How to Make an App | Build iOS App with Swift 3 and Xcode 8 Tutorial


In this series, we’ll start learning how to code with Swift, a new programming language and build a motivational quote app for iOS. Here’re the tools you’ll need:

MacBook or any computer runs the latest version of OS X (required)
Xcode (a free software by Apple)
An online training course (this one and Total iOS Blueprint will be an awesome start for you!)
In this video, we’ll dive deep into:

Debunk a huge myth in the industry that may be stopping you from learning to code and having a career as a developer
How to install tools you’ll need
Create a new project for you app
An overview of Xcode
App resources and design app UI (user interface)

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25 responses to “How to Make an App | Build iOS App with Swift 3 and Xcode 8 Tutorial”

  1. Benyamin Hermia Avatar

    This still surprise me, just how lots of people have no idea about Devomobiron Secrets (do a google search), despite the fact that lots of people make their iphone apps idea into a reality because of this tutorial. Thanks to my friend who told me about Devomobiron Secrets, I've start making some BIG Cash from the internet by selling my own made iphone apps.

  2. Scarface Avatar

    ha, so nice, i'm beginner in javascript and understand the programming code you wrote. That's incredible

  3. Gibby Inness Avatar

    Anyone tried the Devomobiron Secrets (search on google)? I have heard some great things about it and my buddy get his first iphone apps made without any programming experience at all with it.

  4. Ayesha Khan Avatar

    Lol loved this tutorial, make more pls! esp 20:35


    hey duc tran ? can i talk to you whatsapp or wechat or tiwtier ??

  6. Michael Fuller Avatar

    your accent makes you sound very nasally

  7. Donny Ortiz Avatar

    This is not a bad tutorial maybe you should do a part 2. Add the answer in a multiple choice when user selects the answer the screen outputs correct or incorrect. Then it auto closes the user has to hit next question. Also keep points for correct answer and after the first round of questions announce end of level 1 and begin level 2 make the questions a little harder.

  8. leon gram Avatar

    Hi Duc,

    I have a question I very confused about.
    For example: I took a course online, and the lecturer taught us to build a simple app like passing data between view controller, so at first was confused and didn't get it too much. After that I repeated doing it over and over again without the video. So I spent a lot of time in this single practice. So my question is, is this the right way to learn to code ? Or what will you recommend to a new IOS programmer like me?

  9. Alisha Tran Avatar

    Don't know if you guys heard about it but Applifier is a great app builder that lets u make ios and android apps with drag and drop software, without coding. I have been using it for time now and it saves me a ton of time… got it cheap at 50% discount 😀 You can search it on google just type "applifier app builder"

  10. abby m Avatar

    Hello 🙂 I need some help. I'll create an ios app for doctor and patients scheduling appointment. how will I connect their database? This will be the scenario: the patient will request an appointment to the doctor and when the doctor received it, he/she will set a schedule of the appointment to the patient.

  11. abby m Avatar

    That was amazing! 🙂 I like the way he talk. He's awesome.

  12. Carlos Vargas Avatar

    I can't download the resources for some reason

  13. ncnet001 Avatar

    Thank you very much <3!

  14. Sohail Arain Avatar

    bro why you used modulus ?

  15. GameXBro Avatar

    Dude! I love your content and your accent is awesome lol. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills.

  16. Sebastián Bolaños Avatar

    Very good tutorial Duc!

  17. arafath naleer Avatar

    no offence but i do not understand a word u r saying

  18. Rohan F Avatar

    I am using version 8.3 xcode.

    any help would be great.

    Thanks in advanced for any help that any1 can provide

  19. Rohan F Avatar

    I following this instruction to the letter and got to approx 35 mins into video where I then ran the application, and was greeted with 'build failed' message, resulting in the app simulator not running.

    I visited the website but could a way to contact him thru blog. I am a complete newbie

    here is a copy of my code below.

    // ViewController.swift
    // Questionaire
    // Created by Rohan Ferguson on 07/04/2017.
    // Copyright © 2017 Rohan Ferguson. All rights reserved.

    import UIKit

    class ViewController: UIViewController
    // 1: store an array of questions
    var questions = [
    "What’s the name of this city in the United States with a bell in the near middle of the city?",

    "What is the name of the spaceship first landed on the moon?",

    "What is the name of the spaceship first landed on the moon?",

    "What does 'umbros' mean in Latin? Translate it into Sentinelese?",

    "What’s the first photo printed from a camera in the world?",

    "When was the first email ever sent in the world?",

    "What was the first photo printed from a camera in the World",

    "When was the first email ever sent in the world",

    "… and what was that email about?"
    var currentQuestionIndex = 0

    @IBOutlet weak var questionLabel: UILabel!

    @IBAction func nextQuestionDidTap(_ sender:
    currentQuestionIndex += 1

    let numberOfQuestions = questions.count
    let nextQuestionIndex =
    currentQuestionIndex %

    questionLabel.text = questions


  20. Isidore Selvakumar Avatar

    hi Duc Tran, nice to massage you, I'm a graphic designer with no experience with codings etc.. so can i learn it?

  21. altan Avatar

    Wow. Your enthusiasm is overflowing! Awesome!

  22. Alex Marchant Avatar

    Just for anyone who is wondering, when naming the connections the format is called 'Camel Case'. It is used as it it easier for programmers to find variables when searching through code as well as being easier to call the variables/connections further down the program 🙂

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