How to Make a WordPress Website – Phenomenal!


Learn how to create a website with WordPress in this step by step video tutorial for beginners. Nothing is left out so that absolute beginners can easily follow along and create a fantastic website with WordPress using the free, mobile friendly Zerif theme. Zerif is currently one of the most downloaded WordPress themes and for good reason, it is awesome! It is also very easy to set up. Please let me know what you think of the tutorial. Enjoy!

Download the Free PDF Tutorial Guide Here:

This video tutorial includes:
0:00:00 Welcome Message
0:00:40 Bullet list of what is covered in this video
0:02:05 Complete walkthrough of the exact website you’ll learn how to create with WordPress
0:08:44 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with (Use wpsculptor1cent for 1 cent for your first month or use wpsculptor30 for 30% off your hosting order. Thank you for your support!)
0:15:23 Installing WordPress onto your hosting account
0:19:18 Logging In to the Backend of Your WordPress Website
0:20:09 Deactivate and delete the WpSuperCache plugin
0:21:06 Changing your password
0:21:40 Using the “Admin Bar” to Log out and switch between the front end and back end of your site
0:23:39 Downloading and installing the Zerif theme
0:25:00 Changing your site title and tagline
0:26:05 Telling WordPress which page you want to be your home page
0:27:34 Overview of the “Customize” option panel
0:28:04 How to upgrade to the PRO version of the Zerif theme
0:29:00 Setting up the Big Title section
0:32:52 Finding free high quality stock photos to use on your website
0:37:50 Setting up the Our Focus section with Widgets and Widget areas
0:39:09 Finding free high quality graphics to use on the Focus section
0:44:54 Adding graphics for the our focus section and resizing them
0:54:17 Setting up the About Us section
1:01:23 Setting up the Team Member section
1:04:08 Adding and cropping images for the team member section
1:09:11 Setting up the Testimonial section
1:16:07 Hiding the latest news section
1:16:59 Setting up the Contact section
1:18:17 Creating a custom logo
1:25:08 Setting up copyright info and social media links in the footer
1:27:02 Setting up contact information in the footer
1:29:46 Creating pages and using the visual editor
1:41:03 Adjusting comment settings
1:41:58 Setting up the sidebar widget area with a Testimonial widget
1:46:37 Setting up a custom navigation menu
1:56:26 Finishing touches

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46 responses to “How to Make a WordPress Website – Phenomenal!”

  1. able windowcleaning Avatar

    so half way through I realise I have set it to static page if I change it to blog post I lose my content,do I need to start from scratch thanks

  2. siddhant pandey Avatar

    Can u make a video on how to make a stunning blog specifically ??

  3. ThemeIsle Avatar


    I can see in the video that you are showing that people can search for the theme on in their admin, however since the theme isn't there anymore, if you want a direct link, here it is:

  4. LifeSkills Development Avatar

    The Zerif theme is no longer available

  5. Graciela Newsam Leger Avatar

    Thank you so much for information! this is really good


    GOOD JOB…how about demo' the mobile (nav) …thanks

  7. Steve Bucher Avatar

    Just found your site. I've been a member of Elegant Themes for over a year now and have been using Divi. This video helped fill in some blanks. I wish ET offered a similar video format to learn their themes. Good job!

  8. Cooking with Kamzak Avatar

    Thank you, this very detailed an great.

  9. i121dmf Avatar

    On the "About" section. Can you click on "Your Skill 1"," Your Skill 2", "Your Skill 3"& "Your Skill 4"–and make it so it clicks to another page for each of those skills?
    Great tutorial!

  10. i121dmf Avatar

    Can you use "snip it" to add a picture to this theme?

  11. S Wood Avatar

    love this, has really helped me

  12. S Wood Avatar

    Love all tutorials, thanks so much!

  13. MARC  International Avatar

    Hi Josh, I watched all your vedios and they are superb and flawless. you have covered all areas of a website design including logo designing. mine is a small exports / imports business from India to all over world. I tried to design my website based on your Zerif theme. I like this vedios the most. but after installing the theme, i couldnt activate it. i couldnt find the reason. pls guide me.

  14. Alan G Avatar

    hi man, amazing video. I need to do somethin, hope you can help. In home page i need to have the our team section with the slide that latest news. I mean if a have more than 4 members, the icon dont go down. I need the icon go away of the screen. You know what i mean? I know that i have to modify the code y the editor, but im not sure how.

  15. Soul Simcha Avatar

    Hey Josh, great tutorial! I have nearly completed my site but I cannot figure out how to get a newsletter widget to appear on my site. No matter where I add it, it just doesn't seem to show. Any suggestions?

  16. Redfish1 Avatar

    Hey Josh, super video!!!  I pretty much just finished setting up my website using your video.  I knew absolutely nothing about doing a website and was able to do so using your video.One question please.  My website sells basically the same item only different colors and variations.  I would like to change the shipping each time a number of 5 items are ordered.  Can you help me with this??  Example 1-5 items would be $5 for shipping 6-10 items would be $10 for shipping and so on.Thank you in advance and I will let everyone I know about your tutorial.

  17. Carl Charest Avatar

    In the About Us section under the Big Left Side Title, is it possible to replace the title text with a mugshot (using html and css)? Asking as I am the only person working on my project and, as a result, do not need the Our Team section. It would be great if this would be a possibility and make the UI cleaner in this case.

