How to Make a SIMPLE WordPress Website: 😍STEP BY STEP – 2017

Learn How To Create a Website with WordPress in 2017 from scratch. Simple step by step tutorial for Beginners!

Visit: for more free training.

The website we build will be mobile friendly and you won’t need to write a single line of code to build it!

Simply follow along with me in the video and you can make a WordPress Website easily from Scratch Today!

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00:00:00 – A Quick Look at The Website Are Going to Build
00:01:45 – The Only 2 things you need to build your own website
00:02:04 – Grabbing Your Hosting and Domain at a Huge Discount
00:07:21 – Hostgator Welcome Email
00:08:04 – Installing Our Website in a Few Clicks
00:10:24 – Logging Into Our Site
00:11:10 – Removing The Sample Content so we can start out Fresh
00:12:14 – WordPress Dashboard Overview
00:13:49 – Building a website with SEO Friendly URLs
00:14:51 – Installing the Zerif Lite theme
00:16:28 – Customize our Website home page
00:17:10 – Adding our website Title, Logo and Icon
00:20:36 – Customize the Website Footer and Social Links
00:24:41 – Customize the Site Title and Buttons
00:26:17 – Adding our background image
00:28:28 – Creating the Our Focus section
00:34:10 – Adding content to our About Us section
00:39:50 – Adding content to the Your Team section
00:43:11 – Adding content to our Testimonials section
00:45:41 – Adding content to our Contact Us section
00:46:45 – Customizing the Contact Us background image
00:47:20 – Displaying blog posts on our website
00:51:57 – Customizing the Sidebar
00:53:21 – Removing the comment box from Blog posts
00:54:35 – Create our website pages
00:58:50 – Linking our homepage to our website pages

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In this wordpress tutorial for beginners video we look at how to make a website in wordpress for 2016 in under 60 minutes using a top ten most popular wordpress theme!
Whether you are a casual blogger, a freelancer, a business owner, or entrepreneur, you can use this video to start building/creating your own website in a very short space of time.

The video is loaded with practical content without the fluff, so you can quickly and easily watch over my shoulder as I walk you through how to create a website for your business, or personal use or whatever you like!

I also show you how to add a blog to your website which is also optional.

You don’t need to spend countless hours learning how to code, or spend thousands of dollars to get your site developed, as this video will show you how you can build a website for free yourself without needing to hire someone to do it for you.
The only costs you have our domain and hosting which are required for any website.

Provided you follow along with me step by step in the video you should be able to make your own website in a short space of time.

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14 responses to “How to Make a SIMPLE WordPress Website: 😍STEP BY STEP – 2017”

  1. Dara Lynne Lenehan Avatar

    Hi, I have been following your Tutorial and have done most of the changes. The customised headings all say changes 'saved' but nothing is changing on my preview or 'visit site' section. Must I tick/untick a box to allow the changes?
    They worked up to footer but then nothing else has changed – widgets: client, staff, about us etc.
    Also Parallax doesn't work.
    I just uploaded everything for the first time today and the site was updated. I have tried refresh but nada!

    hope you can help. thanks


    Hi i have subscribe. Yet to try your tutorial. Will give you update. Thanks anyway.

  3. Rene S. Cancio Avatar

    I'm not getting any sound on the videos. Why?

  4. itsme-mrsdoe Avatar

    I was really looking forward to setting up with this particular theme. Unfortunately, it does preview the way it did and after I installed it does not show the "our team, about us, testimonials, etc…"

  5. John David Avatar

    so you are doing all the work through wordpress than hostgator correct?

  6. Sylvain Tchuenteu Avatar

    what is the importance of XML

  7. Sylvain Tchuenteu Avatar

    for XML how can i use it to remove WordPress adds before publish it.

  8. Sylvain Tchuenteu Avatar

    for XML how can i use it to remove WordPress adds before publish it.

  9. Sylvain Tchuenteu Avatar

    for XML how can i use it to remove WordPress adds before publish it.

  10. Sylvain Tchuenteu Avatar

    i wish to export the projet code out of wordpress. How ?
    thank you

  11. Hitesh Patel Avatar

    how to post the adsense code in our site to earn from adsense and also my other Que is how can we earn from our site pls guide, thnks man for making nice video.

  12. Oforka Chinwuba Avatar

    how can i create an advertisement management system

  13. MikY Avatar

    i got job man i am doing a lot i am doing sites on page builder editing pictures i am learning a lot all started on your tutorial TY <3

  14. Avatar

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