How to Make a Website from Scratch with WordPress! 2017 😍 AWESOME

Visit to learn how to make a website with WordPress and grab our FREE Website Logo Kit! 😍

In this wordpress tutorial video we take a look at how to make a website with wordpress, step by step, with no steps skipped!

I make a website using wordpress in under 60 minutes in this video which is 100% newbie-friendly, and so if you ever wondered how to make a website for free yourself, then this is the video for you.

I also show you how to make a wordpress website SEO-friendly so that it can show up and rank in all the major search engines.

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Plugins used in the video:
– SEO Friendly Images
– WP Super Cache
– Contact Form 7
– All in one SEO pack
– Google XML Sitemaps

Friendly note: Some of the companies I mention credit me for recommending them, but I ONLY recommend services I trust and have used myself.

Video Links:
You can use the links below to jump straight to different sections of the video.

0:25 Summary of the Finished WordPress Website
4:44 What is WordPress?
6:07 WordPress Website Essentials

7:03 Grabbing HostGator Web Hosting
13:20 HostGator Login Username & Password
14:01 Login to CPanel so we can install WordPress
16:40 Log into our WordPress Website
16:56 Cleaning out unwanted WordPress plugins

17:44 Choosing & Installing our WordPress theme: Zerif Lite

Our Website Homepage
19:49 Installing our Website Logo
21:00 Website Footer Copyright and Social icons
22:17 Entering a Phone no., Address & Email
23:02 Large Homepage Title
25:28 Part 1 – Our Focus
33:20 Part 2 – Our Focus
26:02 About Us
29:08 Our team
29:49 Testimonials
30:16 The Contact form
31:43 Setting the Homepage Ribbons
57:50 Customize the Background Image

39:40 Create your Pages

49:15 Working with the WordPress Sidebar
50:55 Displaying your Blog posts
51:48 Creating your Blog Posts
54:03 Post Comments
55:08 Adding Images to Posts & Pages

58:40 Changing the Name of your website
59:29 Choosing the best Permalink structure

1:00:00 A quick look at the Premium version of the Zerif WordPress theme

1:00:53 Getting Started with WordPress SEO

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In this wordpress tutorial video, I covered all the basics required to create a website with wordpress from start to finish. As you can see you don’t need to be a professional wordpress guru to learn how to create a website, and with a little guidance you can build a website and have it live within a short few hours. Learning how to build a website with wordpress is a breeze!






30 responses to “How to Make a Website from Scratch with WordPress! 2017 😍 AWESOME”

  1. Gercimar Martins Avatar

    How to cancel menu that appears in the footer? Among the posts and contacts.

  2. Khizer Syal Avatar

    Hi. Referring to 27:10…. I need to add 6 feature posts instead of the 4 available by default.

    Please help…

  3. WebTech Solution Avatar

    how to clear the content after clicking on the submit button of contact form

  4. Dinesh Kumar Avatar

    Thank you for the tutorial, i am having issues with additional pages, the links says the page doesn't exist. Can you please guide me into what i am doing wrong. I followed the steps in the tutorial.

  5. Nisha Jain Avatar

    i am not able to attach any of the plugins? can someone please help me?

  6. Amit Rathod Avatar

    Hi great video put up. Can you please help me to understand how to navigate using "Menu" on the same site.
    Eg: Home / About us / Our Team / Testimonials and so on. 
    I am struggling with the ribbon and creating a custom menu that will directly link to it

    THanks 🙂

  7. Monu Moni Avatar

    Nice Tut. One thing … Zerif is a single page site.It's need to use custom link (url:#home) to create menu not page.

  8. Robert Teodorescu Avatar

    Hi, I'm using free theme by Zerif, can I change the copyrights? or delete?

  9. Michael Eriksen Avatar

    The pages made for the "our focus" section, which is linked to the widgets, is it possible to not having them appear on top of the site? Thanks!

  10. Kay Mann Avatar

    Really good! Easy to understand … I´m from Germany

  11. Piotr składanowski Avatar

    I can't get rid of Archives, Search and Meta. In widgets sidebar is empty. What can I do ?

  12. T Hall Avatar

    Can't get rid of Archives, etc

  13. Rozario T Avatar

    Thank You, Great Tutorial

  14. Rob Vickery Avatar

    So awesome! Super easy to follow along with. Thanks!

  15. Brettswiney35 Avatar

    Hi, How can you have the red button link (big tittle section), "jump" to the Our focus section?

  16. Peri Di Avatar

    Hi there ,Thank you for this comprehensive and easy to understand tutorial . Very helpful .

  17. Carmen Garner Avatar

    is this the lite or full version

  18. Awesome Leaks Avatar

    In theme zerif…on front page there is an section called get in touch under whcih there is one form sending the does this work,..i am sending the email but its not sending…when i press the send message there pop up comes thanks for contacting message sent,,but when i check my mail..there is no mesage 🙁

  19. Samir Thapa Avatar

    how to insert picture and modify our team section please help me

  20. Ahmed Alazawi Avatar

    I have the Zerif Pro version. Can you tell me how to modify the Portfolio section and add some pics just like its shown on the original demo version ? 


  21. Noel Cullinan Avatar

    great vid on Zerif Lite is it possible to put a slider image with new fonts instead of the static pic
    all new pic's appear very dark when changes are made to the default image

  22. Ashley Pope Avatar

    Hello there! Thank you for this tutorial. I have the Zerif Pro theme and I was wondering if there is a way to change the size of the sections? The About Us section is a bit to long fro my boss's liking and he would like to move the entire Big Title section (where we have our logo on the background image) covering the full screen before a visitor has to scroll down to see the rest of the page. Is there some kind of css coding or option in the customization that will allow me to alter the sizes of each section?

  23. Noel Cullinan Avatar

    Great tutorial best I've viewed & listened to, all beginning to make sense now tx's

  24. Benno vawo Avatar

    Great tutorial thanx!
    Only my contact form doesn't work.
    I've tried it on multiple email adresses.

    Any idea whats goes wrong?

  25. Mukta Shweta Avatar

    Was very helpful.

  26. Aaron Howells Avatar

    Hey man, great video. Just wondering if you can help me; I cant seem to edit the sections "Our Focus", "Your Team" or "Testimonials". Do you have any reason why? I can change the title of the sections, but nothing else, unlike you in your video. Thanks.

  27. Ahtisham Wasi Avatar

    can you please tell me, If i want to remove copyright section , with powered by zeriff tag line,
    if possible then please help me out
    my client dont want to use this Zeriff

    and yes In my theme after complete my website HOME button not available

  28. Russell yousuf Avatar

    Thanks a lot home page was not like this but then your suggestion solved it!!

  29. Rama Raju Avatar

    Thanks dude.  Your video is really helpful. I was struggling with this. Can you guide me with other themes please….. my Can i have your mail or something to ask some doubts regarding other themes.

  30. Avatar

    NOTE: If your homepage does not display like in the tutorial, do the following:

    # After you install and activate the Zerif theme, go to 'Settings' >>'Reading' >> Then under 'Front page displays', select 'Your latest posts' then hit 'Save Changes'.

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