How To Make a WordPress Website

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Learn how to create a website step by step with no step skipped. Why make your website just ok, when you can have an extraordinary WordPress website? This is the best I have ever done and I will show you how in under 3 hours.

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Introduction 00:00:00
Overview & Costs 00:04:18
Get Domain Name & Hosting
Get Hosting & Domain Name 00:06:13
Get 35% Discount enter THIRTYFIVE 00:09:15

Install WordPress 00:10:41

Create Your Website

Login To WordPress 00:14:52
Change Password 00:15:47
Update WordPress 00:16:57
Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins 00:17:29
Get TESSERACT Theme 00:18:57
Install TESSERACT Theme 00:20:31
Header Navigation Colors 00:21:58
Navigation Link Colors 00:22:53
Site Title & Tagline 00:23:45
Remove Sample Page 00:24:29
Add All Pages 00:24:50
Add Menu 00:26:14

Build Home Page

Setup Home Page 00:27:55
Remove Sidebar 00:29:44
Add Plugins 00:30:52
Edit Home Page 00:35:16
Remove Title 00:38:14
Download Images 00:40:17
UnZip Images 00:42:12
Build Your Home Page 00:42:47
Add Logo 01:27:48
Create Credits Page 01:30:20
Add Footer Menu 01:31:57

Create About Page 01:33:31

Create Our Work Page 1:48:39

Build Services Page 01:57:13

Create Contact Page 02:09:17

Top Navigation Buttons 02:15:08
Social Media Icons 02:21:22
Make Headline Responsive 02:25:01
Background Position 02:26:22
Updating Your Theme 02:28:17
How To Make Great Looking Websites 02:29:28
Congratulations!! 02:31:01






46 responses to “How To Make a WordPress Website”

  1. zimram Lopez Avatar

    i need the codes please. they are not avelible any more in your website

  2. Shane Walsh Avatar

    Hi Tyler. Great video. Helped me build my first so thank you.

    Just one question everytime I install a caching plugin, my website displays terrible on IE and Firefox. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  3. Rannojit Sarkar Avatar

    It's really eye-catching video. I like it.
    Oh I'am a UI Web Designer and WordPress Developer.If you create any website please order me.

  4. mrayn250 Avatar

    what can you use for lightbox cant find the plug in

  5. barry wilmot Avatar

    One of the best introductions to WordPress on You Tube. Thank you

  6. Saptashwa Chakrabarti Avatar

    It is really good. I was a beginner in WordPress. By this video, I can efficiently do a lot in WordPress.

  7. naruto Martin Avatar

    i love the video thanks. now i didnt watch the whole thing yet but how do you add videos if you want to add a video or a link to a youtube channel?

  8. CW Smith Avatar

    Love It! I really appreciate the time you took to make it seem so easy. I plan on making my first website soon and I would appreciate any feedback you could give me once its complete.
    Thanks again!

  9. Emmanuel A Avatar

    I think you are the best teacher I have ever come across on the internet.

  10. ejthompson441 Avatar

    Wooow Tyler, YOU ARE A GREAT TUTOR, Man. Thanks to you, I have built my first website with WordPress and it looks great. Thanks a lot for showing me the way!

  11. Nectanebo II Avatar

    How do i set up Hostgator with an existing wordpress account?!?!

  12. Nasir Uddin Fci Avatar

    your tutorial so good and I learn so much. plz can you explain me how to add many page or many image in one page.

  13. Binh Ho Avatar

    Hello Mr. Moore, I would like to ask you if you can help me with something I have a website that i Purchase and it need some change I admire your work and would like your oppinion about it. please check and see it if you can give me some idea.

  14. Mulualem Getie Avatar

    Thanks from Ethiopia ,Tyler .I followed your tutorial and I will be a website developer

  15. Louis Dean Avatar

    Thank you very much!!

  16. anuj love Avatar

    How to create link navigation bar button more to more

  17. Ben Looy Avatar

    Can I add a font to the font list of the theme?

  18. John Bonke Avatar

    Thanks Tyler for your help!

  19. Gurucharan Acharya Avatar

    Thank Tyler. Its a wonderful tutorial.

  20. polisherci Avatar

    omg this video is SO HELPFUL, so well-done, sooooo useful that I want to thank you in something other than just a comment. I bought the domain using your code, but even that isn't enough! Thank you SOOOOO much <3

  21. Elad Sasson Avatar

    Wow, thanks a lot !!!
    Does this theme have the RTL option?
    If not, how can I use it for languages written from right to left?
    Thanks a lot

  22. siddharth desai Avatar

    can we use this theme for commercial use?

  23. Daniel Lindor Avatar

    +Tyler Moore Now I haven't watching the entire tutorial yet, actually I really just started watching it, but does this by any chance include any methods of monetizing your website at all?

  24. Adam Abidov Avatar

    Can I build a website first and then register domain and get hosting?

  25. Becky Marr Avatar

    So, cool, thank you!

  26. Abbas Basheer Avatar

    so far… the best of all tutorials……
    there are many others but they only focus a single content per video…. and your have started from start which helped me alot..
    now i m sure to be an expert developer 🙂

  27. Adri Segu Avatar

    The kind of tutorial I was looking for. Someone with clear ideas about what's a good design and what it isn't.

  28. Fran Jarsa Avatar

    I loved it! You are a master Sir! Thank you so much…

  29. Patrik Dancak Avatar

    Wow. So much value in your video! Thank you

  30. Hands of Talent Avatar

    Thank you so much Tyler! Long video but I watched it and am very excited to start my own website!

  31. Tony Valenzuela Avatar

    Tyler, an excellent presentation. I had viewed several explanations, but quickly realized that they were either oversimplified or unnecessarily complicated. Your approach was a combination of unassuming and balanced sensitivity. Your presentation was definitely worth my time. Thanks a million, Tony

  32. DrCalviny Avatar

    I love you buddy, thanks. 😀

  33. ashuma tak Avatar

    is it any way to make a website on localhost

  34. RAINBOW BROWN Avatar

    I don't how to express my happiness taking you classes. Yes I call it class be you bring your teaching so close to my memory that I was able to download every step to my memory. In 2014 I registered in one of the website design school but when I completed my course, I still can't a look website but now you have you have put everything I need in me. Tyler you give everything just for free in don't know the biggest way to thank you but all I can do is to pray to Almighty God to guide and protect you and your family, plant the seed of everything Joy and happiness in your family. Thank you so much.

  35. Karefully Kareless Avatar

    Thanks for this nice & flow-less video on wordpress web design tutorial. I'm a owner of a very small e-com website and going to take over control from my developers. I was afraid about that, how could manage the changes will need time to time. But after watching your tutorial, I'm confident enough to take over my site.

  36. Adil LAMIZI Avatar

    please and for the E-commerce website

  37. webddss Avatar

    wWordPress security and seo without plugins!!! this is cool

  38. Sluzbeni Web Avatar

    thanks for tutorial i was learn so much

  39. Gautam Sethi Avatar

    Amazing tutorial! You've made everything look so easy and have saved me hundreds of hours of work. Thank you!!

  40. Luis Means Avatar

    Thanks for making this video Tyler, it's helping me understand and use wordpress a little better.

  41. fidget toys Avatar

    how do you add a video background?

  42. shibin vs Avatar

    dear i want make a page for ecommerce seller. like amazone and ebay, can u help us

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