How To Make an App – Ep 1 – Introduction (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10)

How To Make iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience!
Lesson 1: Introduction (Tools and Materials)
This lesson is an orientation of what you need to start making apps and the tools and resources that Apple provides.

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This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10) and will teach a beginner with no programming experience how to make iPhone apps. I’m creating these videos with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge and is starting from scratch.

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CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you’ll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift 3, Xcode 8 and app building from my course and materials!

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29 responses to “How To Make an App – Ep 1 – Introduction (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10)”

  1. krieightive Avatar

    Finally got my Imac….Let get this app party started!!!

  2. Jawad Tanana Avatar

    so having a vmware on a personalised pc i can downlaod a mac os alongside windows 10 and still code on xcode???

  3. Betül Tultay Avatar

    Hi Chris! First, thank you for this useful tutorial. I've just finished and i want to ask something. How can i create my own app icons? Is there any app allows us to do this? And how can i set the sizes to 1x,2x and 3x?

  4. Jags Avatar

    Well, what about Hackintosh? can I use that one and have the bit of both windows and mac?

  5. Kathlin Monaci Avatar

    I'd rather use an app builder (like Applifier) to make apps… learning coding takes a lot of time. I use applifier in my business and its has made app building a lot easier for me. Search for it on Google "applifier app builder"

  6. Sprinxy Avatar

    you dont need a mac really. just get VMWare and boom your good! your welcome 🙂

  7. Lisa Paternoster Avatar

    Thanks Chris! Your teaching style is very good. Your pace is just right and explanations are clear and not confusing at all! Nicely done…I appreciate this very much.

  8. TravelTime Avatar

    I just subscribed. You seem clear but need to listen your other videos.

  9. TravelTime Avatar

    I have a MAC Air.

  10. Kaan Apan Avatar

    I have a pc and an iphone. Cya later

  11. xEllex Avatar

    if anyone wants a mock up on an iPhone to promote your app then click here

  12. Animated gif Avatar

    I have a macbook pro, bought it for content consumption. Lol never thought I would look up tutorials for content creation.

  13. Vertilogy Avatar

    You could bootcamp your PC into a Mac. Bootcamp is free and comes with PCs and Macs. You can switch operating systems with it.

  14. JoeDickie Avatar

    He said iOS in the title. Why has this got MacOS

  15. Zac Avatar

    Your playlists here look fairly dense, how do they difer from that mentioned on your website? content wise.

  16. SpartanKiller84 Avatar

    xcode sucks! i have yosemite 10.10.6 and its already outdated??? pretty stupid honestly.

  17. CBRandonRR Avatar

    I wonder if you need the latest version of Mac OS. We aren't 5

  18. Elisa Taylor Avatar

    I've been using Applifier app builder to make iOS and Android apps. No coding needed. It's a really cool and cheap software…. you can find it on google just search "applifier app builder"

  19. Cleffa168 Avatar

    The hardest part of this introduction I guess is to get a mac computer…

  20. MarvCritt Avatar

    Anyone from Upstate NY hmu! I'm interested in diving in

  21. Catchy Eggz Avatar

    You can also use a virtual machine right??

  22. Spoonful for You Avatar

    This guy sounds like Anthony Padilla haha

  23. Kartik Dhyani Avatar

    error the request to Simulator.Playground failed
    i am having this error plz help me

  24. Mohammed Barwani Avatar

    So I need a Mac
    Do I get it from McDonalds or KFC

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