  18. Carl Charest Avatar

    Hi Josh,

    Awesome tutorial. Can I build a site using the lite version and later upgrade without too much trouble to the pro version should I feel the need? If this is the case, could you share your affiliate link (if you are an affiliate) so that you get credit for introducing me to the theme and teaching me how to use it. Thanks again Josh.

  19. A-Lex Amen Avatar

    The Best video tutorial – I like this video tutorial – Well done. Thanks.

  20. Shakaama Avatar

    me: install zerif theme
    you: notice it has all this content
    me: website completely blank
    me: #sigh

  21. Launch Your Creativity with Sharon Hughes Avatar

    Hey Josh, Im planning to buy the Divi template through your link but I have a question; Do you have any tutorials on moving an html site fully to WP? Thank you, you're ding a great job!

  22. Newport Metals Custom Projects Avatar

    Josh, how do I create a tab called LEGAL in the top menu,  to act as a place holder, just to hold my other pages, privacy pg & terms pg,  for the purpose of creating a drop down menu?

  23. Newport Metals Custom Projects Avatar

    Very helpful video and nice web site. Can you contact me to help me finish the site? I need some help adding a store and SEO.Thanks

  24. Juan Pablo Rivera Avatar

    Excellent videos, what software do you use or recommend for screen capture video? thanks

  25. Michael G. Avatar

    Amazing content here, every time I need to do something on my website, I come to this channel. But now I am looking for the way to create a website where any user can register to share just hyperlinks. Something very simple with plain text and the ability to copy and share links. Any documentation/Video about that? Thanks!

  26. Ato Kwamina Palito Avatar

    Hi wpsculptor,i am very happy for such a tutorial put up.but i was a bit surprise you never made mention of the zerif writing at the bottom of the site.i mean where u put the Mock Travel Adventure.and powered by wordpress.pls reply me.thank you

  27. Maryjames Avatar

    Thanks again for another great lesson. I love your tutorials.

  28. Tanish Sridhar Avatar

    hi Josh …. I am making a website for a NGO … so could u pls tell me which video of urs would help me or could u tell me how to do it by making a video or by sending me the steps by email … Thanks in advanced 🙂

  29. Dave Hoque Avatar

    Another excellent job Josh. I do have a question? What are the protocols on adding the woocommerce plugins to this particular theme and any tips you may have on constructing ecommerce items on this theme? Thanks much!

  30. Terri Dixon Avatar

    Does not show what to do if they did not go as planned. See Go Daddy on website instead of what you have

  31. Linda Smedley Avatar

    Hi Josh…do you know how I can stop spam on my blog page? I know I can make it so each comment has to be approved but I think REAL visitors will get annoyed with that…I did follow you and changed the settings to allow after the first approval but that doesn't seem to be stopping the spammers…thank you in advance

  32. Steve Beazer Avatar

    Very helpful, to the point. Well done!

  33. Roy G Avatar

    You are great ! Thanks

  34. Florent Izere Avatar

    Helpful videos. Thanks a lot. I want to ask you how many pages can somebody create for a website??? because on my website I tend to create more than 40 pages. Is there any consequence to create many pages??

  35. Esiet Avatar

    Great Video! Love all your videos, really helpful!!!!!

  36. Frank Silva Avatar

    Hola me gustaría saber si es posible que realices una serie de vídeos de como hacer LMS en wordpress ya bien sea con learnDash o con Sensei. Si esto es posible ayudarías a la educación real en el ecuador ya que no hay mucho contenido de esto en youtube. Gracias por hacer lo que haces

  37. Essie Medina Avatar

    Hi Josh. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! I'm working on a site using the Zerif Lite theme, and the step-by-step instructions you've provided are SO helpful. Any tips on using the Parrallax effect in the Big Title Section? I tried playing with it, but all it did was place a humongous version of my image on top of the background that just slightly moves. Have you done anything with it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  38. Haider Raza Avatar

    If I am building a website for movie review blog and I need to use movie posters, wallpapers and pics, since I am building this website to showcase my portfolio, will it not be a copyright infringement, and if it is so then can you tell me from where can I get pictures of movies for free as well as any other way to prevent copyright issues.
    Thanks Josh in advance!

  39. wpSculptor Avatar

    +Ricardo Costa Hey Recardo, you need to adjust your youtube comment settings so I can respond directly to you but you can access the ribbon sections by going to "appearance" "customize" and click on the "ribbon sections" to access them and make changes.

  40. Lisbeth van Lintel Avatar

    HI there! I was hoping that you also have a tutorial about the WP theme Optimizer, because I'm stuck! I want to have a nice static page and a portfolio..

  41. Victor Bennett Avatar

    Hello Josh – It appears you can no loner crete a logo in the Lite version. Is that true? I have not been able to do so. Thanks.

  42. Ricardo Costa Avatar

    Very good video. Tks. But I have a question: You dont say nothing about Ribbon Section. Where can I find anything about this?

  43. Linda Smedley Avatar

    Hi Josh…I have a question…sometimes I get notifications of available plugins…do I have to install them or can I just delete them? They aren't necessary updates right?thank you in advance

  44. Pijey Amor Avatar

    hi can i add video on home menu instead of our services i would like to put video.. thank you

  45. mike zimmer Avatar

    Cah you help me as to why these images from pixabay will not open after I download them. Thanks Mike

  46. Bklyn1116 Avatar

    I used this to create my website but there are a few things I need your help with is there anyway i can contact you…please

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