How to Make a WordPress Website 2017

How to make a WordPress Website 2017 – In this beginners WordPress tutorial I go step by step through the process of creating a website with a free theme called optimizer. This optimizer theme tutorial is meant for individuals with no previous experience and it contains no coding. The tutorial covers how to make a WordPress blog and much more. You can easily combine bits and pieces of what you learn in this wordpress tutorial with others that I’ve created to make your dream modern website. If you have any questions about this WordPress tutorial feel free to reach out to me in the comments below!

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16 responses to “How to Make a WordPress Website 2017”

  1. WPWithTom Avatar

    Hey everyone! If you have any questions about this video feel free to leave them here below and I'll do my best to try to get back to you with answers!

  2. Ehtasham Ali Avatar

    Hy Sir! Thank you so much for this video. I complete your these tutorial on udemy.
    Can you please make the tutorial on ecommerce websites.
    Those theme which we use in these tutorial all are awesome but woocommerce plugin are not comfortable with this.

  3. Stuff Random Avatar

    it seems that adding image LOGO is not possible…in this theme

  4. Stuff Random Avatar

    I have a website under construction….but it shows ' Domain/wp' ….. how to remove/wp

  5. meloneyn10 Avatar

    hi Tom. I am unable to change my font color on the loose word press theme. I've tried every thing

  6. vincenzo calia Avatar

    hi there.. i wanna make this kind of website but i'm not sure of how..
    i see you're quite good at it.. any idea of which platform is based on?? wix wordpress or what?? thank you very much

  7. Gina Mercedes Avatar

    Hi Tom! Thank you so much! I have a question: I can't reorder the menu. It won't allow me to slide and reorder. Help!

  8. Fae R. Scherer Avatar

    Thank you for your hard work to create this! Very helpful!

  9. Michael Rojas Avatar

    Hello, I want to remove my social media link widgets on the bottom!! please help!

  10. Bekzod Buriboev Avatar

    Hi TOM thank you so much your videos are so helpful
    Don't you know how much I can charge for one WP site?

  11. Amil Khan Avatar

    Thanks for the Video .You did not show how to link the two button on the center of the page ,About and Contact …Please let me know how to link them to the pages. I have created the contact and about pages on the main menu..Also when I hit the Home page menu button on the top menu it does not go to the home main page.Please guide me. Thanks.

  12. Urban Community TV Avatar

    Great video Tom! I would like to ask you, how do you implement a page to sell products? and also' is there a second part to this video ?

  13. Evangelos Ziamos Avatar

    Thanks for this great video which will help me make my site. Can you tell me more about the archive tab. I will be putting up a lot of philosophical posts and I would like for someone to be able to scroll down and choose one of the older posts, something like an index. How can I do this.
    Thanking you

  14. Donna Brooks Avatar

    Just installed the Optimizer theme and was not impressed. In the preview I'd lost most of my content. Tried customizing and theme locked up in a loop that kept reloading the page when I attempted to switch pages using the menu on the upper right. Worst of all (dealbreaker for me), somehow it prevented me from going back to my dashboard or closing the theme. The ONLY option to get out of the theme was to ACTIVATE the theme, which I didn't want to do. I ended up using my browser history to get back to my themes library.

  15. Donna Brooks Avatar

    That Unsplash website alone made this video valuable! I've watched lots of these vids on creating websites with WP, and have even focused on vids focusing on all aspects of image management, and I've discovered other resources and online tools from them, but for some reason, Unsplash was never mentioned! Thanks for the info, Tom. I was wondering if you could possibly put some time markers in the description to help us find sections we might want to watch again?

  16. TheGlamarissGuide Avatar

    Really helpful video. Thank you!

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