How to Make a WordPress Website 2017 – For Beginners

“Learn how to make a wordpress website in under 3 hours – step by step!” Perfect for complete beginners. No skills/special software required! Get it up & running today.

Free Download Theme:

Free Download Contents:

Written Instructions:


Introduction 0:00
Overview & Costs 4:12
Get Domain & Hosting 6:48
Get 60% OFF & $5.99 .Com Domain USE Hostgator Discount Coupon: HOGANCHUA 10:03

Install WordPress 11:08
Edit General Settings 13:35

Delete Unnecessary Plugins 15:43
Install Theme 16:37
Remove/Add/Set Static Page 19:50

Choosing Fonts, Colours & Hero Image 22:38
Edit Header/Navigation Menu 38:16
Add Phone No. to Nav Menu 45:13

Building Website Homepage

Row #1 – Hero Image 48:32
Styling Sticky Header 1:10:27
Saving Layout 1:11:33
Row #2 – Feature Modules 1:12:56
Row #3 – Testimonials (& Video) – 1:28:45
Row#4 – Call to Action – 1:35:05

Make WordPress Website SUPER Responsive “APP LIKE” 1:39:37
Add Social Media Links 1:51:37
Edit Footer Credit 1:54:28
Footer Styling 1:55:28
Create/Add Logo & Favicon 1:57:56

Build About Page 2:06:38
Build Services Page 2:12:24
Build Gallery Page 2:15:20
Build Contact Page 2:18:55

Cool Tips & Tricks for Website

Edit Mobile Menu Icon 2:23:00
Edit Mobile Menu Section 2:24:25
Add Bonus Layouts 2:25:35

Congrats & Important Message 2:27:33

Ultimate Website Resources:

Note: This theme is free to download, use (personal or commercial), it is the full version with no limitations. I have permission from themify to share it with you guys and thousands of people have already built their websites since 2015.

But if you enjoy it, you have the option to get support/updates for 1 year here: and can use: HOGAN for 30% Off! (limited time only!) This option is perfect for web developers working with clients or people who want additional help 🙂 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment below!


Hope you guys have enjoyed the WordPress website tutorial 🙂


Hogan Chua






25 responses to “How to Make a WordPress Website 2017 – For Beginners”

  1. Yakobus Alvin Avatar

    really love this tutorial. very clean. Thank you

  2. Le Rouretan Avatar

    Hello Hogan,

    I have been following your excellent tutorial step by step and added a logo to my site, and changed the header to white, which has provoked this message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/homeexpe/www/wp-includes/load.php on line 1091

    I now can't access any page, nor the WordPress admin site, nor the themify site: all rather frustrating: do you have any idea how I can go back and clean up the problem?

  3. Lydia Ngero Avatar

    Hi, I'm having problem with missing text styles. When I'm adding a text block into my head image, and try to change the text from Paragraph to Heading 1. I don't have any options on the drop down menu, there is only Paragraph..? What could I have missed? Many thanks in advance, otherwise so far so good in building my page ;-Please help,thanks.

  4. milan2m Avatar

    at 1:01:10, will this change to H1 reflect also to blog posts? For example, if I use H1 for a sub-header within a blog post, this size (90px) will be way to much. What do you think?

  5. EDrsup RDrsup Avatar

    Hogan, which theme are you using on this tutorial ? and is it free ?

  6. Olubunmi Adewumi Avatar

    Hello Hogan, with regards to adding videos, is it just YouTube videos that are allowed?

  7. Agnreu Avatar

    Hi, I'm having problem with missing text styles. When I'm adding a text block into my head image, and try to change the text from Paragraph to Heading 1. I don't have any options on the drop down menu, there is only Paragraph..? What could I have missed? Many thanks in advance, otherwise so far so good in building my page 😉 /Best regards Agnes

  8. Trevor Money Avatar

    Hi ya,

    I've been following your excellent WordPress tutorial – I have downloaded the theme zip file but when I tried to install it, WordPress reported the file was too large in relation to the allowance set in php.ini.

    Please can you advise what I need to do to correct this issue?

    Thank you.

