  7. Alestra Menendez Avatar

    Thank you Tom! I wrestled with quite a few tutorials before landing on yours! I was finally able to build an online portfolio for an interview tomorrow (gulp). Your instruction was clear and succinct. I especially appreciate the personalization of plugins and widgets and all of the other helpful resources you provide. Bravo!

  8. Ashish Bhong Avatar

    Hi, Its ashish
    while setting google analytics I have showing following error and not able connect google search console
    the error shown is:
    Google Analytics Errors & Debugging
    Something went wrong, check Errors & Debug or authorize the plugin.
    Errors & DetailsPlugin Settings

    Last Error detected

    Last Error: 2017-03-29 04:43:37: (403) Error calling GET (403) User does not have any Google Analytics account.
    Error Details

    Error Details:
    2017-03-29 04:43:37: (403) Error calling GET (403) User does not have any Google Analytics account.

    Please Help me to eliminate this error

  9. Alejandra Hurtado Avatar

    Esta es mi primera vez usando WordPress y me sentia perdida totalmente, especialmente si estas acostumbrada a utilizar sofwares como Indesign or Muse que literalmente debes hacer cuadritos y link por todos lados. No te imaginas lo mucho que aprendi en este tutorial y pondre todo en practica para dejar mi portafolio perfecto y listo y con orgullo mostrartelo. Muchas gracias por el tiempo que te tomaste, por esas claras explicaciones y las paginas que nos recomendaste. Nuevamente, espero mostrarte pronto los resultados. "Gracias Totales"

  10. hiwot  dubale Avatar

    Hi can you tell me a suitable plugin for portfolio to change my background and menu color ?

  11. Toula Pafitis Avatar

    Great tutorial! Very easy to follow, very helpful! Thank you!

  12. Nikita Narvekar Avatar

    how do i add GIF to my Portfolio ??

  13. Lainie Ribnick Avatar

    This was awesome, thanks! Is there a way to change the color of the menu bar?

  14. Billy Tz Avatar

    Really helpfull !Thanks!

  15. Katarzyna Sworek Avatar

    Hi! Why did you delete the plugins? Is it necessary?

  16. Jairo Poveda Avatar

    Hey. great course. is there anyway that I can put the images into categories but that I have to actually click on the menu to go to that category. like for example jeans, shirts and shorts. all organized in each section rather than mixed. thank you

  17. Christina Paritsi Avatar

    Great tutorial! Thanks!! I have a question. Is it possible to start the procedure from section 3? Because I am not sure yet for my domain name? And in general if I want to experiment in creating sites can I do that? Start from section 3?

  18. RJCElectrics Avatar

    Excellent clear tutorial, many thanks. can you explain how to adjust text space on the heading, where you have portfolio, my heading has gone into two lines and they are over lapping, I've looked at padding but cant seem to find where to adjust it.
    Cheers Tom..

  19. Billy Joe Mills Avatar

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you much.

  20. Rolando Sta. Cruz Avatar

    is this theme for free?

  21. Joydip Ghosh Avatar

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    strategy with 50-50 revenue share.You simple make the course and answer students questions
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  22. Navpreet Singh Avatar

    Thanks for such a nice video. I want to know how to backup you complete wordpress website ALSO HOW TO IMPORT/ RESTORE that. Pl make video on that also. Its a request.

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