How To Make a SUPER WordPress Website 2016: UPDATED

Learn how to make a wordpress website step by step for beginners! 100% newbie-friendly.

If you always wanted to have your own website online but thought that the only option was to pay a web developer to build your site for you or spend months learning web design to do it yourself, then I’ve got good news for you!

In my video tutorial I’m going to show you how you can design your own website in just a short few hours, and best of all you don’t even need to write a single line of code; yes you read that correctly! This won’t be some basic looking website, this will be a professional website that will display perfectly on any screen size.

The website we will develop in this video will not only look amazing, but will look perfect on any mobile, tablet or desktop. Now I know the idea of creating a website by yourself may seem like an impossible task, but I made this video in a step by step format, so all you need to do is follow along with me in the video and apply the steps. It’s that easy!

Learning website creation through wordpress is very simple once you get to grips with the basics of creating pages and posts, and installing themes and plugins. WordPress has a wysiwyg interface, which is short for “what you see is what you get”, so creating and editing content is as simply as in any text editor software that we are all familiar with. This makes it possible for us to create a website from start to finish in under 60 minutes. In fact, installing wordpress takes about 60 seconds.

So now that we’ve covered the basics I hope you can start to see how learning to make your own website from scratch in under 60 minutes is very easily done, especially with my step by step approach to teaching.

Learning the basics of WordPress

You don’t need to be a wordpress pro to make a website with the platform, but the more you learn the better and I’m going to cover all the essentials you need to know in this video. You’ll see how we can use wordpress themes to completely change the look of our website in a few clicks. What’s more, if you want some extra functions on your site then you just need to install a plugin for this! Best of all, there are hundreds of free plugins and themes to choose from so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

To hep get you started we also offer a few free customizable website logos that you can grab on our website so that when you start to create your own website you have everything you need to get you on your way. You can edit the text on the logos to match your own website name too!

3 Steps to Building a Website

When it comes to making a website there are really only 3 steps involved. The first step is to grab our domain name, which is simply our website name, then we also need to grab web hosting which is where our website will be stored so it can be seen online. We use hostgator in the tutorial as they are a popular choice and are great for beginners as they offer free 24 hour support.

Once we have our domain name and webhosting, the next step is to install wordpress on our web server so that we can start to build a website. This part is very quick easy as we can use the simple one click installation that comes with our webhost that we will be using in the tutorial. This is known as the famous “5 minute install”, although in reality it takes less than 60 seconds.

Once we have wordpress installed we simply need to login to the dashboard which is where we will make all the customizations to our website. At this point we will be installing wordpress themes, plugins, and creating posts and pages to get our website looking just the way we want it.

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Now that you have learned how to make a website step by step, it’s time to put your learning into practice and build your own website today!






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  1. dannyfall Avatar

    hi thanks for the tutorial! im having trouble getting the image for the widgets to appear the correct size. at the moment they appear zoomed in. how can i alter this? thanks

  2. Mindymuffin Avatar

    Amazing tutorial for beginners! Really easy to follow and covering everything. This definitly helped me out with my website!

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