  9. Luminescence Photography Avatar

    Hi Hogan. I have one more issue. I checked you're FAQ, but I couldn't find the solution. How do I change the color of a specific word when typing a sentence in the text module (at 1:13:51)? Since the Text Color button and the Heading button doesn't work for me, is there a way to write it in code in the "Text" tab?

  10. Luminescence Photography Avatar

    When I go to add a text module at 51:00, I typed my text in the box, and when I go to the "Paragraph" word to select "Heading 1", it doesn't give me that option. In fact, when I click the "Paragraph" word, there isn't any Heading 1,2,3,4 or 5 option. PLEASE HELP!

  11. Sarah Jack Avatar

    Just one question Hogan, in terms of SEO, apart from proper key word research, Yeost plugin and Google search Console what else is important? and how should I consider these elements when building website in wordpress the way you explained in this video?

  12. Sarah Jack Avatar

    Thank you. May I also ask where you are based? In US or Australia?

  13. Anat Goldstein Avatar

    Is there a way to delete the mobile menu icon ?

  14. Kat A Thing of Beauty Avatar

    I followed along this tutorial and built the basics of my website. I now want to add a store to it. I added the woocommerce plugin and then decided I wanted to see if you had a video for this. The ones I found use parrallax theme. Do you have a tutorial to add woocommerce to the themify sight I already started? If not will the tutorial you have with Parrallax theme be too different? What would you suggest?

  15. Sarah Jack Avatar

    Hi Hogan, Thank you for the video. Just one question this website : that you mentioned does not work. It does not show any colours. Does it need any particular browser to work?

  16. Ole Kristian Møller-Hansen Avatar

    Greetings Hogan.
    Do you know how to make the page content be minimum as big as the entire view port
    so the footer is never above the very bottom of the screen even when the page has very little content?

  17. Ken Fan Avatar

    Hi you should do more video about phone and tablet view. It is not responsive in the tablet and phone.

  18. Ole Kristian Møller-Hansen Avatar

    Greetings. The Themify Ultra plugin seems to be buggy for me.
    I can not expand the menu with the smiley in the left panel,
    and when I click on "pages", all it shows is a blank page with two tabs in
    the upper-right corner saying something like "Viewsettings" and "Help".
    However, clicking these does not open any menu, only a blue border around it is flashing.

  19. Lillywhite Fosters Avatar

    Hi – my pages only show as a drop down icon on the header – please help

  20. Kofi penlaw Avatar

    hogan without you i cant reach up there.. i seriously need your help, i just bought a domain from hostgator and after they sent a link into my email and i log in they keep telling me it a invalid… pls tell me what to do…

  21. Natalie Kate Libby Avatar

    Hi Hogan, I love your tutorials, thanks so much for all your time spent creating them! 🙂 I have a query that I wonder if you could help me with.

    As part of my marketing studies, I am creating a website for a local nonprofit charity and we have to create a working prototype. As such, I was wondering the most efficient way to implement a donations form on a webpage due to my non-existent ability to code anything! I have been looking at which I am planning to use, but was wondering if this would work with your theme and if it's possible to "drag and drop" the donations form on the page (in a similar fashion to how you implement the 'contact' form), rather than inserting the code in a web page, which is the suggested method by Donorbox. This so that it looks a little more in keeping with how I plan to design the rest of the website. Alternatively, if you know of any better ways to achieve this, it would very appreciated 🙂

    Thanks so much for your time!

  22. Amal Agarwal Avatar

    Hi Hogan,

    Thanks a lot for this awesome tutorial! Without this tutorial I could not have made my website. However I could not figure out how to remove white space below the map. Sorry if this is a beginner question. Could you help me out?

  23. Olga Guerra Avatar

    Hi Hogan, it seems is not available anymore. Do you have another alternative ?

  24. Karolina Lipnik Avatar

    Excellent Tutorial ! Thank you.
    I have tried to load the pre made page layouts you have included but I have had no luck.. it keeps loading and never actually loads.. any advice ? Thanks so much!

  25. Andy W Avatar

    Hi Hogan, I have a PNG logo done for my company and I'm trying to use it on the sticky header. All looks great at first, but as soon as you start to scroll down the page, the logo gets scrunched up and turns fuzzy. Scroll to the top and it pops back into focus and is fine. Tried all different pixel sizes, all are affected from what I can see. Any help?

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