How To Make an App – Ep 11 – Swift IBOutlet Properties

How To Make iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience!
Lesson 11: Swift IBOutlet Properties
This lessons shows you how to connect the elements in your user interface to IBOutlet properties which the view controller can access!

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This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10) and will teach a beginner with no programming experience how to make iPhone apps. I’m creating these videos with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge and is starting from scratch.

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CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you’ll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift 3, Xcode 8 and app building from my course and materials!

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18 responses to “How To Make an App – Ep 11 – Swift IBOutlet Properties”

  1. Łukasz Starosielec Avatar

    Awesome tutorial series to get someone up to speed at iOS app development. I have learned a thing or two about object oriented programming in the past and this course is a great way to review things that I know and learn new stuff. Thanks a lot Chris!

  2. Maggie Fei Avatar

    Did Apple update their developer website or something? I can't seem to find the same list of classes now at ?

  3. Michael Oliver Avatar

    The Xcode part was like a college lecture without the mundane classroom setting, quite nice and I learned a ton. Episode 9 is a rocky landing into basic swift, however, until episode 10, I was really struggling to understand object oriented programming.. Now after 10, I realize that OOP is just a set of functions and classes to make information behave the way you want. Now that I know UIkit is Apples collection of provided functions, building them on your own becomes a little clearer. So instead of REALLY struggling, Im just struggling! Good videos with good intentions to simplify….. I will continue them

  4. Rita Hart Avatar

    What have I done wrong? My iOS face doesn't have cards, only rectangular dots that correspond to Stack Views (4 vertical, 2 horizontal) in the Navigation Pane. So there's nothing to drag and drop for the IBOutlet properties part of Ep 11 at 7:53 minutes.

  5. joeyshabadu187 Avatar

    Not surprising you have so many view dropoffs after the first few videos, I got to episode 9 and quit for a day or two because I felt I was in way over my head. But I decided to just keep going, remembering what you said about "the hump" – even if I don't get it all at first – and I'm glad I did because things are starting to make a little more sense now. I have an idea for an app that I think can do much good for the world and I can't afford to pay someone so I must learn to do it myself. I'm hoping I don't hit a wall before I figure it out.

    Also I have a question if you would be so kind as to answer. According to a February '17 article form, 82% of smart phones are android vs a mere 18% being iPhone users. Personally I have an iPhone and a macbook which is why I got started with swift and xcode (and your videos) rather than css or java (which I think you would use for an android app, correct me if I'm wrong). With that said, would it be prudent to learn java and css and get an android version out first simply due to the sheer greater number of android users in the app market? I hear a good app idea is worth next to nothing without execution and the number of users in the introduction phase seems to me like it could mean the difference between success or failure of an app. Thoughts?

    And thanks for the videos.

  6. Tanmay Mamodia Avatar

    What is an IBOutlet? Is it just the properties that we transferred the Main. Story board to the ViewController.swift? I keep on getting confused.

  7. Batuhan Soydeğer Avatar

    so an IBOutlet is basically making us reach and control the elements via code?

  8. Kun Gao Avatar

    it‘s great for new people familar with the programming, and it did a lot help for me

  9. Techno 101 Avatar

    When I try to create my IBOutlets I cant change my Manual button to automatic because when I get a different page pop up called UIViewController.h and when I leave it on Manual the blue line dosen"t pop up. Can you help me with this problem.

  10. Rexcel Cariaga Avatar

    this is the best swift xcode tutorial out there!

  11. Ric S Avatar

    It won't let me create the IBOutlets with the option key, like the blue line doesn't appear to indicate where I'm dropping it and then when I release nothing happens. I know you can just type the code but that seems rather tedious and I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions on why this is happening. I'm not sure if this would have anything to do with it, but when I was clicking assistant editor it would bring me to apples version of the UIViewCOntroller that has like 500 lines of code and not my Viewcontroller. I fixed it by using the related items button and clicking Viewcontroller in the recent files tab but now I can't create the IBOutlets.

  12. Michael Perossier Avatar

    when I right click the left card, that menu with the referencing outlet doesn't come up… what do I do now?

  13. RadicalFatBear Avatar

    Thanks for this! I have a background in .NET and have had a hard time switching from Visual Studio to Xcode. I tried a dozen other tutorial and each made the process of building a UI and linking it to code seem more complicated than the last. After watching your videos, it all feels so easy!

  14. Vladimir F Sousa Avatar

    Hi Chris, first of all thanks a lot for sharing these videos they are really helpful, though extremely low pace they are perfect for real beginners. The only critical comment I have is more of a observation, I am not sure why you add quite often a 1second pause between words… probably it does not bother anyone, but… it is some what uncomfortable to watch. Please do not take this a negative point, it just my personal feeling on it. Cheers

  15. quixoticfallcy Avatar

    If I have

    I'd like to customize uiview2 and uiview1 in a different class… is it possible to abstract these two classes and then have them be updated via the viewcontroller class? If so, how can I do? I've been trying to control drag from my iboutlet1 to my customUIView class…


  16. 5richmedia5 Avatar

    thanks, i figured it out.

  17. 5richmedia5 Avatar

    my code pane and storyboard setup, storyboard in top pane, code in bottom pane, (vertically not horizonatlly) is there a way to change that?

  18. Waqar Khalid Avatar

    Chris Please I need help in selecting objects in an image based on users's gesture.I have figured out that it may be possible via computer vision or bitmap.But unfortunately I did not find any tutorials for that in swift.Kindly help me.

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