How to Make a WordPress Blog | Step by Step for Beginners | EASY! 😀

Learn How to Start a Blog in WordPress Step by Step for Beginners with No Coding/Technical Experience in 90 Mins!

I will walk you through over the shoulder and show you how to make a wordpress blog and create a blog website from scratch!

▼Download Theme▼:
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▼Step-by-Step Instructions▼:

This WordPress Tutorial is ideal for bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, beginners & small business owners who want to build/create their own blog/website quickly, easily and cheaply. Learn how to Start and Create a WordPress Blog Website Today for FREE!* (*if you have domain/hosting already!)


▼Complete your WordPress Blog/Website in 19 Steps Today! (DRAG & DROP)▼

Intro 0:00

Overview 11:02

1. Getting Domain/Hosting 19:22
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2. Installing WordPress 24:32

3. Edit General WordPress Settings 27:25

4. Delete Plugins 28:40

5. Delete Posts/Pages 29:07

5. Install Theme 30:03

6. Install Plugins 33:52

7. Configure Plugins 35:26

8. Adding Pages 40:02

9. Adding Blog Posts 41:15

10. Configure Theme Settings 47:26

11. Adding Social Links 59:14

12. Build Homepage 1:02:04

13. Customize Page Fonts, Links, Colors & Styling 1:33:00

14. Build About Page 1:44:11

15. Build Blog Page 1:48:55

16. Build Contact Page 1:50:20

Tips and Tricks

17. How to Make Website More Mobile Responsive 1:55:41

18. How to Set a Transparent Header 2:01:33


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In this step by step video, I’ll show you how to start a blog from scratch for free. You can create a blog for personal, business or client use – there are no skill requirements, anyone can build a blog. Don’t wait to start making money online, while having the freedom to spend with your friends and family. Start your own blog today!


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24 responses to “How to Make a WordPress Blog | Step by Step for Beginners | EASY! 😀”

  1. Marta Sanz Avatar

    Hi Hogan Chua! Thank you very much for this kind of videos becuase is the perfect way to learn. I thing that I need your help because, I am trying to create my webside following your videos but, the builder options have desapered and now I can't to add text box, image box and all that I need to complete the web. Could you help me?.

  2. Catherine Bai Avatar

    Hi Hogan, how can I get my instagram feed to completely span from the left to the right with no spaces between the borders of either side?

  3. Norma Luz Davila Avatar

    Hi Hogan I am looking for a blog where I could also add ads is your website will be able to add any adds if I desired?

  4. Betty boo Avatar

    thank you! such an amazing video. I set up my blog successfully 🙂 just a quick question, I would love to sell small product on my blog ( I dont wanna open an ecommercer website ) so was wondering if its possible to add a page on my blog that I can sell some stuff?

  5. Lokesh Bastia Avatar

    Yes I agree it is useful

  6. Rakele Bertini Avatar

    Hi Hogan. Amazing tutorial, but I'm struggling. The theme doesn't seem to work the way it should. When I navigate to themify options all the roll down menus are open and refuse to close, and I can't see the changes directly on the screen when I'm making them. When I save and refresh the page the changes doesn't show. What is wrong?

  7. Merry Sujen Avatar

    Call Now 18888099981 WordPress Support Phone Number for create WordPress Blog.

  8. Hernan Rodriguez Avatar

    I already did and I got the coupon, but I have another question the page in the hostgator is different to the one that you showed in the tutorial. Is it possible that you can help me to install wordpress, I will pay for this services. thank you

  9. Hernan Rodriguez Avatar

    Hi Hogan this is hernan rodriguez, I saw your tutorial how to make a wp blog. I want to buy the themify standard $49 I was looking the coupon that you offer, I could not find it. could you help me please, my email is I also want to know if you have a tutorial only for how to use parallax or themify software. thank you

  10. HiddenGems Avatar

    For the background settings once you add in a picture it's not giving me the ability to hit full over. What do I do??

  11. Aftab Shah Avatar

    I am sick of your long introduction

  12. ellie cruz Avatar

    hi hogan, thanks so much for this amazing tutorial! i have a problem when i click on the customize button. it just took me to an error page. i don't know what i did wrong :/. should i contact wordpress or how can i fix it?

  13. Sera Hejlskov Avatar

    Hey Hogan 🙂
    I have followed your tutorial but have a problem. I cannot make the spacing between the header and main post at the top of the front page smaller for some reason. Do you know how to do it? If you look at the web page I'm working on you will see a large white spacing under the header. How to I make it smaller? Best regards – han THANK YOU for an amazing tutorial!

  14. Amanda West Avatar

    On your dashboard, what is ULTRA? I don't have that on my dashboard.. I have Genesis? But I do not have the same theme settings as you do.

  15. Kandi Johnson Avatar

    Hogan, do you have specific training just for Daisy Theme?

  16. J.B. Adorare Avatar

    First and foremost, let me thank you for this wonderful and comprehensive guide. I'm having a slight problem, though. I'm paused at timecode 41:17 and I'm trying to establish my pages. I followed you instructions, but when I go to look at the site, the only page listed is "Home." Should I be concerned? I'm going to continue with the video, maybe it will resolve itself by the time I finish this video. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

  17. peptalkwithjlove 3 Avatar

    Hi, I am a newbie your info was very helpful Thanks!

  18. Aneesh Jain Avatar

    When I use the post module on my homepage my posts appear without their titles, also I chose to display the excerpt which appears fine when the builder is open but as soon as I save and exit the builder the excerpts disappear.

  19. Sam Ed Avatar

    Hey Hogan, will my content will disappear when I change my Theme


    Hi Hogan!Great tutorial. I want to change the input text font color in my forms but have been unsuccessful. Please need your help

  21. Kobie Buschmann Avatar

    I don't know if anyone will respond to this but I want to know what I am able to do for free like is all of this free because I want to make an amazing blog for free and eventually put money into it… I don't know if that made sense but I am just now starting and want to have a nice blog for free

  22. chris lynch Avatar

    Hi Hogan, when i change the order of my menu titles it changes fine in customizing- menus but then when I save it and preview my site they are out of order again? thanks for all the help this video is great : )

  23. Christian Maverick Glodove Avatar

    Can you help me about his Hogan?
    how many times I tried to reset the setting and re-upload the theme to make it default, but still I'm getting this type of footer so annoying 🙁

  24. Dayna McRoberts Avatar

    I've followed your tutorial very closely and double checked that I haven't missed any steps. But when I went to edit my site on a different computer I can still customize but the top bar has completely disappeared and there is no way to the Themify Builder… when I go to my dashboard the only drop down option under my site name is "Visit Site" as oppose to "Edit Site". What happened???

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