How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 | NEW Divi Theme 3.0 WordPress Tutorial!

Learn how to make a wordpress website 2017! Step By Step WordPress Tutorial
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In this wordpress tutorial, i show you how to make a wordpress website with the divi theme using wordpress! This is a complete wordpress tutorial for beginners. After this wordpress tutorial, you can expect to master wordpress and create your own website from scratch! This is a wordpress tutorial for the divi theme! Just give it a try and master wordpress!

Here Are the IMAGES For This Tutorial:

To Get Your Logo, go here:

Here is the Custom CSS For The Divi Slider And Text:

**Add In Theme First**
.et_pb_slide {
height: 100vh;}

Than Add This In the Divi Slider Module:

Add in main element:
height: 100vh;

Here is the Custom CSS For The Bar Under Text:

Add this in theme FIRST:

.separator.small {
position: relative;
display: block;
margin: 10px auto 20px auto;

Than Add This In The Module:


div class=”separator small center ” style=”margin-top: 18px; margin-bottom: 24px; background-color: #d21151; height: 1px; width: 50px;”

Good luck on your website. This is one of the best looking websites i have made on youtube. I think you will like your wordpress website.

You can access the blog page for this tutorial here:

Additional Resources For Images And Video Sliders:

Grow Your Website On The Search Engine Here

For more wordpress tutorials like this, or to learn how to make a wordpress website or ecommerce website, feel free to visit my website at

This is a wordpress tutorial for the divi theme. You can build a website from scratch with wordpress using the divi theme pretty easily. Learn how to make a wordpress website with the divi theme! Good luck!






27 responses to “How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 | NEW Divi Theme 3.0 WordPress Tutorial!”

  1. barry jb Avatar

    @9:19 why do you so vehemently urge to leave the directory blank?

  2. Awerty Uiop Avatar

    can we edit blog page with divi?

  3. CrazyCow Avatar

    02:39:30 You may probably already know it. But there is simpler way to avoid a new paragraph (with line spacing) than going to the "Text" tab: you just have to use Shift+Enter instead of Enter key. This will create a simple line break and not a new paragraph.
    (Thanks a lot for this great video!)

  4. LaunchIt Avatar

    Darrel – thank you (TONS) for this. Your new has "Learn How To Create A Beautiful Website Like This Step By Step". But your "beatiful" is spelled wrong! Sorry – didn't know how to let you know, except publicly

  5. neolithic24 Avatar

    Unfortunately I can't get the image slider to display full width, it only displays a smaller picture next to the name of the slider that I have chosen, and I followed the exactly same steps. So I stopped literally at the first step. But thank you for the tutorial. Very professional example.

  6. Eric Strickland Avatar

    wow Darrel that is the first time i saw someone use the project section! can you do more tuts on the project section. i always wondered about that section.

  7. Delobite Inc., Avatar

    Your video was so bad that I subscribed you and hit the like button.

  8. Muhammad Ahmad Avatar

    Hello Darrel, Your tutorials are really awesome. Indeed you are a good teacher. I want to know that is it possible that i change only height of background of header section only. And after that below i want to add full width slider but with small height.

  9. Pond Froggin Avatar

    Hi Darrel, love the videos and I purchased the divi theme due to the amazing websites you are able to put together. I do have a question though, it was my understanding that the background videos and all content in the websites were responsive. However, the background videos fail to load and show up on my phone and tablet. Could you please advise?

  10. Deniz Kilic Avatar

    Darrel thanks for this amazing one!

    Since you can do 'anything' with this theme, and can costumise complately with Elementor,
    what is the difference between themes?

    I mean what does the other one do that this one doesnt offer?

  11. Wade Norris Avatar

    Great tutorial ! , Great theme! Thanks

  12. Ro Ho Avatar

    "Right off the back"… "ekcetera" … "Boila!" …lmao. Poor little fella never learned how to use common phrases.

  13. Ramesh Mehay Avatar

    Can you add a code for a plugin into a DIVI page? For instance: I need to insert the following [mdts: list.files.folders] for a plug in that lists filenames in afolder.

  14. James Ace Avatar

    Did you use custom CSS for the slider size on the about us section? Every time I try and add the slider it comes out really big even after I have adjusted the padding and the testimonials are really far down below the Our Customers heading. Bit stuck!

  15. Katarina Gage Avatar

    Hello, i am having issues with the map showing up even after i have entered in my Google API code. the message i am getting is this
    "See the Javascript console for technical details"
    Could you please assist or enlighten me?? thanks sooooo much.

  16. TrickWizz Avatar

    42:10 its called a brand dude. Brand identity…

  17. Watchful Avatar

    New subbie, wish I had found you earlier!

  18. Ed Tolleson Jr Avatar

    Madorin and cantonesse are just a couple of Chinas many languages.

  19. James Ace Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I'm following the tutorial and it's great but when I try and set the first full width slider the picture comes up really small in the visual builder! Any ideas? Thanks, James.

  20. Jeeber Lewis Avatar

    how did you get the menu bar to be those three lines where you click and it shows you all the options? Am i missing something?

  21. Ronald Angeles Avatar

    Thanks Darrel for sharing your knowledge. I am a graduating student and new to WordPress but you made it simple for me and some cool pics you have shared it unselfishly. Hats Off brother! 🙂

  22. Zia Skepple Avatar

    Do I need to upgrade to any of WordPress plans?

  23. Andreas Bowitz Avatar

    Hi. Great video!

    Can you make a tutorial on how to make the webpage scroll down to a specific point on the same page, instead of opening a new tab?
    Lets say i press CONTACT on my menu, i then want the website to scroll down to the contact part on the same page ( Lets say my entire webpage was a one-pager ) Then something like that would be very handy

  24. SMK Mosharraf Avatar

    Thanks Darrel Wilson this tutorial make my life easy…tahnks again

  25. Web Designer Avatar

    Great tutorial. However because the CSS is being placed within the Module,
    versus a child theme, all those changes are overwritten with a theme
    update. It would be great if you could create a video showing newbies the
    proper way to create a child theme, add CSS there, to avoid this problem.

  26. Zozo Zozo Avatar

    Can i do website instade html.&css

  27. Mark Wilson Avatar

    Darrel – I'm having issues with the Library. When I save a section then try and reload it to another page it comes up 'YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING IN THE LIBRARY' (or words to that effect – HELP 🙂

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