How to Make an App | EP 1 | Tools, Materials, Programming and Code in Swift

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Have you ever wanted to make an app? Maybe you want to become an iOS develop that makes your own iOS apps, or you want to have a new career in tech.

In this episode, we will talk about all the tools you’ll need to start build iOS apps. And we will start coding your very first program with Swift.

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14 responses to “How to Make an App | EP 1 | Tools, Materials, Programming and Code in Swift”

  1. Mateo Téllez López Avatar

    What if you don't have a Mac but a pc

  2. its RUBEN Avatar

    wing wing wan wang ploglawwing

  3. Alex Hylsberg Avatar

    Audio is a bit loud but great work.

  4. Henrik Halvorsen Kvamme Avatar

    I dont have a mac so is there a way to use windows or something? Maybe i should try code on android but i dont have a android phone either, but i can still use bluastacks or something. Please reply if you know something.

  5. Muhammad S Bah Avatar

    I love your classes. I think to make this video better you could have talked about type-inference. This video is great regardless though haha

  6. Everything Art Avatar

    .can you download xcode on a pc?

  7. Timo Müller Avatar

    You are absolutely the best teacher I have ever "met" !! 😀

  8. Duc Tran Avatar

    Hey folks, I'm doing an online iOS workshop for you guys on How to Build an iOS App from scratch, with no programming experience. Reserve your compliment spot here:

  9. James Cozzi Avatar

    Duc can you make a REST API tutorial like you promised?

  10. Coding Avatar

    HI please make a video on circle QR Code like Kik

  11. LebenWerden Avatar

    Hello. Part 2 is coming?

  12. Achraf Youssef Avatar

    Nice tutorial bro love your tutorials from tunisia

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